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Hi Mark,

Besides my Neothink experience I thought I’d pass on two interesting stories from my kids concerning Neothink.  I have a son 9 and a daughter 7.  Tonight my son asked me to read a book he has about the Universe.  The topic of black holes come up.  They are worried about dying from a black whole affecting earth, just like little Neothinkers preserving their solar system or galaxy.  Next time I’m mention that black holes are probably initialed by Neothinker’s to prevent the big crunch.

Also my son wants to join Neothink.  He’d love to hear that he received an invitation to Neothink from Mark Hamilton.  



To The Honorable Mark Hamilton, and Neothink World. Acknowledgement to the prolific values that are being established in this sector of our galaxy; using the Science of Neothink, as I comprehend it [failure in anything we ingage in] is not an option for us. We the present members of Neothink World are joyfully, awaighting the the entry of all those whose minds are healthy enough to determine that The Neothink World is the answer to their greatest prayer, and that Health, Wealth, Peace shall be everyone’s ongoing reality, and those whose minds are not, at present, will, hopefully snap out of the self-destructive trance to join those of us who have minds healthy enough to seize the opportunity before the year 2012. Thank You.