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I owe my life to Mark Hamilton both now and in the future as does the entire human race.  I am and have been a believer that biological immortality is possible today and I was relieved to discover that I was not alone in my goal of reaching this state.  Every so often a revolutionary individual comes along with keen insights to change the world and make it a better place in which to live.  Mark Hamilton is one such individual and I support his work and the work of the Neothink Society.  Society often opposes such individuals because their genius goes misunderstood by the masses.  This is insanity as these are the very individuals who are working to save the lives of the people.  The Twelve Visions Party is the most correct form of government that I have seen proposed to date.  It is a government based on principles of business that serves humanity and maintains focus upon the supreme goal of obtaining biological immortality.  Mark Hamilton’s literature is very much in line with my thinking so my transition to the Neothink Society has been rather easy.  As a writer myself I am very critical of the writing of other’s.  Mark Hamilton’s literature is so right on that I can hardly say he misses the mark and his writing is fast becoming one of the primary influences upon mine.  Anyone who tries to prevent or oppose the work of Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, or the Twelve Visions Party should be stopped.

Shawn W


To, Mark Hamilton 

From, Pervin
Date, March 6th—-2010
  Dear Mark,
Hi, this is Pervin. I am writing to you about Neothink world. I read your several books also i am RIBI registered too. Over this decade too many things went on me, still going on. But i never stopped read those books, because i know one day i must win with you and your associates, only this reason i never stopped read as i can alive this society. Mark you are genius, nothing wrong with that. Every bad things happened from my unknown way, as i did some thing wrong with destructive government, now i know who they are and what’s they are doing against any innocent person. Although still they are forcefully involve with my personal to other area of life. But i am sure they must eliminated by Neothink Society. Their every active is very painful, as i am getting by them. Recently I joined with Twelve Visions Party as you advised to me, i see how real world people are happy, other way how traditional world people are getting trouble by authorities. So far two world people, and both never mix together, because both of two opposite psychological minded people, one is up side down world, and one is straight stand up world. So NT only one way gets the new world.  Mark, i am assure you, you must be win. Because your literature open my mind and showing to me every aspect of life. Destructive government and political govt. taken away my job, money, love and other area of life. Their illusion made me pain full life, which is indescribable, but it is continuously happening. Only NT is my protection, sometime slowly, sometime don’t work. Another way TVP open my eye, like why life is not control, how can control every day of life. However, one day public must support MH and his literature, and TVP, when they will see those nature of destruction. And that time is not so far from now. One day everyone must know about their destructive formula, how they are flourishing in this world, and killing ordinary people’s life. So I advise to all other non read NT people, please read the MH’s NT literature and experience about this world, where we are and NT society where taking us. Neothink world is very exciting world than the old unhappiness world, wherever we are sinking in their hoax. I believe my self and Neothink society. Thank you.


Little did I know that the world’s greatest author and legend was about to captivate my heart with some of the most genius values ever created. My life would never be the same again. I am proud and most honored to introduce to the world” Mark Hamilton”. Throughout his literature Mark stresses the importance of creating values. Let’s take a look at some of the values he’s created. Mark Hamilton’s literatures, The Neothink Society, The twelve Visions party political movement, The Prime Law. These value creations were creatively designed by the mastermind genius” Mark Hamilton himself!

One of the most important value I’ve received is to help mark further  his genius valued creations, as much as possible. I believe in Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party political movement. Deep in my heart I believe in these values Mark Hamilton has created and I’d like to join forces with those who also feel the same and want to unite as one and help Mark with his” unstoppable”, “Untouchable”, value creations. You can’t help but to love Mark and the brilliant values he’s created.

  I can’t imagine the excruciating rage and pain I would feel if I were to ever hear that Mark Hamilton and his literatures, Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party political movement filled with creative values were gone, taken away or destroyed by some deceitful scheme that had been plotted against Mark, ruining our only hope for saving America, “Mark Hamilton”. My heart would be shattered into a millions pieces. Mark wants to protect and heal this badly wounded economy.. We need to give Mark a chance to heal this economy. We’ll be making a huge mistake, and tremendously sorry if we don’t give him a chance and hopefully it won’t be too late by them. The only hope we have is Mark. We need Mark and his creative values now!

The twelve Visions political movements platform is to make all the people rich, even the poor. The Twelve Visions Party makes politics only about protection not  about power.  Give Mark a chance to fix the mistakes that both Republican and Democratic party created” the fight for political” power ruining our economy tremendously financially. These senseless affect has affected us and now our economy is paying for both Democrats and Political parties’ mistakes.

Let’s swallow our foolish pride, let by gones be by gones and put all our differences and mistakes behind and move on. Give Mark a chance. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our country, and this falling economy. It’s just a matter of time until our economy crumbles and tumbles down to the ground. Give Mark a chance to save this economy now! Mark is Americas only hope…


                   Marcia our economy severely. Devastating!


The PowerThinking Technique developed and fully explained in the Neothink Society’s Multigenerational Manuscripts by Mark Hamilton is absolutely incredible! Another project fully mapped out, and now I’m Launching it – one more value creating engine chug-chug-chugging values into my life! These wealth and value creating engines are pure genius!



You could search the world over & not find a more honest, sincere compassionate & warm hearted young man.  He has devoted his life to the Neothink society & its members to help everyone live a better life, to be happy, free & good.  The things he taught is not in the library & you won’t learn in a school room. We don’t wish any one any harm, we just want to pursue our dreams & have a better government, honest & decent. That’s not asking too much!!  I sincerely wish he can be left alone to finish his work for the world to see what a Genius he truly is.

Thank you

Peggy L.


Dear Mark,

I did this last night before I got your e-mail. It is from my heart. You have brought so many

wonderful things into my life that I will help you to do this no matter what it takes.

If you need more . simply ask. But I find myself driven to write somedays, and I love to do it. One of my FNE’s surely!

I’ll get started on one about what will happen if we do not take our country back and the TVP fails. That will never happen though. We will succeed at this, because we must.

Do protect yourself and your Family first. Businesses and material things can always be re-created, but We need your genius to help guide us. As long as you survive the TVP will

also survive. WE will make it so. I personally will never ever give up on creating this as long as there is breathe in my body!

You cannot stop a thing when it’s time has come.

As desperate as they will get, they will not and cannot defeat us. People will recognize the truth when it is put before them.

There has never been a way for the average person to take action before.

Now there is. That is why the TVP will prevail.

More to come…….more more and MORE.

Unconditional Love……….. to help MH to…. create eternal value.

Clarie R