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An Amazing Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Trilogy was an Eye Opener..CONNECTING with the child of our Past is Essential. If you Love to Work Hard & Play Hard, than you will Enjoy Mark Hamilton’s Book’s. The Dreamer in Me is AWAKE AGAIN!!! The Business Aspect’s that Mark talk’s about are Dynamic. If you want Tool’s that will work than this is VITAL information.




My name is Armando Vega, two years ago I joined the Neothink society and I bought and read the 3 heirlooms which I have found to be one of the most rewarding purchases in my life. The Neothink Society has helped me overcome personal mysticism which have plagued me throughout my life. I have lived an aimless journey through life not sure about my purpose. After joining Neothink my ability to integrate reality and focus on my essence has become a very pleasant achievement. There is more desire and hope in my life then ever before, my actions and not my emotions are what drive me. I tend to see things in puzzle pieces and find solutions to problems much better than before. The mentoring I received from Mark Hamilton is priceless and the clubhouse meetings have helped me to be with like minded people in the society. So very helpful to me because of the incivility of the world I live in.

The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) is a progressive political party that will one day become a reality, it’s mission to establish a protection only government which will unleash the geniuses of society is the wave of the future. A future which will find cures to diseases and ultimately the discovery of biological immortality.. This will undoubtedly be the greatest accomplishment in the history of mankind.


To Mark Hamilton,
A few years ago I received a letter from Mark Hamilton,and I purchase his literature. I read all and I gained so much knowledge, my life change for the better its so enlightening knowing about harmony,the universe and learning about yourself and the real value creator. Knowing the purpose of life is to live happily and the government must provide that condition; no initiatory force, fraud or coercion by any person or group against any individual property or contract; means freedom to all. We must have universal law wealth, health and peace.
Mark Hamilton’s Neothink society the TVP is the bridge for all humanity of the universe where pure love and honesty, peace, making people rich including the elderly and the poor along in great health and happiness for ever.
And, TVP’s aim is to depoliticize the present form of Government and release the geniuses of the world, to create values and meet our every need and feel the millionaire life. That’s why I am so proud member of Neothink society.
Mark Hamilton is so compassionate, so very genius, helping the whole world most especially to all of us, our loved ones, for all our children’s future!!! and most important we are all in the way to immortality life!!!
Wake up every one read and learn Mark Hamilton’s literature!!!
Luisa P


I am here to say that Neothink has been a part of my life for the past few years, and from it’s literature I’ve gained plenty of knowledge. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about this life in general. It taught me how to live a better life for my family and for myself. This literature encourages a better way of thinking and better standard of living. Trust that Neothink comes from a mind of geniuses who’ve shared with these special people, a wonderful gift that will be passed down to many generations, a gift that if used correctly will bring automatic health, wealth and love to those who read and appreciate this material. I am confident that Mark Hamilton will over come any obstacle that comes his
way. I am here for you as you are here for me .
Sincerely Yours, Simone G


To Mark Hamilton-
My Testimony
Even since I joined the Neothink Society, I become changed person. I started reaping benefits of Neothinkniques as I apply them daily in every situation.
I then graduated to Neothink Society of Mark Hamilton. All his books has superb knowledge you can not find from any educational institution in the world .Hidden knowledge that can turn a ordinary person to a brilliant one.
Mark is my mentor, he molded me to whom I am (patriotic to honest).when I joined the society I felt like the Biblical Jews coming form slavery Egypt –Cannan the land of milk and honey slavery .(Conscious mid )or modern day Christians ,from sins –salvation (no turning back) with the Neothink concept Geniuses will relish their power and proved the essential of life. More people would like to follow such life and conquer the mystery ,but resisted to Neothink is high but very some will reduce and finery be accepted universally. It the any hope in the future for progress .
The political TVP Twelve Visions Party movement is party formed on bases of realities and honesty .It will grow strongest despite of interference from political elites. They will abandon them and join us .Pass the constitution of the university by 99.9%.It can lead us to much better way then we ere today.
It’s unfortunate that I have not attended the secret meeting primer due lack of computer. The must be wonderful I will attend weekly or monthly session when I acquire a computer.
The am behind you and when am fully equipped.
I will soldier alongside.
James Karuri.


My name is Tamara Krashna and I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. I first heard of Neothink a little over 1 year ago. I have since read quite a bit of this material, mainly written by Mark Hamilton , and it has had a huge positive effect on my life in every way.

I have learned to take more and more control of my own life and as a result I am enjoying the best and most satisfying years yet. The best part is that it gets even better as time goes on. Everybody stands to gain by this way of thinking as their happiness will continue to increase. I would personally like to thank Mr. Hamilton for enlightening me so that I may pave the way to the most fulfilling and exhilarating existence that I can possibly have.

It is an honor to be a member of the Neothink Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Twelve Visions Party, Prime Law will remove the ruling class, which will free the geniuses in our society and the price of everything will go down at the same time our buying power will increase making all of us RICH!!!

The world can be a better place with poverty being eliminated through the advent of the twelve visions party and its platform of freeing up society so that the government (elected by and the voice of the people )has one responsibility only and that of protection to make all individuals live without fear so they can initiate new values system without regulation and interference from so called



Florence Sizer  Minnesota
I’m 85 years young. I have been reading  the literature of Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage and Mr. Wallace since the 70’s.I knew it was going to be “BIG” so I bought all the books I could afford and read them. The more I read the more I hoped I would live long enough to see the twelve visions become a reality.
I have always been a homemaker, raising 6 children, so I don’t have the qualifications to join an A Team. I get so excited when I listen to the A-Team and national meetings to hear what is being accomplished.
The local meetings are too far  for me to drive so I have started a mail order business so I can make enough money to move to and live in Minneapolis and attend meetings in St Paul, the sister city. It might take me a couple years but that is my goal.
I really want to be part of this huge movement. I think it is such an honor and privileged to be involved in changing the world. love you Mark Hamilton and all who are involved too.
I have a 3 year old grandson that can use the computer, knows the numbers, alphabet and can read. I wish he could attend the school of geniuses. He made me an Easter card, found pictures on the computer and signed it Love, Thomas.
Love to all, Florence


I am sending you this letter to share with you, what you personally and what the Multi Generational Manuscripts, have meant to me. I will start by sharing with you where I was at just before receiving your invitation to become a member of the Neothink Society.
I was soon approaching my 56th birthday and my life was very depressing. I was 9 years away from retirement age, no savings, owing over $75,000 in back child support, which took over half of my paycheck. To make matters worse, I was on commission sales, and because of the economy, my income was going down. I had almost accepted the fact that I was destined to live the rest of my life in poverty, with no escape. It was like being in a pitch black room, or being in a dense fog, or being trapped in a complicated maze not knowing where to turn. My life was basically hopeless. To make matters even worse, I looked back to my senior year in high school. How promising things were then. I had a vision of changing the world. I was voted by my classmates most likely to succeed. In fact, I had not been to my class reunions out of embarrassment. I asked myself how I had gotten to this dismal place in my life, where did I go wrong, how could someone with so much potential have become such a failure. I am thankful that I did not have suicidal tendencies.
Four days before my 56th birthday, I received a letter in the mail. It was a letter from you, an invitation to join this society of geniuses. It stated they recognized that I was special, and that I was being asked to join them, this society was the Neothink Society. I was flattered but yet skeptical, so the first thing I did was get on the internet. There I found some people talking negative about it but I saw that none of them were in or had been in the society, but then I came across a website where others who were in the society were sharing how it had changed their lives and how thankful they were. I decided to find out for myself, I would rather take the word of someone who knows rather than someone who doesn’t. On my 56th birthday I sent in my request form. There began my journey. As it turns out, that was the best birthday present I have ever received.
When I received my literature from Mark, I dug into it, and as I read, it was like someone had turned on the light in that dark room of despair that I was trapped in, the fog was lifted from my life and I had clear vision, and I had true direction in the complicated maze of life. Instead of despair, I found my life full of hope and I was once again becoming happy. I could clearly see where my life was headed, and I also knew the direction to take at each juncture in life I came across. I could once again look in the mirror and respect the man I saw there, I could see that I truly was special. Through the literature I learned the true value of honesty, first with myself and also with others, for I realized that honesty builds society, dishonesty tears it down. I also realized how important it was to love myself. As these values toward myself grew, I also began to realize that each and every individual was special and my love and respect grew for them as well. This brought me to a place where I understood that we cannot give what we don’t have, in order to be honest with others, we first had to be honest with our self, to be able to respect someone else, we had to first respect our self, and in order to love someone else, we had to first love our self.
I then realized what you had really done for me through the literature and your mentoring, you had helped me to become a self leader, and in doing so, I discovered the true meaning of freedom. The simplest way to put freedom is self rule. As with any form of rule, there is a domain, in the case of self rule, the domain consists of the individual and everything that belongs to the individual. As in any form of rule, there is a leader, with freedom(self rule), that leader is the individual. I then realized why I had ended up where I was so miserable in life, I had been programmed all my life to be a follower. Looking to outside authorities for the answers lead me to be enslaved in my thinking, simply put, a follower is subject to that which he follows. By becoming a self leader, I was able to take control of my life. I took full responsibility for all of my decisions and in doing so, I was able to make wise decisions that would lead to desired results.
My desire is that all people would be willing to take this journey that I am on, the journey to true freedom through self leadership. I can see if that were to happen, the many problems that we see today would simply disappear, for people would not be looking for what they could get but instead what they could do. What they could do to better their life as well as the lives of others. Peoples focus would turn from consuming to creating, and in doing so prices would fall and prosperity would rise because of the abundance. But why is this not happening? Isn’t this what our Founding Father’s established through our Constitution. What I see has happened is that over time we have witnessed the establishment of a ruling class in our country called the career politician who is more concerned about holding office rather than protecting the rights of the individual. For that reason he is quick to pass sound good legislation that will get him votes but in essence take away our freedom. Our Founding Fathers were not career politicians, but were individuals who believed in the freedom and the rights of the individual and volunteered their time and resources to guarantee those rights of the individual through our Constitution. But over time, politicians and judges have changed the original intent to not guarantee those rights of the individual but to take control over the individual. We are no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but a government of career politicians over the people.
This is why I see the importance of the Prime Law which would guarantee the rights of the individual by forbidding initiatory force against the individual, by another individual, group of individuals, or government. And the purpose of government would be to protect those rights. The Twelve Visions Party, based on the Prime Law is essential to bring about a change in the direction of our freedoms being lost and instead guaranteeing those rights and our freedom. When that happens, when individuals are freed from the burdens of big government, then prosperity will return, for business will once again flourish. Freedom must survive, not socialism as where we are headed if we continue our present course. Freedom is what made this country great and freedom will make it great again.
One last thing I want to share with you and is a great compliment to you and all the others in the Neothink Society, and this comes from my 20 year old son. We were talking the other day and he was sharing with me how when I first joined the society that he thought it was some pie in the sky group and really didn’t think much of it, but over the last year and a half he has watched what a difference it has made in his dad’s life and he told me that he can see how much I have changed and how happy I am now, and that he could recognize that the Neothink Society was truly a good thing. And that he too would like to start reading the literature himself. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Mark for all that you have done for me.


If you search back throughout your life, I trust that you can find one moment of real happiness. Everyone should have at least one moment in his or her life, for at least a split second, when everything felt right with your life. It’s sad to imagine that there are people who have never had that experience, but looking around I think it must be true; the Burden of Life hangs heavy on so many people. Feelings of failure and that all worthy goals are impossible to reach keep people addicted to their prime time escapes from reality. Those who attack Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party have a vested interest in keeping people drunk and dumb while commercials define what is needed and wanted.
But the Geniuses of Society cannot be stopped. We are creating incredible opportunities for anyone who would like to unplug from a life of stagnation and decay, and tap into a whole new world of excitement where everyday can be the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! What will life be like? Imagine discovering a new passion, a game that is so fun and stimulating you can hardly break yourself away from it, and imagine that by playing this game not only do you have FUN, but you also GET RICH! and not only that, by playing this new game, YOU MAKE OTHER PEOPLE RICH TOO! Finding and Creating such games is what Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party are all about! Such games ARE POSSIBLE and more are being created EVERYDAY! These new games will obsolete many aspects of modern society; everyone who currently benefits from degradation and addiction and violence and force feels threatened, because the NEW MILLIONAIRE games of the future will take away their market share. Little do they know that they will benefit beyond their wildest dreams, as all people will, as these new games are unleashed!
What will these GAMES be like? How do they work? What is the secret? Each person will find his or her own version, many examples already exist! Every Artist has already found it! Skilled Artists are DRIVEN by the Fire of their Passions to create incredible works, as they hone their skill and elevate their subject matter, they attract larger and larger commissions; their creativity enriches the lives of their patrons, as they grow wealthy themselves! They have found the KEY: VALUE CREATION that aligns with their PASSION!
Mark Hamilton’s Multigenerational Manuscripts can show ANYONE how to find their Passion and turn it into a VALUE and PROFIT creating BUSINESS! I’ve DONE IT, and SO CAN YOU! The Twelve Visions Party is the political party formed by Value Creators and Geniuses that will ensure that EVERYONE has the opportunity to FIND the GAME that is right for him or her that will not encroach upon the rights of others to Discover and Play their own GAMES of VALUE CREATION!
Whenever ANYONE creates a new MILLIONAIRE GAME filled with Passion and Creativity, EVERYONE benefits! I would be HONORED to help you find yours!
See through the illusions, and see who is REALLY CREATING VALUES, Defend the rights of VALUE CREATORS to start and operate their Businesses with the least Burdens Possible, Enjoy voluntarily doing business with them, Discover GREAT DEALS on the Incredible Values that they produce.
The WORLD of EXCITEMENT that Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party represent is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen! But 300 Million Millionaires All DRIVING on their PASSION, playing MILLIONAIRE GAMES that drive the wealth and standard of living of EVERYONE beyond our wildest dreams… THIS IS REAL! IT’S COMING! You can HAVE IT NOW! And with each new MILLIONAIRE GAME that is discovered, it will become increasingly obvious that the NEW WORLD STIMULATIONS will out-compete and out Stimulate the old decaying world of stagnation. DITCH IT NOW! DISCOVER THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE! This IS what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT!
- Yon C



Mark Hamilton has done more benevolent things than I can imagine for opening up people’s minds to the reality of existence.  He has given me the option to join him on the path of enlightened thought which was a turning point for my life.  Here on the path problems are destroyed by solutions constantly.  I can think of no other person or mentor who has brought me to a reawakening of myself.  Quite simply he is the smartest person I’ve ever listened to and read.  Mark Hamilton is a true genius creating solutions to millenniums of mysticism, reinvigorating humanity from tragic limitations.  Ever since high-school I remember having the dream of owning my own business and creating values for people that understand what value is.  Now I have multiple opportunities to start my own business. No longer do I wonder if my businesses will take off or what business to start first.  The beginning of my life as an entrepreneur has begun.  The entrepreneurial spirit I now possess will never be able to be taken away from me and it will only become more integrated and rich with time.  This is funded by the greatest pieces of literature I’ve ever read and the people of the Neothink Society.  The simplicity of word through concepts is universally understood in the prime literature.  The shear magnitude of knowing the secrets of life is enough to make anyone truly wealthy, as wealth often precedes monetary riches.  I have always been open minded living in the realm of possibility, now I’m in a network of geniuses who think like I do.  I imagine my future and its positive effect on the world.  The adventure is something certainly worth living.  My conscious integrated thinking has been supported by Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society throughout this journey.

Being stagnant in a nine to five job will evolve into a creation passion that hasn’t been felt since childhood. Positive energies that have been written off as unsustainable now gain ever more leverage, duration, and capacity.  Fully integrated honesty enlightens the truth creating pure love that supplies the universe with greater entropy.  Man creates his rewards of existence through living by principles that are just.  Never before have I seen, heard, and most importantly taken part in something with such agreeable, essential, fundamentals of life and existence.  Nature feels the power of consciousness taking control of earthly forces.  This is man’s leaping point to the cosmic mind of the future for the masses.  Man’s conscious desire to learn is as limitless as the universe itself.  The searchers of the world can now rest for they have found what they were looking for.

The founding fathers created this great country with the greatest document known to govern nations.  Now the time has come to integrate what the founding fathers could not foresee.  This is done through the Twelve Visions Party.  This anti-political “political” party knows how to do this through one simple and brilliant integration known as the Prime Law.  The common denominator of people as individuals with identical rights allow us all to experience what our ancestors and ourselves have been denied until now.  The bipartisan political system has shorted the world for too long.  With the success of the Twelve Visions Party the people of the U.S.A will experience freedom that hasn’t been experienced since the first settlers arrived.  Think of how the invention of the personal computer changed technology and business, this is how the Prime Law will change politics and government.  Together with the geniuses of the world and the technology we currently possess the future is a blank canvas ready for great beauty, health, wealth, and peace.  Harmony will envelop the world for the first time in human existence.  The Twelve Visions Party makes everyone rich by bringing the cost of living down.  The demise of the Twelve Visions Party will certainly not stop the convergence of the malevolent deadly forces that currently exist.  Mark Hamilton as pioneer of the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society must not be silenced.  His literature details life’s advantages through a new level of thought.  With our current government it will be of no surprise to see the government with its forced backed entities try to shut down this pivotal movement in human history.  Dejection through injustice shall no longer be accepted or tolerated.  The time to rise to the revolution is now.  Those who rise will never be forgotten.  If we the people allow the movement to be disintegrated then the tragedy of life will continue on through death.  If we don’t then humanity will reap the rewards for eternity through biological immortality.

Kevin E