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My name is Cheryl. I am a 4ft. 10in. 52 year old woman that is now a Laid Off Autoworker. For years I welded GM (General Motors) frames together, the Hummer’s, Colorado trucks, and Canyon trucks for the Shreveport, Louisiana GM plant.

I am an ordinary person just like you. My husband and I live in a small town (pop. 2,099) in Northeast Texas, in our doublewide mobile home on a 100ft. x 100ft. lot. Our children are grown and we have a beautiful German Shepherd named Zeus.

Throughout the past 25 years I have watched Corporate America tighten their belts by eliminating jobs in their workforce. Therefore, adding more work to the laborers, which includes me. And now, with all our jobs gone we have been totally devastated – no job – no health insurance – no home – now living with our parents or relatives – unemployment ran out- no money – no end in sight!!!

I am here to tell you there is an end in sight!!!

The Twelve Visions Party will “Make ALL Americans Rich, Including The Poor!”.

When I read Mark Hamilton’s literature it completely confirmed my beliefs!!! Mark Hamilton’s literature and the Neothink Society has shown me how to see through the Matrix Of Illusions that the politicians and regulatory bureaucrats have thrown upon us through their laws and regulations. They have been taking our rights away from us one by one and covering it up with their illusions through the media.

I Love the Democrats idea (original intentions) of tolerance, acceptance and protection of all races, religions and social classes.

I Love the Republicans idea (original intentions) of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

The problem is that our political parties replace their good original intentions with the thirst for political power.

The Twelve Visions Party National Platform is:

“Make ALL