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A day does not go by without giving thanks to Mark Hamilton for finding me and exposing the unticivilation of the world in which I was a part, as well. Through his Neothink literature I learn to integrate my thinking and now I can evaluate isolated political events and find the common denominator which is suppression of individual rights to name just one common denominator. Now I know that only a political system which puts human rights above all else is a system for everyone, and The Twelve Visions Party is such a system with it’s Prime Law. Also, through Mark Hamilton’s literature I learn to stand on solid ground, knowing without a doubt that I am responsible for whatever shows up in my life, that is priceless. Life looks much brighter, optimistic and above all wonderful because I’m in a group of like minded individuals who wish to bring the Twelve Visions World on earth. Everything is possible when a determine group comes together in a single thought, and I know it’s possible. Many Thanks To Mark Hamilton for his Courage and Clirity of Vision.
Paola A