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The Neothink Society is an group hard working honest people, who is dedicated to doing what’s right for the good of all. Many people and groups one encounters in there life time often do good things out of fear. Mark Hamilton’s literature can and will help you overcome your personal fears and accomplish many if not all of your goals in life. Most of us want to live a good clean honest life, but with all the dishonesty in our World today one can find this difficult, This literature can help you begin to think and start looking for answers from within, that will benefit yourself and your family. The one thing I noticed about our brother Jesus is that, in every situation, he was always honest about things, The he had concurred all the illusions of this dishonest World that had crucified him according to their law. To make just decisions about things, first gather all the information.


Before I discovered Neothink I was a lost child and young adult searching for a way out of this horrible life I was living. Soon after I found a way out of poverty, misery and complete un happiness thru Neothink society. This society has help me so much in areas of my way of thinking and handling everyday life. Each day it get better and better. Without the help of Mark Hamilton and our society I would of been a failure in life and not reaching for higher goals in life like I once new before I discovered Neothink and desired so baddly. Now I have many ideas and goals I have set and mainly I want to help and protect this world from corruption but witout Neothink and Mark Hamilton that wouldn’t of come to be. Thankyou Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton very much.




How to start this….well I received a letter out of the blue that intrigued me, I’m now a first year apprentice to Neothink, and thoroughly enjoying studying Mark Hamilton’s literature. I’ve always thought how unbalanced the world seems, the “haves” and “have nots”, the wealthy and the poor and no matter how hard I worked I’ve never seemed to get out of the rut of life and living. Now after reading Neothink my suspicions were confirmed…the people in power unjustly kept the power for themselves, but now with eyes wide open, I see these people for who they are, the knowledge I have gained is immense. I’m not saying Neothink is an overnight cure, but armed with such a wealth in information I can make better decisions to make my life a better life. Everyone has different goals in life, but we all share a common need for happiness, love and freedom to enjoy what Mark Hamilton outlines in his literature…the free will to be who we are meant to be


   What can I say about Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, and how they changed my entire life, for the greatest ever???
   Ten years ago, when I was living in Sun Lakes Arizona, my entire life was miserable, and I had more than my share of Family & Financial Problems; until all of a sudden I happen to receive several letters from Mark Hamilton, explaining to me in detail how unique, creative, and most of all how SPECIAL I am. When he told me that in his letters to me , he made me feel loved.
   He also helped me to cope, and the helped me with getting out of dangerous situations.
Too make a long story short, I am now living the good life, my entire life has completely changed for the greatest ever.
All of my businesses are successful, prosperous, and my financial situation has improved for the greatest ever!
   Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society guided me to achieve all of my goals in life.