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Hi everyone my name is Kirk and I am proud to say I am involved with the
Twelve Visions Party. I have read all of Mark Hamilton’s material regarding the
Neo-Think movement. He has opened my eyes to a new way of living and thinking.
He has great ideas and wants to better not only everyone here in the United States
but all across the globe. His Ideas want to make everyone Rich including the poor.
His Ideas are sound and make sense, they are not jibberish and his goals are
attainable. I encourage everyone to get his books and materials, and find out for
yourself. His books have helped me realize my



Thank you for helping me find my FNE and most especially, thank you for the opportunity to be able to share this value essence with my fellow Neothink family.
I will continue on your and our vision for the Twelve Visions World and, always will be available all the way
to helping move our society forward towards achieving your and our set objectives/goals

Thank you Mark Hamilton  

Michael Odita


Mark Hamilton, it is a true honor. I love you man.
any recommendations? ways to put stimulations of nature and Twelve Visions World into music for our goals?
It may take a few weeks while I do this aside the 9 to 5 in the matrix.
If this is Mark, it is a true honor. I love you man.
I attached another song I need to redo in case you haven’t heard it. “Twelve Visions World”. Some in the society told me it was too early for this, but I’ve found that people that know nothing about NT like it. I think ideas ahead of their time are more acceptable in music and the arts.


We must open our eyes. Open our stagnant minds and wake up to a “New Dawn”, The dawning of the Neothink Society.
We must get behind Mark Hamilton and his “12 Visions Party”. We are near the age of Destruction; we can make this choice and very soon experience “Joy, Prosperity,and Wealth.”
If we decide to turn our backs on this last change at these wonderful goals, we will continue to stagnate and suffer more from the corrupt and inept government we call “Politics” today.! Please wake up people.!