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through history the universe has sent souls of great light, in human form, to the earth to teach, and show people how to live the life they were meant to live. Mark Hamilton is that person for our generation
this is our golden opportunity to join with him in (his great work) to re-build the collective consciousness of the universe. we must add our energy output to his vast knowledge, and join him in giving our thoughts, words and deeds toward those things that we wish to bring forth, we must not dissipate our energy by fighting against something as that will only multiply the situation if we waste time giving attention to what we don’t want. we can collectively create a new world order, and witness many miracles. let us all join hands, hearts and minds, and give thanks that we have the opportunity to participate and bear witness to the great transition taking place that Mark Hamilton has already put in place. LOVE TO ALL NOLA I SLEVIN



Now is the Moment! And before you stands the looking glass: a metaphoric mirror, a portal of honesty. Everyday I stand before this golden opportunity, just as you are standing before it now! For most of my life I would just past by, but then there was the change…

Now I look closer, closer, until I find something… another little pocket of imperfection, another pustule of camouflaged laziness, another default on my responsibilities.

There is NOTHING in my life that can make my life what it should be except ME! And ever since that change… I have been systematically removing the impurities from my mind. This incredible journey has allowed me to transform my life into one of power and strength that I had never before dreamed possible!

What is the portal? what is the looking glass? Fully Integrated Honesty!

It was The Neothink Society, founded by Mark Hamilton, and his intense beyond telling Multigenerational Manuscripts that ignited my fire, that sparked my change!

Thank you Mark Hamilton!
Today My Life is More Amazing than I ever anticipated it could ever possibly be! And already I know that tomorrow will be even better!