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Dear Mark Hamilton:
I’m writing you today to say how very much I appreciate your writings and how it has helped me in having more value to my life and respect and love for others. Like the word implies to appreciate means to gain, and I know I have gained in many areas of my life. It is hard to know just how to describe that growth as each day my life is changing. It is my sincere hope that everyone would be a member of the neo-think society for their own betterment in life(living) I appreciate the many friends from all over who are willing to mentor and help. I look forward to all meetings, new writings and the sincerity of being HONEST…..In Good Faith
Gerry A.


Mark Hamilton,

Your actions and visions has given the people of this country hope and a reason to believe in this country’s leadership again.

Your courage is unmatched in this cynical anti-civilization, and your efforts put forth through Neothink and the TVP are Herculean.

Only a dishonest fool can look at the bylaws and regulations that you have proposed; hold them in comparison to the existing laws and amendments and dispute them. And only a hypocrite will challenge them in so called good faith. Honesty reeks from them. There is no disputing that fact.

My role, albeit small, in promulgating/supporting the TVP and Neothink throughout this country, makes me feel good about myself again.

Hopefully, my significance will impact someone so that they may realize their Friday Night Essence then tap into their true potential.

Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for helping me shake the day to day cynicism, pessimism, and weariness of existing without hope. It’s wonderful to live again.

Through Neothink and the TVP, everyone of us shall recognize our potential and realize, through our efforts, what we are capable of.

“The wedlock of the minds will be greater than that of bodies.” (Desiderius Erasmus 1465 – 1536)

Love & Prosperity,

Larry Snell