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Throughout my life, I have wondered why inequity was viewed by so many people as an acceptable manner of existence.  The “Haves”, who truly believe themselves to be superior to the “Have Nots”, have for generations used their financial and political means to create a world that benefits themselves with complete disregard for the greater populace—the true creators of all that is value.   The “common man”, he who works for his living, is belittled, treated as unintelligent and inferior when, in effect, the knowledge and sources of knowledge that the supposedly superior society members have at their disposal, have never been available to the masses.

Mark Hamilton is a man who also pondered these injustices and pursued the reasons and causes for many years.   His determination to scientifically investigate, correlate, and evaluate the causes and effects, and integrate the criteria honestly and precisely into a formula has created Neothink.  New, neo, logic and knowledge is the catalyst I have searched for to create the changes which each of us need to truly know success in every aspect of our lives.  Neothink  has enabled my family to strengthen our business despite government projects that might have used “eminent domain” to take our land and effectively put us out of business.  Neothink  has shown us how to create desire fulfillment for our clients, putting our company in the thoughts of those who come to our store because they “feel” a connection to something that raises their good feelings.  Neothink  has reawakened a deep love and appreciation of each other for me and my husband and has strengthened our relationships with our children.

Mark Hamilton is responsible for the factual evidence of attainable changes that will bring forth the way of life those brave men we Americans call our forefathers envisioned when the Declaration of Independence created our country.  Mark Hamilton, through the Twelve Visions Party, shall bring each person the world we should have been members of for countless years.  We deserve to know the joy of life with our hopes and dreams being fulfilled and our minds free to create even greater ways for mankind to share this world.

Our prosperity and abundance, love, health, safety and life will be assured through the Twelve Visions Party and the knowledge Mark Hamilton has compiled in his multi-generational  writings.  I am greatly indebted and grateful for his concise guidance for all of humanity.

I await with true joy and pride the Neothink world!




Where did this feeling of Love and Protection and Nurturing come from!?! I feel this burning urgency to protect and help the Twelve Visions Party grow and survive!

There is this remarkable experience and I wish that more people would have it: When a person comes across something really … really GOOD – something clicks, it’s like a wake up call. You often see this with people as they first get involved with something – maybe a political party, or a home based business opportunity. They FEEL that same desire to grow and build and … DO SOMETHING really REALLY GOOD!

The more people that have that feeling, no matter WHAT inspires them to have it, lifts us up a little bit more. Each person who is woken up a little bit more carries those good feelings out into life, and such people can’t help but lift those they meet up, even if ever so slightly.

Now today, ENTER the Neothink Society, Founded by Mark Hamilton, author of the incredible multigenerational manuscripts; here is an idea system and an application system that is so remarkably GOOD that nearly EVERYONE that puts in the effort to SEE THE VISION of what this literature represents will be transformed, those good feelings crackle like Lightening!

I just wish more people would make the effort to see it – they don’t know what they’re missing!




I just completed ANOTHER challenging, rewarding, and value creating project! And NOW it is time for me to CELEBRATE these incredible Feelings! Thank you Mark Hamilton for inspiring me with the Multigenerational Manuscripts to RELISH these delicious moments of CELEBRATION! I’m ready for the Party! I think I’ll head to the Secret Website for Neothink Society Members ONLY and share some of my Nice Feelings with them! I’m confident that they’ll help me take my celebrations to the next level!

Love and Gratitude to YOU, Mark Hamilton, for inspiring me to EARN these good feelings with my honest efforts!

Yon Cole


Yesterday I had a remarkable experience. I met a strikingly beautiful woman on Facebook who was looking for help in one of my areas of specialty. I spent a few minutes helping her with her difficulty. As I helped her I just enjoyed this nice feeling of being attracted to wonderful and beautiful woman. For the first time in my life I had the confidence to come straight out and tell about it; and miracle of miracles, SHE RECIPROCATED! She also found me attractive!

This was a very special experience for me! After we finished her project, I sat back and just enjoyed those sweet feelings.

The Multigenerational Manuscripts DO contain the secret to Exciting Romantic Love! I can hardly believe that it worked, just like Mark Hamilton said it would!

Thank you for these WONDERFUL FEELINGS!
That could be the whole story, but there is even more.

We are both married, and not to each other. What I found most remarkable is that the second part of the concepts related to romantic relations in the Multigenerational Manuscripts was ALSO right on:

These good feelings that I shared with a total stranger actually made me LOVE my WIFE even more! The incredible boost in confidence that this encounter inspired within me was not given over to promiscuous fantasies – it was enjoyed for what it was: an expression of attraction and affinity between two honest value creators – and then the rational techniques contained within Mark Hamilton’s literature were used – and suddenly I saw how to make the most of these wonderful feelings. I used them to fuel the fire of my primary love relationship: The incredible relationship I have with my wife and eternal soul mate! I reflected on the same qualities that I was REMINDED OF in this facebook interaction that my Wife also shares. It was exciting to see that I can turn EVERY ATTRACTION I FEEL into a powerful tool for heightening my Love Relationship with my Wife!

These Concepts really do provide for the most fulfilling, stimulating, and exciting Romantic Love Relationships possible!


Yon Cole