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Mr. Mark Hamilton, Thank You ever so much for the mind expanding lessons your literature provides. You have shared amazing insights on life, true love and happiness. Avoiding scammers & cheaters are the most valuable tools I now possess. My education could not have been more complete without your excellent writing. I have had the good fortune to respond to your unique marketing approach! You have captured my love for history, religion, politics, business and science. Your respect for my intellect is rewarding. The myriad of puzzle pieces you bring to light, have been both entertaining and educational. I am usually perked-up to full potential by reading your books. I’m convinced no curriculum would be complete without neo think required for graduation! I’ve just received info on your latest book. I’m looking forward to it. Your writing shares the most useful information for growth and understanding, I have ever had the pleasure of indulging in. Many thanks for you and the beautiful world, your ideas present. Cindy K.


I received my Package of Inside Secrets on Christmas Eve, 2009 and I have said already that it is the best Christmas present I have ever received. In this situation, I see the celebration of Christmas not as a practice of religious dogma, but an opportunity for the death of old ideas and beliefs and the opportunity for my creative mind to be reborn into new possibilities and to have teachers based in honesty and objective reality to show the way.

I the few short months since receiving the Package, I have created the good fortune of meeting Daren Raskin, Mike Ginther, Steven Hinz and dozens of other NeoThinkers in the SoCal Clubhouse as well as at GIN events. I feel very much at home in that field of thought.

What I am most excited about is that so much of the teaching resonates with the way I’ve always WANTED to live life and that the integrated thinking and problem solving approaches are what I’ve always WANTED to do naturally. The AH-HA moments that describe the The-Second Miracle have absolutely happened to me and the biggest obstacle I’ve had in life is not being in a situation where my breakthroughs were heard or appreciated, or valued.

I really had believed early on that my ability to problem-solve, see the connectedness in things and build efficient systems and processes would have people beating a path to my door with fame and fortune as the reward. But starting with my family of birth, my ideas were rejected because “that’s not the way we do it here” or “It has to be done my way”. This continued on in my adult life and in the working world and even my best employment opportunities were, with few exception, short-lived and confusing. So much of my creativity was left by the wayside to conform and struggle to achieve the un-attainable American Dream/White-Collar hoax even though I knew that something was wrong with what the media and the authority figures told me what should be important to me. Learning that the old paradigm business economies are built on inefficiency, dogma and politics had left me wondering where my place was in all of it.

But now as the hoax is being revealed and the TVP is becoming a reality, I feel excited that there’s a place in the world for me and the way we are all naturally destined to think. My burning desire is to continue my learning and create value in a business environment where these principals are practiced and I can learn by doing from those who have established themselves as leaders, teachers and successful business owners.

“When you drink the water, remember those who dug the well” – Chinese Proverb

My gratitude to you, Mr. Hamilton and to all the others that have gone before me to make clear the path to a new way of being.

Mateo Brown
Los Angeles, California




Here is a brief account of my childhood. Born just before the beginning of World War 2 in cologne, have no education But remember plenty of air raids with lots of bombs coming down. At six years of age I was forced to steal for survival and graduated to the black market at the tender age of 8 years of my life. Come X-mas 1944my dad was killed in Siberia and my mum died in an air raid, with other words was on my own with no family! 

The following years were devastating and formed me for all my life. 

I lost all since of goodness in society but managed somehow to stay on the right side of the fence so to speak. At the age of seventy I received an invitation from Mr. Mark Hamilton to join the Neothink society!  What I thought at that time, (what do I have to lose) and I joined the society but was very far away of thinking good of the society we live in. But when I received your first book (I studied your book from the first page to the last one) I realized bit by bit that, there are still people on earth who work for the betterment of our society and you Mark Hamilton are one of them! You have given me what nobody was able to give me in seventy years of my life, namely a new believe in our world and a new society in the making and for that I thank you Mark Hamilton with all my being! I am now 74 years old and had the good fortune to own 8 of your books, 

I studied them all, your work has transformed my thinking no less than a 100% ! 

The TVP must succeed no matter what to save all of us from destruction by means of wars, genocide, religious terrorist fanatics, dishonesty etc. etc. to grow into the Twelve Visions World I have a rock-solid believe it will happen Mark Hamilton and for that I am prepared to do my little bit. I wish Mark Hamilton i would have known you sixty years ago because it would have changed my life completely. 

I will always remain yours truthfully! 

These books are the most important books on the planet.  People always like to criticize what they don’t take the time to understand.  Mark Hamilton literature has changed my life into a positive more understanding one.  Miss Annabelle’s book is greatest book written in the universe.  I never have had a book transport into its world of understanding like your favorite puzzle snapping the right puzzle pieces together.  I love it I will always read it over and over.  I even read it to my kids.  They love it.   I will always treasure these books.  I have been forever changed by them. 

Thank you Mark Hamilton 

Michelle L