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      I believe that Neothink Society, is a private, none profit, helpful business which is teaching to ordinary people, to be a lot better citizens, I admire Mr. Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink team, on How they have delivered themselves to expand the opportunities as the Twelve Visions Party, and the TVP P. Movement, with the main purpose to help people, by teaching good attitudes. 

       It is a shame seen how high powerful people, let jealousy trap them and use their power to destroy others for no reason, pretending they are doing good for people;  Why don’t they pursue the addictions on youth and old  people? How many innocents are mistreated, abused even dead by addicts? They are not good for our country, only cost us to feed them, shelter them because all their benefits they receive from our government, they expend it on buzz or dope, cigarettes, etc. “I say it, because I am victim of one of them” and the law, didn’t help. 

      All that kind of people, had none good, good education, good examples good habits, but bad companions who introduced them to do bad for themselves, and for our society, because they did not know better. And how many people had steal, because poverty?

       I think that Mr. Mark Hamilton, is reducing that kind of behaviors by teaching people to do better for themselves. To be prosperous and improve our country’s economy.


Ali Sandy