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Dear Mark Hamilton, My brother and I ponder your idea of coming out with an Ad in the Newspaper.
Follow your Vision, like in the Miss Anabelle Story. Let 1 or 559 people circulate in society for a year, such as David did. Preaching like David Did. You are much to valuable a player to be crushed by those negatives in the anti-civilization.
The MLM idea was the same. Good job in not going that route!
I am a Mother raising her son, Christa Walter, level 9 apprentice. I have the utmost respect for your Visions, they must live forever and take hold in this era. That will not happen if you do a head-on with the anti-civilization Man. As a Native of Kansas we are completely into your ideas and strive to be entrepreneurial in all our endeavors. With Respect. Ms. W


Hello Mark…. and thank you for inviting me into the Neothink society….. I have not been in the society very long, but the biggest thing that I have noticed is the way I look at numbers at Work…. I have worked for General Motors for 26 years in many different capacity’s….. Politics have crushed most of the good Jobs I have had…. but now with my seniority I can hold a pretty good Job…. I am now a machinist in a hi tech department working with hi tech computerized machines and robots where I am responsible for machining transmission cases and valve body’s…. and what I have noticed is the numbers and how I usually make production faster than anyone else and plus I look at things at more of company standpoint…. and why the company would do this or that….
I look forward to getting more involved in Neothink…. and getting involved in the political side of Neothink in my area and also intend to find out more about local chapter meetings also….
I am a level 3 apprentice and I cannot wait until I have my next session with Mark Hamilton…. Plus I plan to join there web site in the near future to find out what other Members I doing in there states…..
and I am going to order a Seminar on cd disc so I can listen to Neothink in my Vehicle on the way to work…..
In closing I know Neothink is for me….
thank you again for choosing me to become a member and change my life the way I always wanted now and in the future…..
Bruce P. W


Dear Mark, having read the majority of your family’s works, the science from Frank and the applications from yourself and Eric, I can testify that it can be of great value to our evolving consciousness and our continuing path to, or rather reassertion of, our freedom. This is a very exciting time and to cut a long story short.THE TALENT WILL OUT.dig the new breed.

This work that you have sweated over to the irreducible facts of the beauty of what is [breath] over the last forty years, has directly and positively influenced my life over the last five years AND those around me.Even lately I have witnessed a change in my threshold. Previously I had lost a lot of my childhood excitement and was pretty much in the doldrums, single jobless the life that i had envisioned, the dreams and so on were barely even in my pattern of thinking. Then all around the same time as the books from that one little envelope, I find myself with the woman i had always wanted[in a way she was waiting for me to come around] and her little boy who chooses to call ME dad. And of course i was offered and wholeheartedly took on a regular job that makes me proud[many aspects of which i can do to a level of unconscious competence]By the way thanks for your affiliate code and i heard thru one of Steve F’s addresses that you and your father mentored KT back in the seventies. You continue to do a good job and the lot of you send out those excellent vibrations. Have some back and I shall see YOU[jimmy] on the beaches of the world !

All the best vibes and kind regards from your friend Dan.


Mark, I not sure how helpful, I could be, but I have taking the time to read every page word for word as well, between every line of your writing’s.  The bottom-line is, what is and there’s no question about that,  within your writings one may find some value only if one can read between the lines.  I understand, your movement and your battle at hand but, I can guarantee you this within your Twelve Visions… I have come too understanding your movement first hand. Good job… I am looking too become one of the biggest bar and grills in the DMV and maybe you well be there to see from afar or you may take the time to just see the one and only of its kind.. .