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Hi my name is Abdul Scott and i would like to say Mark Hamilton is a good person. I have had a great time with Neothink since i joined 7 yrs ago. I have learned a lot from Neothink and everything that was said was going to happen came true.



Hello Mark Hamilton,
I hope this is the correct email to send my questions and comments to.  I have reviewed the web site and I enjoy reading the posts, but I feel more comfortable sending you these particular questions and comments.  I am currently a level 2 apprentice. I was not able to correspond with you at level 1 due to a technical glitch so I am going to send my questions and comments now:
1) Now that I am a part of the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, what is the best way to present this to my family members?  Should I pace everything the way it was done with me? Furthermore, my husband left me several months ago. I don’t think that we are going to reconcile, but we are friendly with each other.  Should I introduce him to NT or should I wait?  He is a good person, but stuck in the anti-civilization.  Our failed marriage has more to do with the effects of the anti-civilization than anything else.  Nevertheless, I don’t have intentions of reconciling at this time.  I would like to see him live a better life though.  Suggestions?
2)I’m a female apprentice. While reading the second heirloom package and the third, I experienced spurts of intense sexual arousal.  I’m not embarrassed about this, but I do want to understand it better.  However, I didn’t want to post this on the general discussion board.  What was surprising to me was that these feelings surfaced often when I was reading something non-sexual…often specific to business, value creation or other non-sexual subjects. Can you help me with this?  Does it have anything to do with my FNE perhaps?
3)Comment:  The emotions that I experienced while reading the 3rd heirloom package were beautiful.  I cried throughout the reading and a sobering chill pierced my being internally and externally when I read the last line of the last page.  It was Sally’s comment about Jasmine.  I sat still for several moments experiencing this very intense sensation. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was sobering.  That’s the best thing I can say.
4)The COU presents so many wonderful possibilities for us.  Since reading all three heirloom packages, I am keenly aware of the depression associated with the anti-civilization.  Passing people on the streets is surreal as the burden of life seems to be present on the faces of most.  My question is parenting (although I am not a parent). If a parent has an adult child (age 18) that has succumbed to the forces of the anti-civilization by the way of drugs and alcoholism, how can the NT parent get their child back so that he or she is not eternally lost to the anti-civilization that will surely lead to death.  Are there any tools beyond the traditional recovery model, that you might suggest as a means for bringing a lost child into the COU?

Eileen M.
Our lives are filled with so many possibilities!


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I want to thank you for all of the time and energy you have put forth with information to help me understand so many unanswered questions, doubts and concerns I have been carrying around for so many years. I received the information with an open mind and it all made so much sense to me. I am a changed person and know that I have passed on and shared the answers with my family so we can grow with happiness and contentment. You are a good person and have compassion and caring to do what you are doing. Keep up the good work and I know with your strong vision you will succeed in making it all come to be.
Thanks again,
BJH – Oregon


the writings of mark hamilton has reinforced and inspired in me a sense of what truly make for being a good person and that is honesty accepting responsibility for one’s life in a total non-mystical approach to do what ever your mind can conceive and bring one self to believe he or she can achieve. this wonderful material has change me to understand that success is first created in the mind, and start working toward the goals that you have laid out. and watch them become reality. thanks you Mark Hamilton.


Thank you Mark Hamilton for all your hard work and honesty. I was not surprised by your work, rather, I felt vindicated.  For once in my life, I found others that think like I always have, although never so eloquently and completely integrated. Religion was never my problem, I could never rap my head around that stuff. I just wanted to be a good person, extracting the value in all things to make sense of it all. Thanks to your work I have discovered that the common denominator to my lack of ultimate success was fear. Everyone around me just wanted to go with the flow and I wanted More, I want to live forever and create. People think that’s scary. I know it’s not!

Overcoming my fear of rejection, I recently approached a value creator with a business idea to take his work and product sales to the next level. He has exhibited classic Neothink in his work. We now have the very basics, common denominators to the health and longevity for each of us as individuals in his personalized health care according to our blood type/geno type.

The eatright4your type people were very excited over my business plan and we will enter discussions soon.

Thanks for the push in the Right direction.

Carl T. J



   I feel more excitement now than last year.  I believe now that more and more people are removing the veil and are actually seeing the truth.  Lots of people are finally realizing whose is responsible for their frustration and worse their predicament. Since the Twelve Visions Party started, I knew we were on the right track.  Now that the Tea Party is also stepping up, there is definitely more of us tired of the way our 2-party system has put us so far down we have to look up to see down. Our children and grand children are going to be trying to pay off our debt the rest of THEIR lives. Enough of the morbid.

    Myself and others I talk to are beginning to empower ourselves because we actually recognize the incompetence in Wash.D.C.  We cannot wait any longer to start turning things around, that’s why the TVP and others are going to make the difference.  You Mark Hamilton, can be congratulated for being one of the few to stand up for what’s right. You will get stoned for it but you will be vindicated and applauded. Its only a matter of time, the people will overcome.  We can only hope it doesn’t get too much worse before the turnaround.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, Thank you Neo-think Society, Thank you Twelve Visions Party. When the average person looks at the facts about Mark and the Twelve Visions Party and Neothink, not even the media can tell enough lies to cloud the truth. All of us must use common sense now to distinguish the best course of action to stabilize this country and band together to accomplish some very serious tasks, one is to keep our spirits up and use good sense and trust we can do a better job than the good old boys. I know there is lot good person out there that understands and would like nothing less than to correct this mess and finally get the U.S. back on track. Not to use a cliché’, but GODSPEED!   lARRY