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Hi Mark
Here is my testimonial for you. Thanks for what you have taught me. Sorry that this testimonial took a bit of time. Frankly I have a hard time keeping up with all the info and tutorial that your effort generates. I am enjoying my retirement. Stilol, I definitely like most of your ideas and concepts. I am convinced that we need some (if not all) TVP people in our Government offices to start helping straighten out this mess that we are in. I really fear for our country given the road we appear to be on.
Thomas A. B


I believe our country needs an uplift.
Our country needs the Twelve Visions Party to elect honest business people into all public offices. Do away with career politians. Do away with lobbyists.
Give government back to the people, for the people.
I want to help elect Twelve Visions Party persons into government offices.
I want all people to become rich including the poor.