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Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton ,

I would like to thank u for all you are trying to do to help society. It is very plain to me more than ever now that something has to be done to change our society before it destroys itself .Now more than ever we need people that think like you to help people all over the world. They world is in a mess and if something is not done things will not get better but for sure will get much worse. I have read your books and have learned a lot from them and I definitely think the same way that you do. From reading your books I find that you are a very kind and caring person. All people have to do is read your books and they will see a man with a vision ,a vision that will change this whole world if people will allow it to happen. Governments of this world spend far to much time fighting and warring with each other than they should. All war does is kill innocent people and puts mankind farther behind from becoming the best that they can become ,which is a society of people working together and helping each other to prosper in business, have peace and be a happy society. All Governments and religions have failed to make the world a happy ,prosperous and peaceful place. The Ideas that you have concerning business, Government, religion, family will save this world from chaos and destruction if the people of this world will just learn them and practice them in their lives. We need a different form of Government like the one that you present with the Twelve Visions Party. The people of this world is in great need of help and the Governments of this world has lost site of what that is. It is not war, destruction, hatred and pain but is Peace, love and happiness. We must look to ourselves and search deep from within and mature as a peaceful, loving and happy society if we are to survive the years to come. I support fully the teachings and ideas that you. Keep up the good work and never give up on your dream because your dream is the dream of people all over the world..May the people of this world put the Twelve Visions Party into action so we can become a new generation living in peace, love and happiness.


Debra Talbert


Is now the evolutionary journey for the human-race.
Consciousness evolving to a higher level; a new paradigm of a different sort.
One based on reality and objectivism…and away from mysticism of those ignorant in the truer scope of things!
An example of Old Thinking is relying on external authority to tell you what to do or not to do! Example of New Thinking is relying on internal authority…telling you what to addressed or not!
It is all brought in the attitude and understanding brought by Mark Hamilton in his visionary assembles in Neothink!
In Mark Hamilton’s mythology and guidance, you finally become the person you were meant to be…following your bliss of higher purpose; and more profound value sharing!
We exist, again for a reason…in how we incorporate our ideals and dreams into reality… for all to benefit from and prosper!
Away from external forces of society, such as government, religion, familiar groups…as examples of Old Thinking.
To that of going back to the individual core of self for guidance in a mature adult meshing of karma and total honesty!
Happy Sojourning fellow seekers!