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I’m very happy to have the opportunity to read your books and to get to know you over the internet. In 1997, for the first time, I had the opportunity to read some paragraphs from Neothink, explanation from the Administration Seminar. I thought you were an interesting person and I started to have the wish to meet you.
I have been studying Neothink & Mark Hamilton’s literature for over 3 years; I since read quite mainly written by Mark Hamilton, it has had a huge positive effect on my life in every way. I have learned to take more and more control of my own life. I can now see the illusion of government threat laws over all of us law abiding citizens whom just want to live our lives with happiness & pure love.

Without the twelve Vision Party and Neothink, we will continue to lose more and more of our inherent rights as human beings, Parents, and Law abiding citizens. Mark Hamilton, is a unique person, He is being the business minded genius and is my inspiration for me, every day. Mark Hamilton’s literature is full of eye opening discoveries and valuable lessons in how to lift a society out of forced suppression into creative freedom. The Visions and Insights of the Prime Literature are profound in my life and the First Immortals Trilogy is so real that my emotions go to another level of happiness! the mini day, Power Thinking, Puzzle building, the Neothink mentality are becoming ingrained in me and it feels so good! Thank you Mark Hamilton!!
I become thrilled an privileged to be apart of the Business Alliance, the TVP Convention and Conferences Calls, Prime Literature Conferences Calls, National Conference Calls, clubhouses ……

Neothink has provided not only positive results but more important, full control over my own life. This is the goal of Neothink, to provide the critical information necessary for people to flourish and be happy. “To live the life they were meant to live”
I see the changes that are occurring in this world.
Thank you, Mark Hamilton to be my mentor, thank you for your time and for all your beautiful words, but most of all the content and meaning. I thank you and will be forever grateful, whit gratitude and love.