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well Mr. mark first of all I want to thank you for open my eyes to the reality and I don’t know what else I can say to you right now because am exhaust with all of this that you all ready revealed to me and that is something that I really appreciate because nobody has been talking to me like that and in some kind of ways you awake the child of the past the child that still living inside of me also I thank you for the invitation to be one of yours apprentices well by the way I think that my Friday night essence is to read and write your own grammar the English language you know Mr. mark am a Mexican that’s why my English is broke actually I read better than I write and talk English and I need to learn to talk and write because I need to be able to communicate whatever I need in your own language in English and I know by reading and hearing I will get practice I been listening to the CDs the ones that you sent me also I use to read and write your manuscripts trying to learn and absorb the information that is on them just like if I was in the harry potter school well am doing all of this on my mini day every day thanks to you am trying to do everything exactly how did jack London do it? because he established  four physical movements, four mini-days that would achieve his desire of becoming a writer;(1) reading,(2) intense grammar study,(3) self-education (a library-study program),and again thanks to you am all set to do it also miss Annabel has been inspired me to continue reading and writing just like if I was in her class room hooping to be somebody one day I guess about it for the time been so now am  on the road to succeed thanks a lot Mr. mark Hamilton and I want you to know that you are the man that put me back on track and that is something that I cannot denied billions of thanks Mr. mark Hamilton and I feel sorry for your loops so please receive with this my most sincere condolences your friend and apprentice Leo C