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The Neothink Society is the best idea and life giving teachings I have heard ever and to lose this great knowledge and wisdom would hurt me, my family and the whole of world. Mr. Mark Hamilton is given us everything we need to help fallen humanity and I love the Neothink mind set. I beg the people of the world to help every one see the light of consciousness that Christ bought given again from this great man who is thinking about a better world for all. Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes to the key to success.

Sincerely, Robert Conway-Bey III


Mr. Mark Hamilton
My name is Richard Roque. I want to first say thank you. I’m sure you receive many emails and letters thanking you. I personally feel I must let you know that the literature combined with the essence meetings with you have helped me to break free from stagnation …from a dead end life.
What was my life before is no more. I have become free from external authorities at all levels.
I have been able to use the literature to help me pursue my dreams , guilelessly and effortlessly which I believe is very important, effortlessly. Once I had absorbed the literature and began applying the methods I found that I was able to break free ..not only physically but emotionally and psychologically. As I did this and applied the other methods I was able to bring my dreams into existence…I Identified that which takes up my downstream focus…and began to try and make money from it. As I developed these things I realized I was playing at life. As I went through the ” work ” I didn’t’ notice that I was working …others did. For me it was just fun.
Through all this I have developed my lesson plans for my clubhouse. I also have developed 12 essence meetings modeled after the 12 essence meetings I attended with you, which I thought was a brilliant idea. I believe that I should pass down what was important to me as well as critical info such as the prime literature – the prime law, the Twelve Visions Party.
I am becoming a new person. I must focus on my own mysticism and short comings so that I may advance, but with out the Neothink literature I would not have the opportunity to become the person I was meant to be.
I would like to send you a better dissertation but felt that I must let you know that I look forward to taking part in this historic event.
I will be contacting a clubhouse near me so that I can begin to integrate and take on an active roll in the Neothink Movement and begin my own clubhouse.
Once again,
Thank you,
Richard Roque


Neothink is the only way man will ever be able see and perceive reality. It’s the only way to break from the chains that bind us. Without Neothink, man will always have war and injustices, we must learn to think independently and freely to learn, know and thrive for a just, peaceful, and prosperous world for all life loving beings to happily flourish. Mr. Mark Hamilton is a great man who wishes to teach true honesty for the sake of the future evolution of man in the name of prosperity and happiness. We must obsolete ways of the past via honest, and Neothink is the cure for the lies and slavery we currently, and unknowingly fall victim to.


Mark Hamilton is


Mark Hamilton the Neothink Society the Twelve Vision Party need to be helped so as to be ready to take over when our government fails we need to be ready to take its place. Mark Hamilton is a great man help him not hinder him he is the greatest man i have ever known so help us not hurt us. By Jay Bouse




It all started back on the 24th of January, 2009. My Life changed. I made a commitment to take a stand for something. That “Something” is, to take back Our Country from the neo-cheaters. Life is not meant to be this way, a constant struggle day in and day out. I am a Proud Member of the Neothink Society, thanks to One Great Man, Mark Hamilton. A True Visionary.

Those Visions are, and there are Twelve. V1; Become the Person You Were Meant To Be, V2; Live the Life You Were Meant

To Live, V3; Feel Extraordinary, V4; Stop Aging, V5; Get the Job Of Your Dreams, V6; Start the Company You Always Wanted,

V7; Embrace the Lover Of Your Fantasies, V8; Diet Down To the Body You Always Envied, V9; Become A Genius, V10; Surround

Yourself With Geniuses, V11; Ride A Prosperity Explosion That Will Make You A Millionaire, V12; Enjoy Perfect Physical and Mental


We need a Change. That Change is,

*The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

*The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

*The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person

or group against any individual, property, or contract.

Article 1

No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.

Article 2

Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1

Article 3

No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

Next, we need to bring The Prime Law to fruition, by means of the Twelve Visions Party (TVP).

The Twelve Visions Party is here to make everyone Healthy and Wealthy by introducing a moral and just government of protection Only. We, the people, now more than ever need proper leaders in political office. TVP is here to fill that need.  That Need is Change. Thank You Mark Hamilton for this well needed change, The Neothink Society/TVP.

James H



I will provide my testimonial in these short words.

1) Mark Hamilton has mentored me to help me discover who I am with Neothink Essence.
2) Mark Hamilton has shown me how to gain iron grip control of my life through Neothink Discovery.
3) Mark Hamilton has given me insight into the ills that plague our country and humanity through the multi generational manuscripts.
4) Mark Hamilton has given us the Twelve Visions Party that returns our government to protection ONLY!
5) Mark Hamilton is a loving and savvy businessman who knows what we need to do.
6) I only know of one man who has devoted his entire life to understanding and delivering to others the answers we all seek. His name is Mark.

All we have to do is stand behind this great man and usher in the new era of happiness, prosperity and peace.

My Request: Won’t you open your hearts and minds to new thinking that is Neothink? Won’t you do something to make our homes safer for your children and grandchildren? Won’t you join us in this creation of freedom?



This is my testimonial to my success and my growth, and benefit from the literature and great value that Mark Hamilton has brought to my life.  I have personally grown into the person I was meant to be as a result of his literature.

I on my own through the text have now found who I m and now the value that I can bring to the world. My growth from the literature far surpasses any and all learning experiences I have ever had in collage or otherwise. The texts have thrown me into a world of success and happiness and now I don’t just look at the stars, I touch them.

Mark Hamilton’s literature teaches nothing but honesty and value creation for all of humanity to enjoy, and most impotently be free, free to think for yourself were I feel that in most of us has been suppressed within for too long, always looking to others for leadership and guidance. I have been fortunate in my life to discover myself, my real self and what I was meant to do with unlimited motivation, to drive myself and others to limitless success!

I now see everything as it is and not what it appears to be. When I read or hear anything I decide for myself if it is rational or whether or not to accept claim presented to me with my own free mind. I am timely free and I truly owe it all to a great man with a dream, a dream that all of our minds should be ones of self leaders and a free people, instead of a mass of mindless followers.


          As I started to write my testimonial, I began think of when things began to change for the better.  First, I would like to say “Thank you” to Mark Hamilton, who has written these most wonderful books, that has helped numerous people of all lifestyles.  In addition, I believe he is a great man with vision, honesty and respect for others rights.

          A few months back, I had a 10-sec miracle that had happened so fast that I almost missed it. First, I will give some personal background; I am a person who lives the simple life, taking care of my daughter and going to college to finish my degree.  The story begins as I was watching over my mother–in-law, helping her as needed.  My husband and I had moved closer to her so we could do this, while also getting back on our feet from a previously unsuccessful relocation of our family. Therefore, we were living in a R.V. close by to her doing what we could.  One day, my mother–in-law asked us to leave promptly. Caught off guard we did not know what to do, at first.  Nevertheless, studying under Mr. Hamilton, my first reaction was to figure out how we were going to move, on very little money. Setting down one-day, I was brain storming on the right course of action, when my phone rang. I answered “Hello,” and it was my girlfriend, and I begun to tell her what had happened. After telling her the events, to my surprise my girlfriend said to me, “I have a rental that just became available for rent.”  Within 10-seconds of talking to my girlfriend, we had a house.  Positively, this miracle had happened, and was a good thing. That is why I know that what Mark Hamilton is talking about does actually work.  So if you have any questions please read more testimonials, and see all the people that it has helped changed their lives for the better.

Thank you reading this story by Suzanne S



My experience with Neothink Society has been incredible, It’s literature and whole information gave me  a new way to see the life ( recovery the faith on people),  and regain confident on me.  And the most important be certainty that the human being has a bright and  a wonderful future in his own hands.  Mark Hamilton’s work fulfills my expectations about the great man’s destiny.  I has been a privilege to be selected to become a member of this Society and I am eager to do my part of job to get the goals  that let us to drive the human being to that road to reach its unlimited happiness and creativity.   Thanks with all my heart for the opportunity of become a tiny piece of this supper puzzle!
Teresa G