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Hello and welcome,
When first exposed to Neothink over 10 years ago I was frightened. Let me explain… The Honesty of Neothink unflinchingly pulls the rug out from under the dishonest and destructive illusions of a loser oriented world that most of the population base their existence on today. Many such as myself hit that unflinching wall of Honesty and are shaken to their core. I was so seeped in irrationality and blaming others that when exposed to Neothink and its related materials, my dishonest world was left without a foot to stand on. My laziness was exposed to stark reality and I had nowhere to run. Neothink weakens and then mercilessly annihilates the foundation of a dying, unhappy world.
Great news right? I agree, but still I did not embrace what I knew to be right. An unhappy failure in every area of my existence, I dug my self deeper into that anti-life world of loss. I won’t go into detail why in this letter as it has been a deeply personal experience. Suffice it to say that some when exposed “can’t handle the truth”, or in this case the Honesty (yes, there is a difference).
Having the bogus beliefs and personal destructive mysticism you base your existence on suddenly shown for what they are can be a bit scary. But I am here to tell you there is nothing to fear in the world of Genuine Honesty. I do not share these things to frighten or discourage. Rather my message is not to make the same mistake I had. Do not flee from the liberating light of Complete Honesty. Do as I and many others have now done and are doing even as you read this, coldly and completely discard that dying world of failure. Holding on to that life-diminishing nothingness is not worth it. Embrace a living world and you too will hold the key to Wealth, Health, and Peace.
As a final note I would like to extend my gratitude to Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and all that have made such a transformation possible.
Thank you for your time,
WL “Slim” Crump


My Name is Devin and today I just have to tell you what Neothink is to me.
For years I have struggled with myself because my persona reached its limits while my mind sought to achieve more. This created a great stress on my life wanting to obtain things so to become happy but my happiness was out of reach because like many I live and have lived paycheck to paycheck.

Neothink made me really look at myself and wonder why my goals aren’t being achieved.  Not only did it show my why I am unhappy but how to overcome it.  It continues to teach me so I am able to feed my mind what it wants and give my life success.  I’m currently in a building stage from the stand point of success.  Every day is better and along the way Neothink is helping me to appreciate what I am to be so not to ever lose it once I fully achieve.

I was always a grand thinker but my thoughts were misplaced or better yet, mismanaged.  Neothink is helping me to give my thoughts meaning as well as structure.  I am currently figuring myself out more so to build values for myself thus leading to my idea of success.  Values that one day I will be able to translate in terms others can understand and achieve their goals.

My family is already benefiting from my new (old but finally realized) thought processes.  I’m surrounded by just a whole bunch of love and appreciation but not only from my immediate family but my new Neothink family.  A family that will help you through your problems because even if you are a middle child you are looked at as equal.

I look forward to government officials who practices Neothink, after all the basis of it is success thru honesty.  Governments need virtuous officials whose only desire is to stand up and fight for honesty and prosperity for all.

To sum it all up for me Neothink shows how to achieve and utilize powerful mind, feel everything with passion, and live honestly.  The great news however about the tools Neothink provides is that im only just getting started and I’m excited to make that above list longer.

To the ones that will have honest virtues rule the world, THANKS Mark Hamilton, for letting me see with my very own eyes that good people can come in abundance.

Devin T