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Why are we here? In the larger context…there has to be a reason why we are all here…in this moment in time/place. This greater purpose than ourselves; means that it is ourselves that serves as the primary agent in our own happiness and well-being. We exist to prove ourselves worthy of that greater vision. And the role model fits in with that greater vision of Mark Hamilton: as he exemplifies that vision in person thru his literature and personal example…!
Sometimes…we never know what is offering us until it too late! This feels like one of those moments/times in history.
The evidence is there in Mark Hamilton exceptional way of giving us those teachable moments to transcribe belong our baser selves to that of our nobler selves…former one being that of entrapment of this life…the other being the means of escaping that proverbial grind. And what are we escaping or striving towards in greater vision? Thru Mark Hamilton, we are given the means and mentoring that enables to become who we were truly meant to be. Evolved higher form of human consciousness…with happiness, wealth and security…towards that greater vision of Neothink!


The only you have to lose is your chains… so goes the battle cry. As a worker on the front lines…the only thing that I have to lose is the controlling interests that keep me chained in servitude.
I have been working in the mailrooms in general for over 30 years. I can see the thread now…over 60…and still coming to work each day and performing to best of my abilities. Everyday is a new struggle…but since I started reading Mark Hamilton’s books; the ground beneath me has shifted. Instead of relying on external authorities telling me what to do…I have elected to go thru my work day using the Neothink methods of total whole scope accounting, mini-days, and of course the Friday Nite Essence. For it in the FNE that we can structure our attitudes into better and wider value created application.
Moreover, Mark Hamilton’s battle cry has been to incorporate the 12 Visions into given reality. First has to come the political leveling…then the economical leveling…then the health and medical leveling. It will all take team working in the Neothink method of total integrations of making each day count in applying the visions in a non-conceptual matter!
Everyone get rich in the Neothink way…everyone including the poor!
And using the 12 Vision Party as method of attaining that greater vision; as saying goes: Visualize…don’t conceptualize!


It is all falls upon ourselves in taking full responsibility for our own actions.
Thereby making it impossible to get caught up in playing the victim’s game…
We negate the authorities…that want to enslave our value producing selves.
This is whole purpose behind Mark Hamilton and his greater vision for humanity. No one is excluded when we de-politicalized three branches of government .To make it truly work for the people in the visionary principles of TVP; and Mark Hamilton at its head.
The slogan being “Everybody get Rich…including the poor! Now that is truly revolutionary as was intended in Thomas Paine, “Common Sense”…call to arms!
No victimhood…but individual-self empowering-hood!