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Testimonial of Dora L
I have lived for 28 years in arid lands. In the past years, since 1982, I dedicated my living to work intensely for survival only.
Reading Mark Hamilton’s literature has taught me inspiration, knowledge, understanding I could not have received anywhere else. His wonderful, clear style of writing and dealing with what is, the reality we must appreciate to know and deal with cannot be denied to his expressing genius.
A rare man who deserves respect and a great example to be read, especially to keep our feet on the ground when, to my knowledge, in dealing with blinding illusions. A very honest, articulate and superb writer. His literature is a well, astounding knowledge that would direct us to much happiness as a leader. Not to mention with “Gusto for Life”.
In the political arena, trusting and listening to his personal caliber of a human being, it seems to me, would be a good example of a qualitative happy, honorable way to exist and work in our marvelous Earth. The Only Earth we know and live. His Neothink Society is a splendid course to offer us, the living, the greatest gifts of his beloved Neothink.
Neothink gives me feelings of wanting to live and learn, to prevail, and not just exist.
Forever grateful! Much success to Neothink!