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Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and the TVP are symbols of virtue, truth, and prosperity. I say this because they expose and confront the status quo; which most people in society strive to uphold. Their originality represents the select few that desire change for the better.
Personally, I have received great insight from their teachings, and it is a privilege to be recognized as someone intelligent enough to see through the political b.s. that our country has upheld for so long.
Lies and greed dominate this country and it’s time for a change. Mark brings the change plus truth that we all need to prosper.


I want to thank you for your passion in a cause that has more value and meaning than anyone I have read about learned from in my entire life. You have the vision that has inspired thousands of people if not millions already. You come with reality and the facts are written and spoken as they really are.
Your material comes from the creative mind that you utilize that all humans shall tap into. We are given our brains to use freely to expand our creativeness as you have so passionately done. I hope the people that see and know the truth stand by you and with you on this journey to a new world, a better world for all.
Mark Hamilton, you are a true inspiration because you are real and true refreshing to the soul of honesty. May You and all in this movement progress behind and with you.
Power greed and control as we know it has been exposed.
May all your efforts bare it’s fruit very soon.

The Twelve Visions party is a refreshing view on how the direction of our country should go.


When I was 19 years of age, I had a dream that, I can move objects with my mind. My level of education was limited back in the days but, I was around and affiliated with high end associates, friends like politicians, attorneys, doctors, Christian leaders, etc… I did enjoyed the circle of these professionals but, I also discover the dishonesty, cheating and unprofessional from some of these members. After, this period of my life, I tried to become a successful person but, I was distracted and been diverted to the wrong way by these members of my circle of influence. For 32 years, working in one of the corporations, I noticed, taxes created by senators, Congress and politicians is all greed and it only benefits themselves. These are the members whom are destroying our society and just raising taxes, bank interests, credit cards rates to our society. However, I have only a $1000.00 in my bank account after 32 years in this corporation plus credit cards and I was loaded with debts. I praise with respect to you Mr. Hamilton. Your words of wisdom and your book “Discovery” really changed things around for me. Mark, now I really discovered my dream when I was 19 years old. I’m praying, Mark Hamilton, you’re the man of your words and I want you to continue your mission of NO RETURN!
Your Member,
Robert O


I believe that our road to success is the one and only one of moving ahead in a society which contains now so much corruption and disdain for its own people.
I believe that the TVP party and its content has to be viewed as the only savior in our own mess we got our self’s in and created since corruption and greed has taken over by officials and groups who carriers many diseases throughout the world.
Society can only be corrected and adjusted by changing the attitude of the people and starting at the bottom.
We and I from the Secret Society and TVP party has the knowledge and the now how to turn away from corruption and greed by being honest about ourselves and our goals.
Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the support he is getting throughout the world and his believe in the party and society, it can and will achieve the goals of a more humane society.
I have opened my eyes and felt through reading the heirloom packages and listening to speakers and meetings I attended too, that It changes my outlook and my honest feeling towards myself and others and have learned to be an integral part of a group who are believing in the party movements and future.
No, other party can offer such insight and revelation going forward.
Adrian G




I have been deeply distressed to see what the politicians are doing to our wonderful country. It scares me to think that they can take over as blatantly as they have and how they are destroying a vital country as we are. We need The Neothink Society more than ever right now. We need to know that business is preserved so that we can grow again into the generous and rich country we have always been. When the government gets involved in everything, we suffer, which brings the rest of the world down as well. By getting government and politicians out of the way and letting the people use their talents, we could be leading the way to a fantastically wealthy world. Neothink has taught me just what is really going on. Greed and power are taking over and we, the people, are suffering for it. It’s past time to take action. We need to stop the power and corruption NOW!




To an uninformed public:

There is hardly a day goes by when I am not aided by the teachings and values that I have learned from the Neothink Society.  Mark Hamilton is a living, walking breathing inspiration.  While he is present with us on this ailing planet, he supports us with his powerful, harmless, nourishing visions.  He is a true visionary, who has dedicated his life to improve the human condition.  He actually proves to us that we, as human beings in an evolved state, can revolutionize the way we think.  Imagine that.  We can actually become conscious human beings who can control the way we think.  Not the way others want us to think, but the way we, ourselves want to think.  He has taught us that we have choices to consciously change our lives for the better, in business, and the arts, and education.
Without Mark Hamilton to remind us that we don’t have to accept war as an option to solve differences, without him to remind us that we don’t have to accept greed as a way to live, without him to remind us that we don’t have to accept disease as a normal part of our lives, without him to remind us that we don’t have to support corruption in our government, we will suffer great losses–greater than you can imagine.  I dare say that we need to do our part in avoiding extinction through the hellfire of advanced weaponry.
We don’t have to live in the dark ages.  Join Mark Hamilton in his efforts to prove that honesty is a great weapon to fight evil.  Honesty  never lets you down, and Mark Hamilton never will, either.  All you have to do is to test the waters, so to speak, and find out for yourself.  He asks, “Who are you going to listlisten to?”  Those that  never have to prove what they are promising,? and are you going to listen to those who blindly believe what can’t be proven, and want you to accept their “beliefs” as being written in stone?  Mark Hamilton is a literary genius who can identify the difference between good and evil, and has a valid format for change that can literally bring happiness, wealth, and well being  into your life,  His sense of humanity  can transform your life for the better, beyond your wildest dreams, as he has mine.  Mark Hamilton has done more than enough for us.   It is time for us to support his work.
You will have nothing to lose to explore what the Neothink Society can do for you.  Join before you realize too late that the opportunity to lift your  hoodwinked life out of the darkness is happening now, and this Neothink organization  really cares about you, and that you must act soon.
Best Wishes to you and your loved ones.
Joan P



Thank you for writing Neothink while I was in Jamaica I read your book there I became a man without a country, I removed the negative people from my life and business an started to think like a company-without-a-company/without-a-country.I started a mini-company where i help friends get into business they do the work yet I still make money off of them they were happy to do the work an pay me. When big goverment is out of control they must start to control all business”goverment bailout” this way they hav a say on what you must do. If small business was to put people to work an they were happy to work for there pay then the businesses would not need to be bailed out but because of greed in business and goverment people or not happy at work that is why we need Neothink thinking is needed. gerald “hammer” rachal thank you for the insight.


This is a thank you note to Mr. Hamilton and others involved in the Neothink Society and the TVP,

I would like to thank all involved in the marketing and the publishing of the Neothink material and the founding of the Twelve Visions Party.  The direction the politicians have taken is leading, and in many cases has already lead, this country into very dangerous territory where we are likely to lose our freedoms (the ones we have left that is).  It seems America is not the concern for these people, their positions, their power, their greed, has taken over any thoughts of what is best for our country.

Neothink and the TVP is a wonderful breath of fresh air, and something that brings hope back to us.  I think about our founding fathers and all the things they warned us about in their writings.  There are many, many dangerous things to a country but apparently the most dangerous of all is when the government of that country itself becomes too powerful…they don’t serve the country any longer, they don’t serve the citizens of the country, they use the country and the citizens to serve them.  This is not America.  The TVP wants to keep all of the good things about this country and its founding fathers dreams….and forever end the self-serving power mad career politicians that have practically destroyed us…

It’s worth looking at, listening to, and thinking about.  I for one really dream about the day when the country and its people come first, when individual freedom is the one thing that we will never lose.  Can you imagine how that would feel?  I know it’s difficult right now to even imagine that kind of freedom because we have lost most of it over the years….we can have it back…

Think about it, dream about it, we can have it if we really want it!

David W.   Texas