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I have been a member of the Neothink Society for a year. When I received my first letter from Mark Hamilton, I was at a point where I had given up. After years of struggling, I believed that no one thought the way I did. No one cared about America or the world anymore. Everyone was just out to get as much as they could by using anyone by any means at their disposal no matter what suffering it caused to others. I had acquiesced to, what I believed at the time, was simply the way the world worked. That those with real honesty and love didn’t really exist. Over the years I had been taken to the bank time and again in hopes that the program and ideas I got involved with were the answer only to quickly find out that I had spent my savings on another “Get the owners rich” gimmick.
From somewhere deep inside, I guess I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. I took a chance and ordered the information with money I really didn’t have to spend. As I read through the material, my spirits began to rise until I found that once again I was soaring with hope. Because of my past losses, I did a lot of research on my own and read some of the suggested reading to make sure that this was for real. As I researched, I found that there were others like me meeting every month. I made a bee-line for the next meeting and found others that care deeply about this themselves, others, this country and the world.
All of the things I had believed in since I was a young boy were being proven real and correct. There are millions of people out there who care and love each other and want to correct the wrongs in this country and the world. I couldn’t help but get involved. Many say “I’m just one person. What can I do”. Look around and you will see case after case through the ages of one person making a major difference in their country and the world.
Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society he has created has taught me how to start taking care of myself. How to search and find honesty. With this information, I now believe that I, one person, by getting involved will make a major difference in my life, my families life, my relatives life, my friends life, and all the lives in this world.
Duane Bluhm
Proud Active Neothink member


Mark Hamilton is the man of help every body to use their own create for the better, for their and your future very successful life. Guess, we are incredible…way to go.. It is unbeliever, and this is TRUE! Please do not back off trust me, just go forward and you will know so please take vote, and if you not sure, please find CLUBHOUSE near you just do it, for your first visit is free. MARK HAMILTON is A incredible! Yours will be NEXT… YAK!



I began my journey with Mark Hamilton by accepting his invitation to join a new way of thinking…called Neothink. His new way of thinking was very familiar to me as I had already begun the process when I received his letter.It was a letter to remind me of learning to love myself, believing in myself while encouraging me to realize those gifts of purpose that just maybe I could help to create something to change our world and make it a better place. Guess what? It happened! It is happening right now! I went from working for someone else to creating my own company! I now produce radio shows that have content that is changing lives! Mark Hamilton and Neothink has changed my life and those that I market to with my radio show. Mark Hamilton taught me to follow my passion, create a business from that and give back while you’re doing it. I have and I am doing it! Thank you Mark Hamilton! I am giving back what I have so kindly received!



Thank you so much for the opportunity to live a good life, to be my own person & to understand more what life is all about.

You have given us all a reason to live, to work & to go to the C of  U.

I wish everyone could realize what it means to live in an honest, kind, & decent world with no force from the government or anyone.

You have done a brilliant piece of work with the books & they will be used for years to come.

I haven’t been able to do a lot in the society, because of my eye sight hopefully in the future I can do more than just listen to all the calls.

Mr. Hamilton, could you please send me the levels 6 & up. I don’t know why you stopped with them Customer service couldn’t help me since you stopped them. You never answered my mail. Guess you didn’t receive it.


Peggy L.