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For years now I have cringed at our politicians who say they do things for the good of the people….HaHaHaHa….and we believed them… Whats wrong with us. I’m tired of being less than the middle class. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. There are cures for the sick, Just no Money to be had for the rich….I’m tired of the insanity. I say, give to and love everyone. We are ALL worthy. As the song states…………..What the world needs now is LOVE SWEET LOVE. Peace to all. Anna
I as a member of the tvp I endorse Mark Hamilton and what he and others are doing in support of his efforts that is to create a new party system to build a new and honest system to govern our great nation .He is a man I believe in and support his efforts to govern the American government in an honest and great way. Please join us and we all be happier in this great USofA

Best Wishes,