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I had been living in a very negative environment for a long time. For certain reasons I am unable to explain it right now. I tried very hard to break out, change and move on many times. I guess I was making the same mistakes and my situation wasn’t changing. I read lots of self help books, learned to meditate, but my negative environment and state of mind did not let me change. When I read first letter that I received from Neothink, I didn’t believe everything it said, but I actually felt special. I was waiting for those letters because they made me feel that I definitely deserve a better life. If I exist, I should become what I always wanted to be and find happiness. This is hope that Neothink offers to people. I believe such hope can be a first step for a person to start the process of change. There are many people out there that need some sort of push, support, guidance. Who out there can provide it and almost for free? Some people have good environment, but most do not. Mark Hamilton is the person who makes his living from helping others. It is what it is, and I did pay for 3 books, but I received so much information. If I didn’t want to change, I wouldn’t buy them. However I am very happy I did. They pushed me toward change. Mark Hamilton made sure we don’t just read and forget, he kept reminding us how special we are and that we need to continue to learn more by going into free meetings which continue to support, teach and educate. Yes, there is a web site that requires fee, but is low. There are so many things out there that require so much more of investment. I believe Neothink and Mark Hamilton helped me personally to understand that I can change myself and my life. I am not the same anymore. During the time that I had been involved in this education and I started only one year ago, I can see that I am different. I used to be very negative and didn’t think I can, deserve to change, have better life. Now I am on a way to a better life, I know it and I feel it.

Many environments can be very confusing. Families, jobs, situations, own mentality create negative environment. A person sometimes is unable to recognize that his situation and what is going on is not right. Life is short and if we live the way most people do, don’t try to change for the better, we will die miserable, not knowing what happiness really is. Many people are unable to structure their lives in such a way that they are happy. People around can make you feel that you are selfish if you want to find happiness, if you refuse to live your life the way they do or many miserable people do. They even tell you ‘What? You think you are special, a prince or a princess? You have to work hard as everybody, don’t try to find an easy way’. It is a wonderful thing to work hard, but why a person has to work hard doing something he hates? Why can’t a person find what makes him happy and work hard doing that? Creation is wonderful thing, but not many are able to build their life in such a way that they make a living from creating something they like or love.  Neothink Society helps us believe and think that it is possible. And if people believe that something is possible, they can go so far ahead. Neothink gives us strength to go on and have a positive outlook on life. It even gives us hope that life can be immortal. How great is that to believe that may be you won’t die? If science and health studies won’t be stopped and we will find a way to live longer? I believe Mark Hamilton is a great person who is trying to help people have better lives. I think it is a wonderful way to make a living by making people happy.

I will educate my children with Neothink literature. I think it is necessary for children to see what is and stay this way. There is so much wrong in this world. If children see it starting from childhood and know how to deal with it, they will not loose as much time as my generation did or people who are older. There is always someone who is doing wrong things or takes advantage of others. It is good to be able to see that and try to stop such people. I believe I would probably not be able to be where I am now if not for Mark Hamilton and his vision. His education is necessary.

Lana G



Thank you for your literature. It wakes people up! I reread it and reread it. All innocent people should read it. I know for sure you are the real deal! I am behind you 100% .  I know you work very hard on this for 30 years. Thank you. It took 30 years for you to build a financial boat of freedom for everyone to get on. Thank you. Good honest money will point the way to real freedom. Politics will not. People can see that! Everything you say is true. I am very excited about voting in a tvp president to help change the world. I am very excited about seeing my friends all over the new world live in happiness. Thank you. Russel C. of Indiana.



When I read that Value Creation unlocked a kind of Euphoria, I wanted to know more. As I read the multigenerational manuscripts by Neothink Society Founder Mark Hamilton, I found myself filling up with this excitement… each page that I read filled me with more, until I reached this amazing point where I could not restrain myself, I HAD to find a piece of paper and Draw out my plans for the project that had just come into my mind.

How did he do it? How did Mark Hamilton find a way of writing that INSPIRES like that!?!

I tap into that excitement on a regular basis now. I use it to turn … what used to be my ‘tv time’ into something INCREDIBLY FUN and EXCITING!

You too can be a Net Value Creator who Earns his or her happiness through Honest Efforts. It is the Best Feeling I have ever Felt!

– Yon



Who would have ever thought that here in the 21st century, in the age of communication and world wide web, in a time and place that we “think” we know so much and “think” that we are so well educated, who would have thought, that so many of us are living “in the dark”!? A dark world intentionally created for us by the greedy and corrupt who want to use our lives to make theirs better.

Thank-you Mark Hamilton for introducing my family and I to the “real” world of hope! Thank you for introducing us to a beautiful world of possibilities!!

Mark has taught us to think for ourselves-not to be blindly led. Mark has introduced us to a beautiful world where healthy, happy people live and work to their fullest potential and enjoy, once again, the value of pride in doing your best! Mark has introduced us to the abilities of the mind and to use it to its fullest extent! To use the greatest “gift” we have. How happy we are to now look forward to tomorrow because each day has a meaning!

Mark has showed us how to live in a world of happiness, well being, and hope for all!

Read what Mark has to say, THINK for yourself-instead of listening to what others have told you to be true, then see if you want to live in the world Mark describes or the one we have been forced to live in for many years!

Thank-you, Mark Hamilton, THANK-YOU!

Ruth C



Mark Hamilton’s work truly expresses pure love for all humanity. “We all should be rich and live a happy and healthy life”. He is an honest, truthful, a dedicated man. He has great character and shows in the multigenerational manuscripts he developed. He worked on this material for decades for us. This is the gold at the end of the rainbow. His material is valuable. His perseverance to bring us this valuable knowledge has paid off presently (to all who have been fortunate to possess it) and will pay off in the very near future with the movement of the TVP.
The Government’s lying, cheating, robbing, stealing, making of bad laws, the regulations, and the abuse of power will stop. The TVP will end this all. We will be free. We will prosper. We will be happy, that happiness will revitalize our health us as a whole, our kids, grand kids, and families. They are important to us and their happiness makes us who we are as well. Remember “pure love” that is what Mark Hamilton has for us all.

The movement of the TVP means everything to me. Our health, wealth, and safety are very important issues. The TVP has the answers to our problems. We have suffered, our families have suffered, and to the Government “we have no voice”. The Government has no feelings for us, no health, no wealth, and safety is not important to them. To the TVP we are loved and respected and our needs will be met. With the TVP‘s love we can live the good life; healthy, wealthy, happy, and safe. We deserve it. Long live TVP!!



Dear Mark:
It is a honor to be a member of the Neothink society let me said I been a member of the neo-think society at list (6) years and my life change for the better I became smarter and wiser…..I have a  bright future at head with so much to accomplish, went I get out of bed in the morning with great energy because I see in feel the future all because I take my mentality  to next level of thinking.
I had gain so much knowledge from all the material I study during years of membership with the Neothink society that I feel that my life is on journey to the future for riches and happiness  and good health, honestly I feel like a superman  I feel stronger and staying focused.
Said on I support the  the twelve vision party is the way of building our children’s future in for our great country ,  this twelve vision party are build on honesty to bring forward wealth and riches to everyone in the world.
The twelve vision party may well bring a better future medicine and the anti-aging cure………
Vincent I. G


How often have you wanted a chance to be heard? How little do you find that opportunity throughout your lifetime? When you were little and you were scolded or shunned for asking too many questions, did you just give up trying? Not so with the Neothink Society, founded by Mark Hamilton.

Come join us, be heard, show how smart you are and learn some more. Remember that pride you experienced when you “Just knew”? Feel it again! Come feel love, pride, and happiness once again! Then be part of the grass roots movement to ensure the success of the Twelve Visions Party as it brings The Most Ambitious Get-Rich Program For the Masses In the History of Mankind!

Jill Reed


hello all
being in the Neothink Society founded by the Mark Hamilton the author of the greatest heirloom ever written and being among the Twelve visions Party all of this made me wanting everybody out there to be involve to experience the peace of mine,the happiness and the new integrated stage we’re in , just for people to understand what I’m talking about,please you people out there don’t assume that you know it all. allow your self to discover the path to the happy,healthy and wealthy life you deserve the new you.
without Mark Hamilton’s dedications to the Neothink Society and the twelve Visions Party we wont be here serve the humanity.
Thank you Mark


Hello everyone.
My name is Brenda. For many years I have played as a hairstylist. I love the actual work, but the nonsense rules designed by the authorities on how I should act, what I should say and what I should wear made it less than fun. The business was appealing for me because of the creativity and flexibility of time, but somehow I still felt stuck.

Reading the literature from the Neothink Society was a validation to what I suspected all along and gave me the stepping stones necessary to achieve my dreams. This is what I was searching for my whole life. The tools you receive help to restructure your life and turn you into a value creator.

As I implemented some of these ideas, I found resistance from some of the people I surrounded myself with. Be aware….. be ready…… for “the shift in yourself” and do not concern yourself with other peoples negative ideas or influences. You will realize your true potential and the happiness you can achieve when you discover the person you were meant to be!


This country was founded on Freedom! I support Neothink for it’s honest values and courage to expose the frauds that have ravaged our country and the free world. I realize the nessessity for government, but it should be small with it’s only purpose is to defend and protect it’s citizens rights to freedom and happiness. It takes taxes to run an efficient government, but it should be based on consumption only. We should only be taxed on what we spend, not what we earn. If Mark Hamilton and Neothink is silenced his and our right to freedom of speech is being violated by the very same members of government sworn to protect it!