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Hello everybody .

My name’s Issa F

I have been holding this for almost 10 months ,thinking that tomorrow I’ll gain deferent knowledge and integration and so on, the fact is true every day I’ll gain a new knowledge and integration , but that will never stop it’s on going integration.
I’m here to share with you and everybody out there to share the feeling of happiness and exhilaration   to life I have gained since I got exposed to the multigenerational manuscripts and the society, I really started to enjoy life more than before and every act I do, I started  playing making  my living, truly words are not enough to describe what I’m going thru from happiness , peace of mind,finding my true me (the child of the past) and really really healthier  knowing where I’m at and knowing  where I’m /  we’re going, knowing that we’re moving thru to a life where we can but we will be hundreds but thousands of times happier  and wealthier  and healthier  than what we’re right now.
It all starts with finding your self and who you are and who you meant to be , finding the child of the past ,start feeling Love to life and to everybody who’s a life,  to be and have  all of this will be gained by being  with this society and become knowledgeable with the multigenerational manuscripts.
I can say this, I really feel lucky to be among this society, in the other hand I feel that I did make my luck  by allowing my self to except  Mark’s invitation and being involve with the society therefor I’m creating my future luck, wouldn’t you want to feel and make your luck.
I did my self a favor and did you a favor, because I’m in a stage  where I love you whoever you are and want you to experience and live the life you deserve , and you will be the same when you become knowledgeable with the society and the multigenerational manuscripts.
the last think to say and should be the first is that Mark you’re the father of all of us even thou you’re younger than most of us, but a father in a since of finding this movement and looking after us, We Love you and will always be.
thank you Mark and thank you all for reading ,,, I know that I’ll see around.
Love to all




The Neothink Society, has changed my life since January of 2007. My Name is Timothy Bergman I received a letter from Mark Hamilton, in January of 2007, to invite me to become a member of the Neothink Society. And since then my life has changed for the greatest thing in my life of 54 years .I am very grateful for that opportunity. Because this has changed my life in all aspects of my life, in all sorts of ways from health, honesty, peace, happiness, to learn to become a self leader. To become aware of why our society is in the current condition that is going on today. To become aware of all the illusion’s that are created to hold back society as a whole. To learn how the outside authorities have held back society as a whole, throughout the years for generation’s year after year.  The Neothink Society has created a pure honest, pure loving society that is based on honest business progressive idea’s. The love and compassion that is here in the Neothink Society is like nothing else  of any other organization that i have belonged to. the Neothink Society is Great!

Thank you My Mentor Mark Hamilton

Timothy B


Mark Hamilton’s literature and Twelve Visions has enriched & enhanced my way of life. It has broke me from the average, non meaningful way of life.  The way of life that has been taught for century’s to deny true freedom, happiness, and love. It has taught me to think for myself and that I can create anything I want to be, do, or have in my life. I’ve never been so happy, joyful, and loving before I invested into Neothink. It has answered a lot of questions I’ve had and has brought value to me and my family’s lives. Thank You Mark and the Neothink Society for inviting and teaching me a different aspect for life.
Brock J



I have read quite a bit of Mark Hamilton’s literature and feel extremely lucky to have done so. I wish I had happened upon it decades earlier.

Just before reading the literature I was in a situation in my life where I was looking at starting over (or at the beginning of a new chapter). I recall thinking to myself , “I really need to start to do and see things differently because this isn’t working out – my life isn’t working out!”. I’m reminded through Mark Hamilton one of the basics in life is happiness which I had forgotten.

The values received from Neothink are immense. Some of it to me is common sense forgotten as time passed by. The idea of fully integrated honesty (sounds like a no-brainer but people forget, I did); being fully honest within oneself, being one’s own authority and not just lead by others made me realize it was time to take control of my life; Remembering to use percepts and then conceptualize and look at the bigger picture (i.e., learning to see what’s ahead). Also, how to have truly healthy romantic love relationship were topics I zoned in on at first. Neothink has opened my eyes far more than I can articulate here. If I hadn’t come across it I believe I would have become a depressed, not to mention lost, person!

Neothink is about taking off our blinders and seeing things as they really are politically, philosophically, romantically, economically, etc…The time has come it seems for human beings to evolve into healthier happier people which is what Neothink is. I look forward to the experience of more and more people using Neothink.





My experience with Neothink Society has been incredible, It’s literature and whole information gave me  a new way to see the life ( recovery the faith on people),  and regain confident on me.  And the most important be certainty that the human being has a bright and  a wonderful future in his own hands.  Mark Hamilton’s work fulfills my expectations about the great man’s destiny.  I has been a privilege to be selected to become a member of this Society and I am eager to do my part of job to get the goals  that let us to drive the human being to that road to reach its unlimited happiness and creativity.   Thanks with all my heart for the opportunity of become a tiny piece of this supper puzzle!
Teresa G


Hello my name is Many L. and I have been a member of the Neothink society for less than a year and have learned so much already. Mark Hamilton, his literature, and his Neothink Society have meant so much to me in so many ways. The Twelve Visions Party will mean so much to, my loved ones, and to the world. HE has shown me what I am missing in my life, and pointed me in the direction of what I want to be and do in this world.  Before becoming a member I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and never really thought about it. Mark Hamilton helped me realize there was more to life than a dead end job or the same boring rut every day. He is teaching me that you can make any job successful l and enjoyable.  I have never been this happy at my job, and it’s all thanks to Mr. Hamilton and Neothink. 

When I started reading the material I was given I was twenty pounds overweight. And after following the eating habits instructions I lost all that weight in just a few months. I have never looked or felt this good in my life. I owe my happiness to Mr. Hamilton and Neothink. All of the different things you can learn are priceless and very important to the history of mankind.


Hark Hamilton,

I am so happy to be here and a part of some of the most beautiful minds in this world. We are all very grateful for the wonderful vision that Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions World is giving us to help create the Twelve Visions World. There is something going on very special inside of me right now. I got the right information on life and how we got in this mess and how to get out.

It is a true blessing to find Mark Hamilton and Neothink. I do not know if you understand the law of attractions but it has a lot to do with why you are reading this and why you are here searching for the truth. There is something in life that only each of us can find. It lies deep inside of every one of us. 

I am pleased to find you reading this and honestly I have to say it may have something to do with the truth about life and how to keep it here on this earth

I know understand why and how my thoughts got compromised thanks to Mark Hamilton, Neothink and Twelve Visions World. I have never been so happy and the feeling is a little strange as I have never felt like this in other happy times? It is a happiness very deep inside that is pushing it’s way to the surface of my being. The soul is pushing up and into the REAL me. The person I was ment to be.

Thanks Mark Hamilton,


Twelve Visions World

My we live forever,

Renee Maira



Thank you Mark Hamilton.

You Have Created a very beautiful Reality which is being fulfilled, step by step, day by day, into that which be known as the Twelve Visions World, where people will want to live forever in a state of love, peace, joy, happiness, wealth, and perfect good health, instead of today’s world, where people are so lonely, and miserable, that they would rather put drugs into their bodies, suffer, and die than go on living in this messed-up politicized, beaurocratic, contradicting, dogmatically religiously controlled world.

Mark Hamilton. I am thankful to you beyond words, because the Twelve Visions World has already begun, in which people all over this planet have started behaving in the spirit of love and honesty, and I am loving it.

Mark Hamilton. I personally want t thank you, AGAIN, AND AGIAN, AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

with Love,

Patrick L.

Kingman, AriNeothinkera


Neothink society means to me a new hope!!! A new civilization full of HAPPINESS  free of rulers FREEDOOM Ho!! what a joy!!!!

 TVP is the road map that will take us to the Twelve Visions World where we belong Mark I can see the light of the liberty the bell is RINGING WE ARE READY.

 This testimonial was written by 67 years old NTWARRIOR



When I got my First Invitation from Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, I was dealing with Depression and Anxiety. I opened the letter and read it, and at first I felt its just another sales ploy, but as I read the letter, I felt like there’s something interesting about this, I felt if this can help me to feel peace and self-assured, that would be great. So I got the literature and read it, and studied it and I’m amazed. I’m happier, more at peace and the future looks brighter and promising. I’m not prosperous yet but I’m working on it and I know by using the Tools in Mark Hamilton’s Literature, I can confidently succeed. To have enough financial freedom to have and do the things I only dreamt of, and feeling never ending pleasure in achieving my agendas. Right now, my family is happy to just see me being more pleasant and cheerful and equally so, they look for that lasting future. If everyone could receive the same benefits from this Literature of Mark Hamilton and Neothink Workshops, then everybody could live, with lasting Happiness, Peace and of course Security. With the Twelve Visions Party and the TVP Movement, Happiness, Peace, and Security will be achieved for everybody. Even the poor will have Peace, Happiness and Security and never ending prosperity throughout the world. Otherwise, without the TVP Movement, the Twelve Visions Party, and the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton’s Literature, things won’t get any better, probably worse. Thank You Mark Hamilton and Neo-think Society for everything.                                                                                      Greg K.