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Mr. Mark Hamilton
On my journey;
When I start to read the book of Frenk R. Wallace, Pax Neo Teck, and finish only
three pages I started to shake. I could not stop shaking, I have to stop reading and go for
a walk. When I come down, I continuously read the book.
I have reach page 110, I have enough to read, to see sad picture of humanity in my mind.
Same night I went to dance, I see people happy dancing, some a celebrating the 50et
marriage university, no one have idea what is going on in their life. In short time they will to depart.
This is truly sad story.
I see eternal life in every one, they don’t know, they are dancing in bubble around and around
for century, something grab me up in my mind, my heart want to cry, but I can’t cry on
public place, I am holding up.
This morning, picture came back in my mind when I was 45, when I came back from my
vision in my mind, I am standing there, people are walking quietly all around,, but they don’t
have that love in their heart, every one mind their own mind, even dressed in same color uniform.
I am not one with them.
Then I look out side, the tree in back yard, there is my love! I want desperately to run out and
hug the tree. But people would laugh, I can’t do that. I know at that time I have been received the love what I have ask for. I have a peace and joy, nature display beautiful site of love
and show me, we are one.
In my vision of darkness on planet earth, I have seen same people standing in the light together
in the fear, and same uniform.
This morning my love cry, how can I leave my brothers and sisters in this uncivilized world, and
I am in different, on the other site. Then I know, we are working together, my brothers and sisters
will show me the way, because I am not alone, we are one, in this life
The tiffs and opportunist came in to innocent human minds, stilling the lives. This same tiffs
believe for 2000 years you will wake up, the day will come, you will say enough. They believe
and know, only one have to wake up, and the day will come, you will shake up the dust,
and you will see your self immortal. That one is author of book Pax Neothink.
But you wont cry. You will joy, share and forgive; you will laugh what happened before. I am
continue reading the book. Please say thanks to little Markie for the book.
Sincerely yours;
Stefica S