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I’m not sure anyone anywhere puts more brain sweat and effort into his writings that Mark Hamilton. By doing the hard thinking, I mean incredibly hard thinking, Mark has also created the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) – see

My life has been completely changed for the better, from a caterpillar to a butterfly. But this change wasn’t going to happen naturally. Wealth Peace and Love are available to anyone with an open mind. Mark Hamilton and his literature open up a new world of opportunity unlike any other writings. See for yourself the possibilities a



When you are in a proper state of mind, you are capable of solving any problem and achieving all that is important to you. Neothink is a way of thinking properly. Hard thinking is rarely done by the average person as they are too distracted by the massive media society that we live in. Open your mind to the possibilities. If you say you can’t achieve something you are right. If you open your mind to the possibilities, and do the hard thinking that is necessary, your subconscious mind will become your best Allie. A type of meditation, or visualization, that allows your inner power to help you with solutions. There is something magical about proper thinking and the positive effect it will have on your life.. You become what you think about!!!!



Mark Hamilton’s teachings are VALUE LADEN. By reading his books he changes the way you think. This new way of thing is THE ANSWER to our current problems we are experiencing economically.
The information is so BADLY NEEDED right now world-wide, but especially here at home. I am grateful for getting to know this information. It has been invaluable. My business has done well despite current conditions.
His work is so value laden that I could not say enough about it, but the manuscrips must be read, studied and made second nature. Then nothing can stop you, period.
Seriously, his hard thinking allows him to provide us with a doable framework for getting us out of the current economic mess, and go FAR beyond. Here is someone who actually has a workable solution. Have you head anyone with a REAL SOLUTION?
Therefore, the Twelve Visions Party is the only solution for us currently. The incumbents have worn out their welcome.
It is time for leaders to spend wisely and follow through on their promises while acting with integrity, regardless of party.
It is time for each person to take their power and lead themselves. Hamilton shows us how. Thank you so much for that.


The hard thinking required to put together Neothink and the T.V.P., and the literature that is Neothink and the T.V.P. is plain and easy to see. When I think of the hard work that went into this truly impressive literature it fills my heart with hope for mankind. I must thank Mark Hamilton for that hard work and vision to see what is possible for the future of mankind, this country and planet. I was brought up in the Lutheran church, and am amazed , at how my mind is not blocked or blinded by  that up bringing. I spend on the average about 4 to 6 hours A day reading, Not only Neothink literature but Julian Jaynes The origin of consciousness and the break down of the bicameral mind and the Bible, its amazing what I can learn when you have an open mind, such as not only are we supposedly made in the image of God , but Gen.3;22 says   The Lord God said the man is now like us because he knows good and evil, he must not be allowed to eat of the tree of  life or he will live for ever. That verse says it in black and white I am A God. I see the huge responsibility, put on me with that statement, and I except it. I also see, why the planet is the way it is, man is lazy the laziness I’m talking about is not physical its so much worse and destructive, it is mental laziness man would rather pay someone to do their thinking for them, such as politician or pastors priests and the like. And by doing so man lowers him self to A follower I for one am not a follower I am A born leader , and as such I have no desire to lead any one, I will lead only me, I cant help but think if there were more people that thought like me the world would be A better place. Another verse from the Bible that evoked emotion and tears from me the very second I read it Ecclesiastes 1;18 For with much wisdom comes much sorrow  the more knowledge the more grief   I see that statement and marvel at the wisdom of such a man to write  it, as I have marveled at the Neo-think literature, truly impressive writing, If you consider yourself an open minded person I suggest you read the Neo-Think works. If you have built your life on religion and that has caused you to have a closed mind I suggest you read the Neo-Think works and stop being a follower and to all mankind stop being mentally lazy and do some hard thinking for your self . Also T.V.P. must come to be the thinking for a true political change in this country, if it does not I only see a downward spiral with more lies corruption and deceit, this AMERICAN is fully awake and ready to make HISTORY 

thank you Mark Hamilton