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Dear Mark:
Thank you for introducing me to the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, and for being my mentor. I am relatively new to the concept of true freedom. I have been a member less than a year. I am a sixty nine (69) year old retired real estate trainer and instructor. I spent the majority of my career teaching the laws of real estate to the practicing realtors and real estate agents in my State. I retired due to illness. I fell behind in the payments of my federal income tax, due to my health issues. I have withstood the pressures and penalties of the IRS when I lost my ability to earn a living. I lost my home and all my life long acquired assets. I am living in one room off the garage of a good friend. My wife lives with her mother. Since becoming a Neo Thinker, I have formed several businesses which this next year will bring me to a level of prosperity that will exceed all my previous losses. I have six people that will be building their future based on the premises of the NEOTHINK SOCIETY working for my company. They will be developing their own businesses as NEO Thinkers earning money solving the business puzzles and fitting the pieces together. My health has improved and I am now working with the enthusiasm I had 30 years ago. My Friday night essence is in full gear again. Thanks for your introducing me to the Neothink information, which has given me hope for a better future. I feel I still have a lot to learn. The Twelve Visions Party is developing at a time, when we in America are in real need of a party of truth, prosperity, love and true happiness. Today, our political opinions do not mean much; as our politicians can not respond to them any longer because the PARTY bosses are running our government. The politicians themselves are just an illusion. We are to close to being a complete socialistic society. I feel the Twelve Visions Party is the only way our country can survive in the future. Our current politicians are sucking us dry. There must be a change in our country’s direction soon! Good luck with the coming challenges in your life. Mark Hamilton, you have my support as a learning student of the NEOTHINK society.
Billy R
Mount Vernon, WA


My name is Nicole.  I live in the UK. What Mark Hamilton has given me since I was sent an invite to read his books is a family that is helping me to integrate and progress to achieve my goal using honesty, Discipline, focus Thought and Control. It can be tough at the beginning but I did not give up and I will carry on learning, even when I fail because that is what I want.  In the UK, we have started a small but strong group each week.  There is friendship, care and nothing is too much to ask, we have fun, there is honesty, respect and hard work.  I love it!

The whole world seems to have gone back towards some dark ages mentality rather than using those tremendous and affordable technologies to benefit the survival of the human race instead of war, massive destruction of natural resources, diseases and famine for example.

Personally, I have always felt that life had wonders to offer to all searchers wanting to bother to find out.

Why is Mark Hamilton so different to many authors? Well his literature brings you back to basics.

He is reminding us that honesty is the only policy, to reject fear because it destroys love  He has shared with us his 12 visions of a New-World. The TVP has the welfare of each citizen ready to change.  He is showing us the way forward to an exhilarating future, where health issues are no more because our brilliant researchers will have available cures and beyond even, a world where crimes will no longer exist and where people will no longer be poor. Imagine now, ALL WILL BE RICH EVEN THE POOR!

Mr Hamilton YOU HAVE MY VOTE.  Thank you for the opportunity to share your visions.  I do realize that you will be criticized or even accused to “push your books” That would be a sad day to see people freedom of choice gone too!  Anyway, is this not the selling method employed by most firms these days? I do not believe it is forcing anyone to buy if not wanting to do so.

Your books are read all around the globe, that is what matters.


Dear Mark,

HI  I know we have not meet in person but I have talk to a few other if not for you and Neothink I would not be here right knows the battle of my  health and mind were at great stake till neo think pop in to my life most of all the health issues are under control with out the med s mind over matter I can heal and the survival of my kids as well people need Neothink / Also I have gone from being in a finical hole to now having thing straight and by the end of the year should be debit free as well have to fix me to move for ward the iron grip move in November stated to work 12 hour out of the month for my self on top of working a regular job of 40 hour s I have refinance my house so that I keep it I  have lost 40 pound there a lot more but I will keep moving for ward , Neothink is needed in many ways if people can just see the good of it all these are some of the thing with in the last 10 month that I have done , you have my support mark , I came from all  most losing what I had to stable now , much love Michelle