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Neothink an enhanced way of thinking which creates advantages and profits. Having the Neothink knowledge has put me on the path of LIFE and has provided increased amounts of Happiness and Intellect. This enhanced way of thinking towards LIFE will last forever and will continue to create health, wealth and prosperity once the Twelve Visions Party comes into play.
The TVP is our, as human beings ticket toward Individual/Universal advancement in all aspects of life. The TVP will allow all individuals to be self-leaders, advance into the Neo-Think mentality and live the Life of LOVE, WEALTH and HAPPINESS for an ETERNITY!


To The Honorable Mark Hamilton, and Neothink World. Acknowledgement to the prolific values that are being established in this sector of our galaxy; using the Science of Neothink, as I comprehend it [failure in anything we ingage in] is not an option for us. We the present members of Neothink World are joyfully, awaighting the the entry of all those whose minds are healthy enough to determine that The Neothink World is the answer to their greatest prayer, and that Health, Wealth, Peace shall be everyone’s ongoing reality, and those whose minds are not, at present, will, hopefully snap out of the self-destructive trance to join those of us who have minds healthy enough to seize the opportunity before the year 2012. Thank You.


I hope that my testimonial is clear in that I was slowly falling apart until I became associated with the Neothink Society. Personally speaking, I believe that I have learned to live a better life. I was close to giving up. My Dad passed away, a co-worker died, and things just kept going like that, on and on, sometimes things got better but it just seemed like happiness was just not there for me. I have since gone after my Friday night essence and I hope to have very nice piece of music to show for it. I believe we all deserve better lives in this Twelve Visions World. One of the songs on this album is dedicated the TVP. The title to this song is “Checks and Balances”. It explains to some degree how “We the People” are just puppets, hamsters on a wheel. We have to know who the neo-cheaters are, and why they exist It is time to reclaim Health, Wealth and Happiness. I learned that if you take care of yourself, you also take care of others. Many thanks to you Mark Hamilton



When I received my invitation letter to join the NEOTHINK Society, I knew I was about to embark in a journey that would change my life. Reading the secret information from Mark Hamilton’s heavily guarded literature really opened my eyes. Now, I am walking through life with thousands of years old of the Society’s Secrets and Visions. I am able to see through daily illusions to what is, see the future, start my own company, diet down to the body I want, focus downstream, create my own life, apply top marketing secrets that every marketers want, build super puzzles, and much more. I fear nothing. Now that I am illuminated, I am grateful for everything Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have done for me.

I am forever grateful for the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) that Mark Hamilton created, to depoliticize America and the rest of the world in order to bring Health, Wealth, Peace and Safety on earth through an indestructible protection law for humanity: The PRIME LAW.

With the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) president in the White House and the PRIME LAW in place; we will be living in the TWELVE VISIONS WORLD, A totally different Civilization. Wow!!!

Then and on, never again will there be War, Poverty, Malady, Hatred, Crime, Aging, Terrorism, Nuclear menaces, illusions, Politics, Inequality, Mysticism, and Silent Frustrations.

Integrated honesty will prevail. And the world will be at peace.

Looking at America among all Nations on Planet earth, it looks clear that it is a Nation where all good things are coming from. It is a blessed piece of land.


Thank you immensely, Mr. Mark Hamilton, to caring for humanity. It is a moral responsibility to opening the NEOTHINK Society and its TWELVE VISIONS PARTY to the world. Now, all human beings: The Highest Values of the Universe will be able to live a creation driven life.



Dear Mr. Hamilton,

THANK YOU !! For ALL of the hard work you have put into the TVP,our Country, human values,personal values and thank you for putting all this together to help us all remember….., that it all comes down to one simple thing,treating each other right. To be happy is the goal in life as we all know and I will certainly return, to write more of the ways you have helped me, my daughter, and everyone that I have come into contact with, since our first introduction! I will stand beside you in our quest to preserve Health,Wealth,and Peace.
We will make this world a better place…., with the help of honest hardworking people all over this great country. Together we stand, Together we smile.
Thank you.., and now lets get back to work saving this great nation!!

Make no mistake Mark…….., we will stand beside you through ANY trial…. Any storm…. Any endeavor…. ANY.

Lennie Sexton


Rhetoric, Rhetoric, is what politicians speak, I agree. But what do we speak? Is it truth, love, health, wealth? Mark Hamilton, has a vision to take the politician out of society, and replace them with with a government thats sole puropose is to protect the people,not to run businesses. The people will self govern themselves, to thrive and bring greter value to others quicker as there will be no beauracrats, interfering with the hand of Adam Smith.


Mark Hamilton, the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party
Mark Hamilton is a writer that has gone to the essence in basic techniques for achieving health, wealth and romance in your life.  His “how to” books are clear and simple to understand and apply.  I am completely satisfied with his product and highly recommend them to everyone.  Some of his ideas seem like simple common sense while others are new and unusual.  But, the combined total of all his writings have an amazing consistency and each piece fits together like a puzzle.  What this does is allows for any improvement in one area of your life to help improve all other areas without conflict or sacrificing one goal for another.  
The Neothink® Society is just a bunch of ordinary people, who have read Mark Hamilton’s books, getting together to discuss his ideas and help each other apply his techniques to their own lives.  We are all learning to take responsibility for our lives, finding joy in our work, achieving financial success and improving our friendships and romantic relationships.  I have worked my way into a sales position that will improve my earning potential.  I have developed a new passion for my work that makes even the routine chores more interesting.  I attack all my work with a new intensity.  My wife of 10 years has noticed the changes in me.  She told me she thinks she is falling in love with me all over again like when we first met.  And, she told me she is proud of me.  Also, I love the friends I have met through the Neothink® Society.  I believe we are all on our way to becoming extraordinary.
The Twelve Visions Party is about getting government out of our lives except for protection from force and fraud.  This was the original intent of the Constitution of the United States that this country was founded on.  As we learn to take responsibility for ourselves, we will no longer need the government to take care of us.  We will take control of our lives and lead ourselves into health, wealth and peace instead of following our government into endless disease, poverty and wars.   We are no longer just complaining about our government.  We are doing something about it.  The Twelve Visions Party will replace career politicians with successful business people who know what freedom and prosperity are all about.  We will be like no other political party in that we will deliver what we promise – health, wealth and peace.
Bill W




Read Mark Hamiltons’ trilogy “Superpuzzle” and you will find what is possible when integrated honesty and universal love are used to create value for society. Health, wealth and happiness for all in the Twelve Visions future as opposed to the dishonest illusions all the worlds’ governments and religions currently surround us with. All you have to do is look around you and ask yourself if there isn’t a better way of life possible. What kind of a world do you want your children and grandchildren to live in? Build them a better world than the one you see now. Read Mark Hamiltons’ literature for the tools and knowledge to advance civilization!



Mark Hamilton’s work truly expresses pure love for all humanity. “We all should be rich and live a happy and healthy life”. He is an honest, truthful, a dedicated man. He has great character and shows in the multigenerational manuscripts he developed. He worked on this material for decades for us. This is the gold at the end of the rainbow. His material is valuable. His perseverance to bring us this valuable knowledge has paid off presently (to all who have been fortunate to possess it) and will pay off in the very near future with the movement of the TVP.
The Government’s lying, cheating, robbing, stealing, making of bad laws, the regulations, and the abuse of power will stop. The TVP will end this all. We will be free. We will prosper. We will be happy, that happiness will revitalize our health us as a whole, our kids, grand kids, and families. They are important to us and their happiness makes us who we are as well. Remember “pure love” that is what Mark Hamilton has for us all.

The movement of the TVP means everything to me. Our health, wealth, and safety are very important issues. The TVP has the answers to our problems. We have suffered, our families have suffered, and to the Government “we have no voice”. The Government has no feelings for us, no health, no wealth, and safety is not important to them. To the TVP we are loved and respected and our needs will be met. With the TVP‘s love we can live the good life; healthy, wealthy, happy, and safe. We deserve it. Long live TVP!!


Being the youngest of three (3) children, I found it easiest to keep up with the older children rather than whine that I couldn’t do something.  I became very independent, as I kept up with them, and learned a lot about many subjects.  I have been successful in a career of 25 years, and also in business.  Yet, when I received a letter from the Neothink Society, I was still looking for something.

After 23 years of marriage, I had become a single mom feeling the struggles of raising two (2) teenagers by myself.  My parents had been deceased for more than a decade, so, whatever happened to me, or for me, was the cause of my own decisions.  I was pretty content with life, but nowhere near the place of happiness I reside in today.

The Multigenerational Manuscripts I ordered have given me many new ways to organize my day, thoughts and feelings.  I have the opportunity to work with others in the Neothink Society as we find solutions together.  I have learned that my thinking makes the difference between success and failure.  I continue to make a few poor choices, but, I know that when I use the tools and utilize the wealth of knowledge that is available I will always have a complete day of happiness and will learn from my mistakes and make fewer mistakes.

One of the greatest values I have as a member of the Neothink Society is watching others find ways to bring the things they enjoy doing to the forefront.  One by one I witness their creative side surface, as opposed to sinking in the daily grind.  I see and feel them find happiness and pure love for themselves and those around them.

I suggest you join the Society if you have a desire to figure out what you are missing in life.  You will also learn how to organize your life for optimal performance in the areas of health, wealth, happiness, peace, and love.   Mark Hamilton has offered me a life that I had only imagined I could create.  Now, that I am pursing my creative writing, I want even more to ensure the success of this new career.  To do so, I have become involved with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), a new political party that:

  • Upholds the ideals of the Constitution;
  • Supports the ideal of profitable businesses;
  • Wants no more initiatory force upon people, their properties, and contracts; and
  • Sees, with increasing freedom in technology and medicine, everyone, including the elderly and poor, prospering.  This revolution has already happened in the computer industry where our buying power, purchase choices, and knowledge base have increased more than one hundred fold.  This can happen in all areas of business.

I know that Mark Hamilton wants to see everyone living free, happy, healthy, and prospering.  He is encouraging, supportive and honest with the members of the Neothink Society, as will be the TVP, which I find refreshing in today’s business and political climates.