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I have been reading your books and literature for almost five years and before that my life was a living hell. I had a massive stroke that took most of my knowledge away and have spent 13 years trying to regain it . Five months later i had five heart attacks in two days and had three stints put in my chest. After that it was one thing after another with a floating bladder and numerous kidney infections, that i did not have but were caused from the fall that caused my stroke. Finally 4 1/2 years later they found the floating bladder when i told them what to look for. After that it was surgery and the doctor tacked my bladder to my tail bone and from then on it really was pure hell and did not believe it could get any worse but five years later i had cancer and got four times the normal dosage of Chemo that they had never given to another human and from then on it really was hell for i am penned to my home not able to travel or shop and it is one thing after another because all of my digestive system was destroyed and i have not been able to get it to working again no matter how many vitamins i take. About the time i got cancer I got my first book from Neothink and my life changed from that time. My mail was flooded with brochures from Research doctors and hospitals and i was able to make a little progress. I am still penned to this house and cannot go visiting or traveling because of things i cannot mention here but i am finally getting a toe hold and believe that within another year things will be better and i will owe it to Mark Hamilton, Frank Wallace and Eric Savage and their books showing that people were working hard to improve our United States and make it a better and happier place to live without having to pay out half our money in taxes and Insurance. I hope with all my heart that you succeed with your mission Mark Hamilton and there will be millions of people all over the world blessing you for what you and your family have done for us all. I will keep your books forever for they give you reason to hope when things are getting worse every year. I do hope you and your family and coworkers succeed within the next few years so we can live joyful and happy lives instead of always worrying about money, Internal Revenue and our world getting blasted from under us. You have my blessings and i hope with all my heart and soul that you win this battle that you have been fighting for so long.


Dear Mark Hamilton:         

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles for you have done a lot for me with your books. I have read seven of them and they have changed my life.  I had a massive stroke when I was 69 years ago and had a good life. That was 13 years ago and since then my life had been horrible. Five months after the stroke I had five heart attacks in two days and my heart stopped beating and then I had other complications. Five years later i had cancer and that was the worst of it all. I wanted to just give up for I had nothing but pain and was too weak to do anything except the simplest thing. Where I had done everything, i could no longer do much of anything.  Would start out to the doctors office and get lost and had lived here 15 years. It would take hours. My husband was injured in the service and was not much help. I had eye surgery for cataracts and almost lost all my eye sight, lost most of my hearing, lost my digestive system from taking four times the normal dosage of Chemo and five weeks of Radiation.   I lived on chicken noodle soup, chicken broth and cream of wheat for years and still have times that I have to go back to them for now I have Diverticulitis when I never had it before but was in the hospital for two weeks and could eat nor drink nothing because of vomiting and diarrhea, and bleeding. I checked out and came home and then i got a letter from you and my life changed. I read that book and the next and the next and learned how to cope with my illness and how to live with what i had instead of always looking  back at the worst.  I wanted another business but was too weak then and still too weak to handle one so i have to find my pleasures where i can.  I have a computer and can contact people like you and you will never know how much you have helped.  You have devoted  over 30 years of your life to us and we love you. I love all of you for that is the kind of life I would love to live. I have missed out on so much the last 13 years and there is joy in my heart to know that things will soon change and we all can be happy again. This is a wonderful country and it could be a lot better if we were all living the Neothink life. I practice that every day since reading your first book. I do hope this letter will help you and that you get thousands and millions more for i know there are other people out there that feel like I do. I have worked hard all my life and it hurts now to know that most of the money I have to live on goes to taxes and Insurance and everything goes up every month.  If anyone had told me that I would be paying nearly 500.00 a month for utilities, no food, pleasures or things like that, just taxes and Insurance on the house, car and me and my husband when he was alive. It gets higher every month and i wonder what will happen if we do not see Neothink life soon.

       Bless you for all you have done and i sincerely hope with all my heart that all the people you have helped come to help you.     Louise Morton  I am 82 years old but will not give up as long as i live.   

I’m sure Mark Hamilton has done his best over the past thirty years to build an organization that displays his hopes and dreams for a solid future for himself and this nation. In America, many other organizations have cause a lot more concern to be alarmed than Neothink. I am not deeply associated with Mark, nor do I personally reflect the views of most of what they stand for, but with my three hundred dollar investment to them, I will stand up for their positions. There is no need to attack them or to belittle them. If you need to jump on some-body’s back try the conservative alliances. Those lunatics demanding status quo conditions for this nation should be brought to justice. Attack them!


The benefits are extremely difficult to put on paper because it is so extensive it permeates my very existence. I have hope I have never felt before. I have never been in favor of our government because it does not represent the beliefs of our forefathers of our country. The whole reason they came to “the new land” was in hope flee from taxation without representation. The only hope I ever had was the Libertarian party but my vote never counted when I voted that way. This new party gives more than hope. I know there are bound to be obstacles to the progress of this political party. Just look at all the conspiracy theories of our government. I am not even very politically inclined but with all that I have been learning it is a very important step to our true freedom to address the government. I do not wish to lose my new found hope. I do not wish to lose the chance to excel in every area of my life. Our world needs new thinking and new concepts that validate “WE THE PEOPLE”. For how can we actually develop schools of geniuses??? How do our children survive when we ourselves are struggling with the current set up.

For the first time in my life I can say that there is a true way to develop a life worth living. Why is it that most heart attacks ending in death occur on Monday morning?? Why does our life create such intense reaction to the point of death??? That is just wrong to leave people with such stress and over anxiety that life is cut short because of our current society’s set up!!! So many things are wrong. Like the study of many illnesses and diseases that have no cure yet because the treatment of them makes more money than the cure. Why is it that the development of medical progress is dependent on financial gain verses true cures. So many questions unanswered. Why are we living in such stress that many lives are unnecessarily cut short?

In the short time I have spent with neo-thinkers all my hopes are addressed. I am more than welcomed. I am a valued member. I have met some of the most dynamic individuals through the society that have added extreme value to my life. I feel a very intense connection that creates value and insight into my own live. I never felt so much value in my life before. The things I have been learning go beyond the law of attraction. Rather than manifesting good. With neo-think I am manifesting not just a tidal wave but a tsunami of totally awesome and rewarding benefits!!

I plan to continue learning and expanding my mind with the hope that Neo-think will win. Neo-think has to win for all of us. If we are trampled by our government then the United States government can only be compared to the actions taken at Tienanmen Square in Communist China- against their own youth (neo-thinkers) . This is so shameful because the Neo-thinkers were trampled over by tanks and murdered by their Country because of their protest. Let us protest and the wrath of the United States government will trample beyond imagined torture. We fund Trillions of dollars to the government and to think that the government will not retaliate is delusional. Mark Hamilton will provide wisdom and strategies to expose the United States government for what it is. Not only he will require protection but protection will come. Unknown how this will come about but it will. It will be manifested as strong as a tsunami since we will need to blast through in similar fashion. Who will be prepared for what will hit them??? The power of it is beyond imagination. In order to win we can not be quiet little lambs led to be slaughtered. We will have to roar like the lion.

And remember the great words of Thomas Jefferson when he said “WE THE PEOPLE”. We the neo-thinkers are “THE PEOPLE”.

SIncerely Your fellow neo-thinker Angie Rivera