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I went through “Wonderful Mark Hamilton”, who encourage us for the better life and mind to understand it better. We really like to be responsible and “Believe It! or Not” Oh, It’s FUN. This is for everyone includes kids… is like A WOW !
I love deaf, hard of hearing, any handicap INCLUDES hearing people and no matter how rich or poor people are…, I want all of them should..
(not should) but it’s… A MUST to VOTE for “Twelve Vision Party”
(2012), I know, we all deaf group will be bright and happier after we learn how to face the TRUTH and comfortable make MONEY BY OUR SELF, YEP! This is TRUE… We do not want to depend on our government with less money, RIGHT?? This is what… You are the leader, I am the leader and everyone is the leader, too. We are stand up on this EARTH and who we are. We have dream and do it like kids, we normal peace mind and do things.. its fun, right? We are back where we have A Good Spot then Move on…
PLEASE Wake Up, we can do it and do not forget to VOTE “Twelve Visions Party” in 2012 and Do not let it “SKIP” by… it’s only ONE TIME VOTE for 2012 and Next will be many years to have another vote… If we do not vote in 2012 and it will be horrible and Sad World and its like TOO LATE. We do not want to see our unhappy and depression kids in the future. They will not happen like we have, when we were little kids (Our past kids always have fun and more happiness with a peace mind and create lots of things, Right?) Please VOTE in 2012 for our future kids for Heaven and Earth’s Sake! Thank you for your time with me with Greatly Appreciate It! I am deaf woman can write this value testimony, Patricia C. Meek
In the beginning, I truly did not understand what Mark Hamilton was telling us, teaching us. It seemed to be the opposite of everything I had learned. It was in fact, scary. My generation was taught not to question authority! After all, “they” knew best!
But, I now know that I have received one of the greatest gifts of my life. I have been given an opportunity to read, and question, and learn the truth for myself! I have been given a brain and a heart and a pair of eyes to read and understand the truth, the real meaning of life. A life full of hope, and peace, and health, and prosperity. Can you truly say that anyone else, any school, any leader, any political party, any government, any religion has even attempted to give this gift to you? Or do they constantly tell you what YOU have to do, give, and sacrifice? Is it for the good of the greater number? Really, do you see the greater numbers getting better or worse?
Do you listen to the “news” and shake your head? Have you had conversations with your family and friends as to why the news is ALWAYS “negative”? Do you believe the “stories” or only half of them? This is a common scene in any household or neighborhood. At some point, you have to ask, “Why?”
Have you ever asked yourself who owns the “news”-literally? Have you every wondered who decides what is presented on the news ….and what is not? Who decides what our children are taught……..or not?
Please join me in entering the most exciting time of our lives. A time when we have the ability to learn how life was meant to be lived (a life of fun, and love, and prosperity) -allow Mark and those of us who have learned the truth to share our exciting new future with you!!
Why? Because if you are really truthful with yourself, you are not happy with your current life. Have you laughed today? Have you smiled? Isn’t that the signs of a truly happy person?
Are you tired of the haves and have-nots? Who said it has to be that way? Is there another way?
Why haven’t you been introduced to this before? Who has been controlling what you are allowed to see and read and hear?
Why should I listen to Mark Hamilton? If your life is not as you thought it would be-why not? Who stole your childhood dreams and why? Do you have a dream and are you working your way to it or just drudging through life? Waiting for tomorrow to bring more of the same, day after day, year after year until it is time to retire and then die. Who says it has to be this way?
If you want to feel “alive” again, it’s time to seek out a new way, look, learn, listen, and THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! What is Mark Hamilton offering versus those who are currently in “power”? A life of happiness, prosperity, freedom, and one that offers a beautiful life -one that you look forward to every day! He is NOT offering to replace one bad scene for another, one bad party for another, just another empty promise. Mark is offering an education on how to get to “the other side of the tracks”-for EVERYONE!!! Take a look at what Mark has to say-really, what do you have to lose? More of the same old same old??
Will the news media support him-no. Why? Will the government support him-No. Why? Are these entities truly looking out for your best interest-or their own? Only YOU have the power to listen, learn, and decide for yourself and your family where you want to be in a year, five years, and ten years from now. Let’s say Mark is just offering one alternative. Why not decide for yourself which path you will take?
How do I know? I was in your exact shoes just three or four years ago. Now I wake up everyday with a smile on my face and looking forward to a new day. My family is learning the things I wish I could have taught them years ago. Our whole family is turning a new page, and life looks pretty darn good from where we now stand! Isn’t it worth a try? What Mark Hamilton is trying to share with us can’t cause any harm, but it can help thousands, millions. Why not decide for yourself rather than let others decide for you?
R Cox