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First l start by saying that Mark Hamilton & Neothink has been the icing on the cake for me in my travels in the world of the learned. I have like so many others been a student of esoteric ( hidden)knowledge for many years but so much of it was cloaked in mysticism and contradictions thought my eyes were open before and to an extent, they were but nothing before or since has even come close to the completeness


To Mark Hamilton-
My Testimony
Even since I joined the Neothink Society, I become changed person. I started reaping benefits of Neothinkniques as I apply them daily in every situation.
I then graduated to Neothink Society of Mark Hamilton. All his books has superb knowledge you can not find from any educational institution in the world .Hidden knowledge that can turn a ordinary person to a brilliant one.
Mark is my mentor, he molded me to whom I am (patriotic to honest).when I joined the society I felt like the Biblical Jews coming form slavery Egypt –Cannan the land of milk and honey slavery .(Conscious mid )or modern day Christians ,from sins –salvation (no turning back) with the Neothink concept Geniuses will relish their power and proved the essential of life. More people would like to follow such life and conquer the mystery ,but resisted to Neothink is high but very some will reduce and finery be accepted universally. It the any hope in the future for progress .
The political TVP Twelve Visions Party movement is party formed on bases of realities and honesty .It will grow strongest despite of interference from political elites. They will abandon them and join us .Pass the constitution of the university by 99.9%.It can lead us to much better way then we ere today.
It’s unfortunate that I have not attended the secret meeting primer due lack of computer. The must be wonderful I will attend weekly or monthly session when I acquire a computer.
The am behind you and when am fully equipped.
I will soldier alongside.
James Karuri.