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I have been learning the thousand year old hidden secrets to wealth, love, power, creativity, happiness, health an longevity from the saintly teaching and honest leadership of Mark Hamilton for the last three years. I eagerly look forward to a longer life, enjoying sharing increased wealth, power, exhilarating, creativity, happiness, and good health under Mr. Hamilton’s magnanimous leadership together with my fellow Americans including all us presently poor.



Hello Mark Hamilton 

My name is Joshua D.  I first received my invitation letter from the Neothink Secret Society in the month of June, 2005.  I never gave it a thought that the letter contained very important articles about hidden secrets were life on Earth supposed to be.  At that time, I just put the envelope away.  One day in the year 2006, I started to sort through the junk mail that I had, and I started to discard them.  For some reason, this one envelope was still in the basket where I put the ones that I thought will be discarded later.  In the month of Nov. 2006, I went through the kept mail again.  It felt so different like I never felt the feeling of touching it before.  I opened it and started reading it very carefully, just like it advised me to do.  Anyway, I was really into it.  It really opened my mind up and I never second thought it. 

I started having this feeling that Mark Hamilton already knew me just by reading this letter.  At this moment I was feeling sad, thinking that my chance to become a member of the Neothink secret society was passing by. 

By the way, my hope for another chance to be a member was still strong.  My concious told me that I will have another chance to wait for the same envelope to come again.  Sometime in year 2007, that same envelope was in my mail box again.  I quickly opened it and started reading the same information that I already knew.  I quickly respond to it and the process started from there. 

Mark Hamilton, I never second guess or thought what I have read from the letters, the manuscripts, or the books.  Seems like everything just clicked.  It was like the, “miracle” is finely arrived or borne.  It prove to me that what we are accustomed to in the anticilization is not the essence of life.  I started to realize that Neothink is the most valuable work ever developed.  It started make me feel free of guilt and inferiority feelings.  Lift big false hoods that hold me back into the anticivilization by overcoming Neothink advantages in facing up to the Neo Cheaters, and the fact of how the producers us are robbed by the non producers. 

Neothink is so profound, wise, and simple.  Mark Hamilton, I congratulate you on your significant achievements.  I am passionately desire to work with you, and the members of our Neothink secret society in achieving man’s highest goal, “the biological immortality.”  Neothink has clearly defines my attitudes to lives, values, and future achievements to live life the way it is meant to be. 

Mark Hamilton, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your achievements that has discovered me as one of the chosen one. 

Joshua D