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I first was pitched by Mark Hamilton’s Neothink back in 1999, I believe, and dismissed it as an obvious hokey scam.

I’d begun reading other revisionist history authors however; Jared Diamond, James Webb to name two, and it became clear that the truth was right in front of us.


I know the name “Twelve Visions Party” may seem a little “hokey” to those not familiar with Neothink literature, but have a little “vision” of your own and read Mark Hamilton’s description of what the Party is really about. If a person takes the time to read the information, I don’t see how they could not get excited about the TVP! This could¬†do more for the “average” person, and our country as a whole than anything since we became an independent country. This type of thinking would then most likely¬†spread around the world as others saw what it did for the “average” person in this country.

To everyone curious about Mark Hamilton, Neothink, The Neothink Society, or the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) – do yourself possibly the best favor you’ve ever done for yourself – DON’T LISTEN to the media, the politicians, or any “talking heads”. Take charge of your own life, use your own amazing mind. Read the Neothink literature.

No matter how smart you think you are, don’t make the common mistake thinking you have nothing to learn (I see this in many of the technical professionals I’ve worked with).

Thank you Mark Hamilton for spending the biggest part of your life putting it all together and coming up with Neothink. Life is now awesome!!!


Phil G