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It’s been said that we are here so that the universe can know itself. Our reason for being is to explore, learn and advance. The only way that can happen is through honesty and team work. Every living thing evolves and Mark Hamilton has spent countless hours researching and developing the information needed to present to everyone the basic principles that will raise humanity to the next level of existence. If you look around you and see the reality of our current existence, you will see that everything Mr. Hamilton and the Neothink Society teaches is honest and real. Mr. Hamilton has not only pulled the shade on the window of our true current existence, but has opened the door allowing everyone to step into the next phase of humanity. These principles taught by Mr. Hamilton and the Neothink Society allow every human being to prosper in health and wealth bringing true happiness, not just the few who feed on those considered below them for there own prosperity. As I initially read through the information received from Mr. Hamilton and the Neothink Society, I found that I was reading the very things that I have felt in my soul for so many years. They are the same things that so many farsighted, creative and truly successful individuals over the centuries have said. It’s all simply a matter of honest education, honest insight and putting them truly into practice. Though I am not wealthy and struggled to purchase the materials provided, in the end they were well worth the price for proving to me the road I was looking as was the correct one for creating the future that we were meant for.

Duane B