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Dear Mark Hamilton,

I just wanted to leave you a Testimonial about how you have helped me and gave me the tools to create a life that is truly worth living.
Mark from the depths of my heart and soul the literature you have devoted your life to be more valuable that all the wealth this world could ever offer!
My life has changed so for the better and continues to grow and develop in ways I never imagined was possible. I cannot for the life of me look back and see how I had spent my life , only forward looking and expectations now fill my days and nights. Your personal attention care and wealth of knowledge will forever continue creating great values in my life; my daughter and two grand kids now have the possibility of truly having a prosperous happy loving future because of you and your literature. I am deeply Grateful and Honored to be a part of this Great Evolution in neo think, it’s the Greatest and Historical even to come into this world in many of thousands of years. I know without a doubt any person alive today will benefit enormously from the work you do being a member of neo think and having Mark Hamilton in their personal lives. I see the universe smiling down on you for the Great effort you have devoted your life you. Yes I am a neo think man and very proud of it. No more sacrificing for others or misleading illusions will ever again cloud my thoughts, I have the tools to live the life I was created to live and share in enormous values for myself and society as a whole.
The Twelve Vision Party now launched around the country is the most remarkable event to hit this world since the founding of America in 1776!! This will not only assure me of a lasting prosperity happiness as well as REAL FREEDOM in a totally honest Government doing what it is meant to do. Protection only our country to finally FULL FILL ITS GLORY !!! it will not only allow us to Prosper like never before but will Change the whole WORLD .
We were never created to live under suppression and deception, never to be ruled over by Mad Men corrupt and only allowing special interest to ever actual prospers. The Twelve Vision Party in the only and I mean ONLY way for HUMANITY to reach a Higher Cause and live in a world of total Honesty and Value Creation for everyone which has never been seen before on Earth! The Twelve Vision Party will and cannot fail or this world is DOOMED to fail in a miserable END!!! we are at the Final Crossroads of Life or Death scenario , either we MOVE FOWARD WITH A TOTALLY OPEN AND Honest Government under the Leadership of Business Driven Honest Men and women of The Twelve Vision Party who are dedicated to make the world a Better place for each and every individual no matter race creed color religion or person status in life . I can only TREMBLE with the thought if our Government keeps the same path they have for 100 yrs trying to take total control of the Greatest Country ever created on this planet America the Great!! let us pay Homage and Tribute to our original Founders and GO FOWARD TO FULL FILLING THEUR DREAMS TO FINALLY MAKE AMERICA THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD HEADS HELD HIGH AND HEARTS FILLED WITH LOVE FOR ALL HUIMANITY !!
To paraphrase one man’s words in American History, Neal, as he stepped down on the surface of the moon, THE TEWELVE VISION PARTY CAN PROUDLY ANNOUNCE “ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN ONE HUGE LEAP FOR MANKIND”
Thank you Mark Hamilton, I’m Honored to be a part of your dreams for America and the World as a whole! Looking forward to our SUCESS in the WHITE HOUSE!!! THE TWELVE VISION PART CREATING VALUES FOR EVERYONE FOREVER!!!!!
A PERSONAL NOTES FOR ALL MEMBERS, Never in my life have I experienced such LOVE from anyone outside Neothink, wow it fills you with such incredible energy and happiness. HONESTY LOVE AND GENUINE VAALUES .GREAT WORK MARKS!!
Sincerely from the heart Wayne H


Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, also  The Twelve Visions Party has meant a whole new World to me. I have never thought that I would or could ever learn Integrated honesty. The Twelve Visions Party A new and more improved Government of Completely over-hauled honest Government, No matter how power-full or how much back-up Our current dishonest government (THINKS) they are. No matter how much force our current Government uses on (WETHEPEOPLE)!We do not need their dishonest, behind closed door schemes they (THINK) they can get away with or hide from (THEPEOPLE)I will not be the one to get arrested for anyone threatening me with a Gun, Like I been in this current anti-civilization! The right person will be arrested, even if their company is government controlled!.I will not have to pay corrupt COPS,JUDGES,GOVERNERS,CONGRESS,SENATORS,ATTORNEY GENERALS.I will only pay for Protection from those who insist on using force on others, because they don’t believe in their policies! I will not get a better job because I am democrat or Republican! I will get equal treatment because I am human! I will get equal treatment because Human Life and the Human (MIND) is more Precious than any Bicameral animals whose only purpose is survival living for whatever kill they can make for that day and their family. Twelve Visions Party means I get to live free, the life I was meant to live! I will be able to create (MUSIC) without end! Without having to wake up at 5:00 in the morning for some job you get paid enough just to get by until the next week! I will be able to live and prosper, and also help others become that person they are meant to be, creating (Health, Wealth, Peace) for any man ,woman, child. No matter what color or religion they may believe in. Just as long as they agree to sign a contract, agreeing to live by the Prime Law! Not using force or threat of force against any other human being! We as the (Twelve Visions Party)bringing the future to (The People)eventually curing aging and death. The (Twelve Visions Party) terrorist will not get away with the type of attack we have all seen, lived, and breathed on (September11.2001)! Twelve Visions Party means new technologies, protecting our military. Protecting and saving human life as much as possible by use of robots, machines in the battle-field making conflict shorter and without as many human casualties as possible! Twelve Visions Party means making trips to space like a ride from Disney World, for anyone wanting to make the trip! Twelve Visions Party means learning from newly discovered planets, never-ending sources of Knowledge! Twelve Visions Party means Protection Only, keeping business out of the hands of corrupt politicians stealing our tax money for those believe that Big Government is the answer to their Problems!(Mickey Baker)Twelve Visions Party wrote this letter of life on this date(3-7-2010) Twelve Visions Party is our future of Life!