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Honesty is a value that any thinking human being cannot be without. To be able to think honestly and know that your rights as a human being are being protected is the reason that the Neothink Society adds such a value to modern man. This is the reason that I support the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton. I want to be in a place where I and my children and their children can continue to think and express their thoughts in a honest manner.


Although a newcomer to the Neothink Society (less than a year so far,) I am very pleased to say that the Neothink way of life and its visions of the future parallel many of the beliefs I’ve held for most of my life. They expand upon the basic premises, concepts, and principles that I and many others, including the Founders of our Great Nation I suspect, did and do hold dear. Premises such as: all of us are created equal and have value to add to society as a whole while at the same time enhancing our own lives through our creations. We can all be positive contributors.  Concepts such as: Learning is a life long adventure, an endless, exciting journey. A journey which promulgates a deep rooted desire to live longer and healthier. A journey that through its stimulations promotes ever growing happiness and self worth. A journey that begins in infancy and continues indefinitely through the unknown.  Or that Peace, Happiness and Honest Prosperity are attainable goals for all of humanity. Principles such as: All of mankind, being of  conscious mind, deserve to be treated with respect and dealt with in an honest manner. And that men should be free to pursue their dreams and desires so long as no harm comes to others in the process.  That honesty is the basis for all reality and should be rewarded not punished. That all physically and mentally capable persons should “carry their own weight” so to speak and not be reliant on and expect government hand-outs and bail-outs that burden the rest of the hard working, value creating members of society.  I could go on and on but due to space restraints will stop here and in summary state that I am proud to be involved with this group of positive thinking, like minded people who have wonderful visions for our future and for the future of generations to come. It is so refreshing to know that there is a growing body of folk who are honestly and actively pursuing the betterment of our Country and the World as a whole and doing so without focus on costly “special interests” but rather through eliminating them all together through the TVP. It is indeed an exciting time in the history of the world. With the recent economic devastation, elitist greed, and turmoil that spans the planet, it is particularly difficult to remain optimistic and positive about our future – even when you are optimistic by nature as am I. My involvement in the Neothink Society and continued learning through  the written materials created by Mr. Mark Hamilton, has restored my faith and belief in the inherent goodness within all of us and of our collective ability to enact change for the benefit of the entire conscious human race.

Thank You Mr. Hamilton for re-awaking hope and faith within and God Speed to you, the Neothink Society, and especially the Twelve Visions Party. May forward movement and honest success be our reality. Here’s to the future!

Respectfully Yours

Johnna M