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Dear Mark,

I’m delighted to have this opportunity to let you know what your literature has meant to me over the years.  About five years ago when you first contacted me by letter I didn’t know what your organization was about, but for the small amount of money you were requesting for publishing costs, the risk was very low, and my curiosity was very high.  It excited something deep inside me and I was always looking forward to the next letter or book.  I thought my life was pretty wonderful already, but by reading your books, unfulfilled dreams were awakened.  I had been an artist, a painter for twenty years, but had put it aside for twelve years because I hadn’t made a living from it and felt I should be pursuing something else.  The artist in me was awakened by your literature and I began to paint again as if I’d never stopped.  This time I had so much more joy in doing it and was more committed than I had ever been.  By examining myself, starting with your “Friday Night Essence” exercise, I realized it was what I was meant to do.  Every area of life is covered in the texts and I remember negative thought patterns and self-imposed limitations dissolving.  I felt lighter and happier.  I let go of beliefs I had about aging and began to feel younger and stopped saying that I was too old to do many things. I had a solo exhibition in a museum and I started an Art School about three and a half years ago.  I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do that before.  I also took up sculpture at 60 years of age and have completed three pieces successfully.  I had no idea I could sculpt.  The number of changes, gifts and benefits from your support would fill pages.  I was very excited that you had decided to establish a political party and try to bring integrity, honesty and wisdom to the people on a larger scale. We all know that the system has to change and The Twelve Visions Party has an extraordinary vision that will improve the quality of life for all to embrace.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Kathi



Dear Mark,

The Neothink society has been of immeasurable value to my life. Your literature is based on one developing honesty and caring for oneself and society. These traits are needed very much today because the day that every one faces up to their true responsibility, the whole planet will be completely healed.

Joe, New York



America and the world have tasted what both the republicans and democrats have done and can do. I believe if we will be honest with ourselves, we can agree that none of these two parties have provided American and the world what they always promise. It has become even serious that we seem to accept theirs lies, deceptions and illusions as normal. We have allowed our minds to be played with all the time and we seems not to care anymore. How long will Americans continue to allow these rulers to “fool” them and the world? I believe we are in the turn of civilization and if our new civilization will be of peace, honesty, love and prosperity then, Americans and all humanity have to sit up to listen to what Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party is offering Americans and the world at large. It is time to get people who will note seek the mandate of voters just to latter let them know its all political speech for votes. Americans, you have this time to free yourselves and the world to bring peace, love and prosperity to everyone through Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision Party. There is more to life than we really know. This is what I have personally experience and still experiencing with Mark Hamilton’s teachings through the neothink® Society.



I am proud to know that Mark Hamilton has helped me to learn a new wave of thinking called neothink. The literature has inspired me to live life to the very fullest with the knowledge of learning how to play and to be happy. This movement brings on a tab of freedom. Without Mark Hamilton’s visions we will be lost without his guidance. He has taught us to look ahead into our future and to move on with the visions we see. Hamilton is a great inspiration to me, and I am very fond of him as the author of Neothink and the Twelve Vision Party which contains powerful thoughts. I love what the future holds in this world through him and his true value. The whole world can progress through honesty, which unfolding a business, science/art, and civilization on Earth. Thank you again Mark Hamilton for inspiring me to reach for my true self.

Thank you,
Eva C.



This message goes to all the veterans out there who went to the Vietnan war and if you go back in time that war and the other wars would not take place if we had the Twelve Vision party constitution since this constitution is for defence only.On the other hand I can’t thank enough Mr. Hamilton for recapture all those beatiful dreams that I had as a child.I’m still learning with Mr. Hamilton’s mentoring and due to his love and honesty I see the world different and he has inspire me to help support other children in various countries and it brings back the thrill of life to find out what I was ment to be.I love Mr. Hamilton and his work and I love my Neothink Society.Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.A Vietnan U.S. Army Veteran,Marco A. Reyes.



In August of 2007 I was wandering around in a wasteland of foggy wilderness.  Although I was retired and had the world by the tail I also knew that all things were not right within me and the world at large.  There were many things that had not gelled within me in order for me to understand why the world was as it was and the why of man’s inhumanity to man.
In that month of that year I received a special letter in the mail from someone offering me resolution of all queries I had of life in general and offering me promises of becoming all I had ever wished to be and to have all that I had ever wanted to have.  IMPOSSIBLE, I thought.  Yet I took the bait all the while knowing that it was too good to be true and you know what they say about something being too good to be true.  It usually is, too good to be true.  
But………..I waited and eventually received the first of what was to become a very treasured book.  Others to follow that all became very treasured by me for the books (Multigenerational Manuscripts they are called now) opened my eyes to another world heretofore unknown to me although I had wondered many times about it and why it was the way it was.  These books revealed to me why man is as he is and why the world is as it is.  But that was only a Primer.  Much more information was revealed in those Manuscripts.  Information that would revolutionize my thinking and create a whole new world for me.  I would state that anyone that has ever read the Manuscripts with an open mind could only come to the conclusion that these Manuscripts state only the truth and are indisputable in their honesty and clarity.
Those books and the letter came from the Neothink Society headed by a brilliant and compassionate man by the name of Mark Hamilton whose only goal is to make this world (whirled) better for all.  Mr. Hamilton has laid it all out for all of us, plain and simple, but yet not really so either.
Mr. Hamilton’s vision for his new and better world (whirled) is indisputable in it’s structure.  Within this structure lies the framework for an honest and joyful world (whirled) wherein all are productive, creative, happy and wealthy beyond their current imaginings.  It is basically, but not all, reduced down to the common denominator of honesty within one’s own self, business, politics and all life in general.
The business paradigm and the Political paradigm of the Twelve Visions Party will ensure that all that wish to be a participant in an honest and productive life will have the opportunity to do so.  The Constitution of these United States with an added provision, The Prime Law, will ensure that the business of this Country, and all Countries, will be ran in an efficient, fair and completely impartial manner without benefit of flaw filled man’s machinations and manipulations running rampant to the detriment of all but themselves and their minions.  No longer will the parasitical elite have control of the masses to the detriment of their lives, spirits and souls.
The Neothink (New way of thinking) Society and Mr. Mark Hamilton are in the arena of new ideas and a new way of thinking and living that will bring productivity, creativity, happiness and wealth to all that care to embrace this revolutionary way of thinking and being.
The Neothink Society has captured my imagination and devotion to the concepts and ideas presented in the Multigenerational Manuscripts and I subscribe to the notion that all that read, understand and implement the principles and ideas espoused therein will be better for it and will wish to help the Neothink Society establish, grow and continue to the erstwhile realization of their ends which is a better, longer, happier and more productive life than the stagnant rut so many of us are/were in.
I should not, but am going to do so anyway, go out on a limb and make the statement that all of us in the Neothink Society that have read, understand and implemented the information gleaned from these truly remarkable books of knowledge could not, even if we so wished, go back to life before the reading of and understanding of this amazing literature.  It is truly life changing for it is so revelatory of where you, and the world (whirled) as a whole is in it’s current state and where it, and you, could be that the vision of that is imprinted so indelibly into your brain that you can not get it out and the striving for that new and wonderful world (whirled) will consume you, change you and take you to heights never before imagined in your present world (whirled).
Mr. Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Multigenerational Manuscripts, The Business Alliance and the Twelve Visions Party can completely revolutionize life as we know it now to take us from our present state of mind numbed roboticism and stagnant rut existence to a new state of reawakening and creative happiness.  I wholeheartedly endorse, embrace and welcome the Visions of the Neothink Society into my world (whirled) and hope you will also.
I do not state lightly that Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have greatly altered my looking at life picture to what life could be picture.  I am sixty-two years of age and I thought not much could alter my perception or conception of life as it was, and is, until I had the great good fortune of receiving a special letter in the mail one day that completely changed my conception of the world as it was into what it could be.  The advantages of living life through the Neothink Society concepts make life worth living all over again.  I now wish to live forever so I can enjoy all of life’s great, rich rewards.  Life within the Neothink Society has a special flavor the one’s not so fortunate will never know.  I could only wish those pleasures and joys for all.

Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.  I truly feel blessed and am very much pleased that you found me.  I only wish that you could find all.
Chris G



Dear Mark:
It is a honor to be a member of the Neothink society let me said I been a member of the neo-think society at list (6) years and my life change for the better I became smarter and wiser…..I have a  bright future at head with so much to accomplish, went I get out of bed in the morning with great energy because I see in feel the future all because I take my mentality  to next level of thinking.
I had gain so much knowledge from all the material I study during years of membership with the Neothink society that I feel that my life is on journey to the future for riches and happiness  and good health, honestly I feel like a superman  I feel stronger and staying focused.
Said on I support the  the twelve vision party is the way of building our children’s future in for our great country ,  this twelve vision party are build on honesty to bring forward wealth and riches to everyone in the world.
The twelve vision party may well bring a better future medicine and the anti-aging cure………
Vincent I. G



I with to thank you for your teachings, which have been responsible for bringing me forward into the light.

As we grow up we all become trapped into a false life showered upon us of fear, guilt, lies and deception.

What a great feeling to shed all these negative burdens and live the life we were meant to live.

Thank you mark Hamilton from the bottom of my heart.

Imagine if we could all learn to live this life full of pure love and integrated honesty, what a world it would become.

We would all surely wish to live forever.

Mark Hamilton, may you continue your great work.

Kindest wishes

Max O



Dear Mark Hamilton,
Thank you for this opportunity, Thank you for your courage; And to whom this may concern, I Theodore L have formed a relationship with Mark Hamilton my mentor and the “Neothink Society” This is a open honest relationship that to my experience have held true to the directions, principles and integrity promised, to deliver positive growth in Business, Society and Health.
The honesty is accessible to all that are willing to use the Twelve Visions World. The new thinking is bringing order into the lives of many people blessed with the vision of TVP. As The Twelve Vision Party dispel the  laws of unhappy gravity, by employing the laws of  liberating, civilizing lift. Here is the New World Now!

In the bond, Theodore L



Dear mark hamilton,

Thank you!

Before neothink my mind was blind. After reading and integrating the information in your literature, It felt like the veil covering my mind was falling. Neothink showed me how to remove internal and external blocks and limits preventing my body- mind- soul alignment.
I had never before experience happiness in my life like these days. I had never before felt in control of my life and the lifes around me.
Jesus said : my people are suffering because they lack knowledge. I think everyone can practice and acquire that knowledge by reading your literature.

Mark, everytime I read your literature again, my understanding gets deeper and wider.
To me, understanding neothink is like finding multiple gold mines.

Pure love & honesty,
A Neothinker.