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Hello Mark Hamilton

First I would like to express my gratitude for what you have shared with me and many others. To me what you shared with me is simply amazing. In the beginning my first thought was this is a lot of money. Now I would pay 100 times what I paid for your Multi-Generational Manuscripts. They gave me something money can’t buy. What a wonderful feeling to know you have control of your own life. Your Manuscripts changed my life gave me a wonderful new way to think. Integrated with honesty and love. What an amazing life I see for myself in the coming future. Even though I am a disable vet and living on a small pension at the moment. I believe in the COMING NEW TVP WORLD OF WEALTH HEALTH AND PEACE THROUGH OUT THE WORLD.

I can’t thank you enough for what you have shared with me. I’m in your debt till the TVP BREAKS THROUGH TO THE NEW TVP WORLD BECAUSE I AND MANY OTHERS HAVE HELPED MAKE THIS A REALITY WITH YOU Your NTWarriors

Thomas S


Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,

My heart is with you, I am a older person I lived my life through the hardships to find a decent way to live, I never found it until the later end of my life.

I encounter the teaching of Neothink it is the knowledge put aside for what is called power, legal law, and justice is how the world is known. None in those comments is honesty includes so many mistakes have been made, ignoring the honesty for one self and for all. That is the only think the society Neothink which has been brought forward from century ago to teach and reverse is honesty throughout humanity.  Jesus started honesty and he was destroyed, life grew powerful anyways, honesty went forgotten, power now rules the world. What the society of Neothink is about is only the simplest honesty in every hart in human life. So everybody in plant earth can live in harmony with each other. It would take a lot to explain now a days, power, law and justice is included it drove the world to destruction. Peace and harmony does not excite any more, for the simplest thing honesty being ignored and Neothink is urgently working to restore it to all humanity in the plant earth.  Neothink is in danger, the power and the law shows the strength to destroy the honesty they do not want to understand. Earth is a planet that belong to the universe and is govern from the Universe,  we do not know how long the planet earth will exist, think about, what human life has built and destroy for as far back as the records go. The Universe can be distinguished in no time without warning, no human power will concur the will of the universe. Neothink wants to save life not destroy.  What is wrong with that? Human power has lost its ability Neothink doesn’t need weapons, bomb atom bomb  it just restores trust and harmony in human life, which has been put aside and forgotten. So let it be.

Thank you

Martha O


In my mind, and in my heart, the greatest value any individual can have is honesty!Honest Health, Happiness, Successs, knowledge, and LOVE, comes from from honesty. Thinking, feeling, honesty and acting upon that honesty is how anything tangible is created. Indeed honesty is the greatest value.
Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party, on levels, is this honesty!

Most Honestly written by


I want to say something really fast about the media; the media is OWNED BY THE GOVERNMENT! Now this may or may not be the first time you have heard this, but it doesnt matter, because we all know on some level our Government is dishonest. They go far beyond dishonesty but dishonesty would be the lowest possible level of their crimes, so let’s go with that.

When an honest man like Mark Hamilton trys to do what is honest, like trying to reveal the secrets to health, happiness, success, and love, the government dishonestly creates harmful illusions against this man’s efforts through THE MEDIA! The media that they control!!!!
They want to portray him as someone who is harmful to you, so they will create any lie or illusion to do so, and this is because the government does not want you to know the truth!!!! IF you know what is honest about the government you will understand that they are parasitical, illusion creating, thieves, that even murder innocent values, businesses, and EVEN INNOCENT LIFE! They have done this! While Mr. Mark Hamilton HELPS people to change their lives, all atround the world and here in America the government is TAKING LIVES!!!! Even if they don’t physically kill! For they create by design the burden that makes life unbearable to live. Men like Mark Hamilton and myself are fighting against all that drains then tries to kill, health, happiness, success, love, and all like values, but those values are to strong and can never die! Mark Hamilton is an honest man fighting for the people, fighting the honest fight. My advice to you is this don’t believe any form of Media instead think for yourself, search for yourself, and you will find the Honesty!

Most honestly written by:


Each day brings massive new understanding, because each day I read and re-read the literature by Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society! Those nuggets of honesty expand my vision, and today I am looking out into the future, knowing with full confidence that I am moving in the right direction! I am becoming more and more competent and competitive! I am growing and creating more and more values for EVERYONE! I have already WON! Like the chessmaster who can see his victory 10 moves in advance. I can see my prosperity explosion just on the horizon, 5 to 10 years into the future. The steady building now is bringing that wonderful future into my life!

Mark Hamilton’s writings and the inspiring interactions with others in the Neothink Society were the spark and fuel that lit my fire!

Get fired up!



The Christ In Mark Hamilton, has introduced the new menality of integrated honesty into the world, at large. This new mentality is about self authority, individuals choice as long it doesn’t harm others. Mark Hamilton, has been given the wisdom to make plain the teaching of Jesus, the Christ, and that being, The kingdom of heaven is within us all. And his Twelve Vision Party, will be instrumental in prestenting what honesty can mean for you and me.


Mark Hamilton   has  help me  a 35 year old  here in  portland oregon   i am  vicente and  for  the  most  part   i have had  a  hard time keeping  down a  job   and  what   Mark   has  done is   given  me   tools    so i can  keep  a  job  down and  then  move on   to  my own  business  if  i want     the  business  that   Mark  Hamilton  runs   is    nothing  more than  pure and    honesty    with   all  members  that  are  part  of this  club    and  one more thing    look at   it like this    we have  lots of churches   the  door is  open to any one   right?  well   Mark Hamilton  is    saying    the  door is open  for  any one    you  do not have  to    that is up  to  any person   like myself   vicente i step  in    NO  one  made me   or  paid  me  to step in   i  wanted  to step  in  all on my  own.       Mark  Hamilton  has  given me hope  in m self  to start  my own  business   if   i want  to  last  thing here   Mark Hamilton is   NOT  a  crook   in  any  way   he is  truthful   and  upfront   and  a  very  honest   man    let  his  business  run  i ask  you  not  to  shut  him  down   it is  helping  people like me  in a  big  way   thank you  Mark Hamilton   for all  you have  done  for  me   it  has  been great   i love  the life  i have  taken  on  and   by  the  way   my little one that is  6 years old   her  name is  Leann  san martin   all  will be  past  down to her   and   she   is  a   smart  little one  for her  age   so i am  looking  to see  what happens   when  she   gets  older  and  when  i  pass down  all the  tools  to her and see what   she  does with her  life   but   my  life  has   just   got  going   thanks   to  Mark Hamilton     vicente


In about seven months, I have learn more about creating values for myself and others through Mark Hamilton mentoring and literature than many, many years of searching. Ask yourself this questions: as a child do you remember those beautiful dreams to be some one who who will be creating values for yourself and society? To be great? To find your essence in life and to find who you were meant to be in this life? That is what I have learned with Mr. Hamilton and I have yet a lot to learn in order to be useful to myself and others and to be happy in my life. He also has sparkle a light in my personal life to be motivated in whatever I do. I have found truth love and honesty, something that is hard to find in today’s world. I tank you Mr. Hamilton for taking your precious time for helping us to be creative, happy and to help us to have compassion and love for humanity like you do. We love you Mr. Hamilton and we love our Neothink organization. Marco R



My name is Anita Smith.

When I was first introduced to the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton, I was a bit skeptic.  But after reading the three heirlooms, I realized I wasn’t alone in the way I perceived the world.  Human compassion for one another, (or lack thereof!!).  I have always felt out of place.  I felt I belonged in another time, because I just didn’t fit in!  Not because people didn’t like me; NO; I’m a very friendly, compassionate, sensitive person.  I didn’t fit, because I didn’t like the way people treat one another!  I practically became a hermit.

With what I am learning from the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton.  I am coming out of my shell, and becoming the person I always knew I should be.  Some things I need to work on, can be really hard!  But I noticed, a lot comes to me naturally.

I have seen the future thru the TVP.  This is the way the world Should be.  With all the Love, Compassion, Honesty, Freedom, and Life.

Silencing Mark Hamilton will only make me realize even more, that we have no freedoms in this world.  I cherish everything this man has made known to me.  For the wisdom to pass on.  So we can all be really free to soar!!


The Twelve Visions Party means to me a life full of happiness, wealth, health and love, all based on individual freedom.  By having the Prime Law in effect, we will all have the freedom our Founding Fathers wanted for our Country and for all of the future generations to come.  It will be freedom for everyone, down to the lowest individual, because no one is more important than anyone else.

I have learned from Mark Hamilton what the most important thing in life is…Happiness.  I have learned how to achieve that happiness by living a life of honesty, and being a value producer or a value creator, and putting more value into society than I consume.  I learned something from him that is so simple, yet has the power to change any life. That is, you must keep learning and growing in your life, because if you are not growing you are stagnating and slowing waiting for death.  For many people their lives are so boring they just want time to pass quickly to get to the end sooner, the end being death.  For death has been glorified so they think death will be their escape and better than the life they have now!

If these people would only read Mark Hamilton’s literature with an open mind, they would see the honesty and love with which it is written.  His literature teaches you how to be a value producer or even a value creator. …Creating values for your fellow man.  Then you are not wasting your life, and waiting for a hand out.  Then your life becomes too exciting!  You also learn just how important you are and how valuable you can be to the world. It teaches you to live your life right here on earth to the fullest.

The literature teaches you how to use your own mind to learn the truth in any situation, based on reality.  Our current leaders do not want you to use your own mind to discover the reality of a situation.  They want to use the smoke and mirrors to keep people from seeing reality.  They use the media to get their agenda across because they know that the masses do not have the knowledge or motivation to dig in and discover the reality of the situation.  We have been lead to believe that the media tells the reality of the situation, when in fact they do not, they pass on what they are told to.

Our Country is headed now to a Socialist/Fascist Country.  We are losing our freedoms every day, the freedoms our Fore Fathers fought to guarantee us.  The freedoms all of our Veterans fought to have for all of us.   The Twelve Visions Party guarantees those for all of us, for it would return our Government to its proper purpose.  …To protect all of the citizens from initiatory force, fraud or coercion.  Twelve Visions Party would mean I would not have to fear my Government any longer.  I would be free to live my life as I see fit, as long as I am not putting force, fraud or coercion upon anyone.  It would mean that I no longer have to pay taxes to a Government that spends my money for things I do not agree with.  The Government would be based on a business structure.  I would then be able to pay for the services I want, if it is a value I am willing to support with my earned money.

Without the burden of Government, technologies will explode as the computer industry did.  Prices will drop; this is what will solve our Medical/Health care crisis in this country.  …Along with the Government getting out of the Health Care business, and basing it on capitalistic business principles.  We will also be able to get the message out that diet & exercise are the best preventative care there is not X-rays and Scopes.

The Twelve Visions Government will make everyone responsible for them, as nature intended.  For we all have that ability within us.

Mark Hamilton teaches you that with love and kindness and occasionally a bit of tough love. Thank you for changing my life, Mark Hamilton!

Teresa D