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I want to say something really fast about the media; the media is OWNED BY THE GOVERNMENT! Now this may or may not be the first time you have heard this, but it doesnt matter, because we all know on some level our Government is dishonest. They go far beyond dishonesty but dishonesty would be the lowest possible level of their crimes, so let’s go with that.

When an honest man like Mark Hamilton trys to do what is honest, like trying to reveal the secrets to health, happiness, success, and love, the government dishonestly creates harmful illusions against this man’s efforts through THE MEDIA! The media that they control!!!!
They want to portray him as someone who is harmful to you, so they will create any lie or illusion to do so, and this is because the government does not want you to know the truth!!!! IF you know what is honest about the government you will understand that they are parasitical, illusion creating, thieves, that even murder innocent values, businesses, and EVEN INNOCENT LIFE! They have done this! While Mr. Mark Hamilton HELPS people to change their lives, all atround the world and here in America the government is TAKING LIVES!!!! Even if they don’t physically kill! For they create by design the burden that makes life unbearable to live. Men like Mark Hamilton and myself are fighting against all that drains then tries to kill, health, happiness, success, love, and all like values, but those values are to strong and can never die! Mark Hamilton is an honest man fighting for the people, fighting the honest fight. My advice to you is this don’t believe any form of Media instead think for yourself, search for yourself, and you will find the Honesty!

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In my mind, and in my heart, the greatest value any individual can have is honesty!Honest Health, Happiness, Successs, knowledge, and LOVE, comes from from honesty. Thinking, feeling, honesty and acting upon that honesty is how anything tangible is created. Indeed honesty is the greatest value.
Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Visions Party, on levels, is this honesty!

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Every day I contemplate what it would be like to live as a Neothink man in Mark Hamiltons’ book The Superpuzzle. Imagine living in an environment where every individual integrated honesty and reality for the greatest benefit of themselves and others in society. I have only experienced this feeling when I have been with other members of the Neothink Society.
The Twelve Visions Party is a major puzzle piece necessary to advance society into the Twelve Visions World. The ultimate success of the TVP will create the environment that individuals need to live life for the greatest benefit of themselves and society. The people are looking for a viable alternative to the status quo that has not been previously available. I personally have been involved in a struggle for survival that gives me the first hand knowledge and perspective to relate to the man or woman working for the survival of their family. We in the TVP have the honesty and passion to shift the balance of power toward a peaceful and productive world of the future as described in The Superpuzzle. This is my chance to make a difference.
Live long and prosper,
Michael B


Well, well, well. Honesty is self-evident, isnt it? Take a GOOD and HONEST look out into our society right now and see what career politicans have done to the world. What else will we endure before everything gets better and not JUST better mind you but OUTRAGEOUSLY AND STUPENDIOUSLY FANTASTIC for WE THE PEOPLE. When I look out across our country (USA) today I see far too many people suffering. I see way too many people fighting. I see innumerable people struggling to make their life what they have always dreamed it would have been. Then I see many other people who have given up. Now if you have the ear of honesty you will see this is the way it is up to this point. Since this is true, why are career politicians the so called “peace keepers?” Will the career polticians please answer that? They will just use their so called “Facts” to mislead THE PEOPLE, drain THE PEOPLE and abuse THE PEOPLE. Career politicans have for far too long messed with the way things are going to run. Now WE THE PEOPLE participating with and in TVP are going to change absolutely EVERYTHING you are going through today/tonight (whenever you are now reading this). You read that right: EVERYTHING of civilization is GOING to change. We have with TVP KNOW that we have honest power and are rising to the levels that we desire to rise to. No, we dont need career politicans regulating the economy (which is another way of saying “I Rule You”). Rather we need compitent career market driven business people CREATING the economy and raising up WE THE PEOPLES standard of living. I may only be 26 years young here but really look out into the world and ask yourself “Is this what I REALLY want?” If no, which I guarantee it isnt, then TVP needs YOU THE PEOPLE to stand up with us and say “no” and say “YES” to TVP and CREATE a major change in the country. First to our country and then to our world. We have an enormous responsiblity to care for our planet and career politicians do not care about that. Only if it fits under their self-angradizing schemes to rule, will they “care”. Some “heart” they do have. But no matter because TVP is the best thing, directly beside The Neothink Society, to ever have been CREATED! Just continue to check out and absorb EVERYTHING here. Integrate EVERYTHING here and watch if you dont feel happier! This is Patrick Bundy and I leave with this: ITS TIME TO PARTY!


I with to thank you for your teachings, which have been responsible for bringing me forward into the light.

As we grow up we all become trapped into a false life showered upon us of fear, guilt, lies and deception.

What a great feeling to shed all these negative burdens and live the life we were meant to live.

Thank you mark Hamilton from the bottom of my heart.

Imagine if we could all learn to live this life full of pure love and integrated honesty, what a world it would become.

We would all surely wish to live forever.

Mark Hamilton, may you continue your great work.

Kindest wishes

Max O


A wealty businessperson taught me a couple of years ago that there are only two types of people in the world – givers and takers. I have found that information very valuable because it has empowered me to make better choices regarding the company I keep. I choose to surround myself with givers.

Mark Hamilton the founder of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party is a very special individual an unquestionably a giver. Mark Hamilton is a value creator who is sharing his powerful essence to help everyone everywhere prosper. Reading the Neothink multigenerational manuscripts is definitely enriching countless lives throughout the globe.

I am extremely pleased with the progress that I am personally experiencing as a result of applying what I have learned from integrating with the Neothink Society’s Prime Literature.

I am happy to share with you that the Neothink Society is based on fully integrated honesty. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Twelve Visions Party is the puzzle piece to provide the environment of change for everyone everywhere to live the life we are meant to live minus the dishonesty.

Wealth, Health, Peace 888-859-6859.



As I continue to walk this Neothinking journey I have grown beyond my wildest hopes in living . Much have I changed , ways have I stopped from controling me as a puppet , dreams can I now live forever without a worry or concern . Mark Hamilton showed me the path to objective reality ; not even my own flesh and blood could clearly know let alone teach me as he has in the honesty way to live .

Thank you Mark for everything I have now in knowledge . Sylvia



Mark Hamilton CAN NOT change your lives!!!!

That is a action that must come from each INDIVIDUAL!

Still, Mark Hamilton SAVES lives because he makes available the values needed to change your life through your efforts.

That is the deepest level of honesty, if you do not like it, well that is just to bad. I am not here to tell you lies! I am not here to create illusions! I have no hidden agenda to control or steal from you.

All I have is the honesty that is in my heart. This is my value to you, my honesty!

Thank you Mark Hamilton for the values that have helped me to change my life. You are an awesome man. A value creator beyond belief, in this world of illusions!

I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!
thank you! thank you! THANK YOU! Thank you for being a honest man, who just wants so bad, to see every one happy and living the life of their dreams.

You are most honestly one of the few people left that beliefs in helping others. Your heart is so huge. You are the true blessing of life! THANK YOU Mr. Mark Hamilton, your love, your value, will live on in this world and here in my heart, forever.

Mark Hamilton, I really love you so! Thank you for the values, and keep them coming forever! =) Thank you! =)

most Honestly
Mark Holder Jr.


My Name is Devin and today I just have to tell you what Neothink is to me.
For years I have struggled with myself because my persona reached its limits while my mind sought to achieve more. This created a great stress on my life wanting to obtain things so to become happy but my happiness was out of reach because like many I live and have lived paycheck to paycheck.

Neothink made me really look at myself and wonder why my goals aren’t being achieved.  Not only did it show my why I am unhappy but how to overcome it.  It continues to teach me so I am able to feed my mind what it wants and give my life success.  I’m currently in a building stage from the stand point of success.  Every day is better and along the way Neothink is helping me to appreciate what I am to be so not to ever lose it once I fully achieve.

I was always a grand thinker but my thoughts were misplaced or better yet, mismanaged.  Neothink is helping me to give my thoughts meaning as well as structure.  I am currently figuring myself out more so to build values for myself thus leading to my idea of success.  Values that one day I will be able to translate in terms others can understand and achieve their goals.

My family is already benefiting from my new (old but finally realized) thought processes.  I’m surrounded by just a whole bunch of love and appreciation but not only from my immediate family but my new Neothink family.  A family that will help you through your problems because even if you are a middle child you are looked at as equal.

I look forward to government officials who practices Neothink, after all the basis of it is success thru honesty.  Governments need virtuous officials whose only desire is to stand up and fight for honesty and prosperity for all.

To sum it all up for me Neothink shows how to achieve and utilize powerful mind, feel everything with passion, and live honestly.  The great news however about the tools Neothink provides is that im only just getting started and I’m excited to make that above list longer.

To the ones that will have honest virtues rule the world, THANKS Mark Hamilton, for letting me see with my very own eyes that good people can come in abundance.

Devin T



The Twelve Visions Party means to me a life full of happiness, wealth, health and love, all based on individual freedom.  By having the Prime Law in effect, we will all have the freedom our Founding Fathers wanted for our Country and for all of the future generations to come.  It will be freedom for everyone, down to the lowest individual, because no one is more important than anyone else.

I have learned from Mark Hamilton what the most important thing in life is…Happiness.  I have learned how to achieve that happiness by living a life of honesty, and being a value producer or a value creator, and putting more value into society than I consume.  I learned something from him that is so simple, yet has the power to change any life. That is, you must keep learning and growing in your life, because if you are not growing you are stagnating and slowing waiting for death.  For many people their lives are so boring they just want time to pass quickly to get to the end sooner, the end being death.  For death has been glorified so they think death will be their escape and better than the life they have now!

If these people would only read Mark Hamilton’s literature with an open mind, they would see the honesty and love with which it is written.  His literature teaches you how to be a value producer or even a value creator. …Creating values for your fellow man.  Then you are not wasting your life, and waiting for a hand out.  Then your life becomes too exciting!  You also learn just how important you are and how valuable you can be to the world. It teaches you to live your life right here on earth to the fullest.

The literature teaches you how to use your own mind to learn the truth in any situation, based on reality.  Our current leaders do not want you to use your own mind to discover the reality of a situation.  They want to use the smoke and mirrors to keep people from seeing reality.  They use the media to get their agenda across because they know that the masses do not have the knowledge or motivation to dig in and discover the reality of the situation.  We have been lead to believe that the media tells the reality of the situation, when in fact they do not, they pass on what they are told to.

Our Country is headed now to a Socialist/Fascist Country.  We are losing our freedoms every day, the freedoms our Fore Fathers fought to guarantee us.  The freedoms all of our Veterans fought to have for all of us.   The Twelve Visions Party guarantees those for all of us, for it would return our Government to its proper purpose.  …To protect all of the citizens from initiatory force, fraud or coercion.  Twelve Visions Party would mean I would not have to fear my Government any longer.  I would be free to live my life as I see fit, as long as I am not putting force, fraud or coercion upon anyone.  It would mean that I no longer have to pay taxes to a Government that spends my money for things I do not agree with.  The Government would be based on a business structure.  I would then be able to pay for the services I want, if it is a value I am willing to support with my earned money.

Without the burden of Government, technologies will explode as the computer industry did.  Prices will drop; this is what will solve our Medical/Health care crisis in this country.  …Along with the Government getting out of the Health Care business, and basing it on capitalistic business principles.  We will also be able to get the message out that diet & exercise are the best preventative care there is not X-rays and Scopes.

The Twelve Visions Government will make everyone responsible for them, as nature intended.  For we all have that ability within us.

Mark Hamilton teaches you that with love and kindness and occasionally a bit of tough love. Thank you for changing my life, Mark Hamilton!

Teresa D