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The progress of the Neothink movement is blowing my mind. The unity is so amazing. Just like glue. There is such honesty and happiness between “the people” and we don’t feel like we are in the dark. Stimulation versus education is the key to success for all peoples. The urge to break-out is affecting more and more people, like myself. Together, we will!
Love and honesty,
Deborah S



Mark Hamilton has given me an opportunity to be more of myself and it has become apparent to others around me. Honesty and me always went together and the people around me really appreciate it. Through Neothink that appreciation has translated to my business. My honest nature has been kicked into overdrive and im being greatly rewarded because of it. Im a construction worker who does siding, windows, and trim. I have great skill but skill is not enough in my profession it has to be the total package of skill and honesty. I completed a trim job for one of my customers and he and his wife enjoyed the job as well as my company through the whole process they gave me $500 extra than contracted. That is one heck of a tip. To be my honest self reaps rewards. Also in the exact same neighborhood I did about 5 other houses in siding and trim. One particular homeowner that I never met is giving my number out like crazy without even knowing me or ever meeting me. That particular homeowner just hears from neighbors how honest and hardworking me and my crew are that he helps me in the shadows. Thus another gift of honesty. Doing the right thing all the time has sustained my employ and my wallet while others in the profession are struggling to get through this recession that hits the labor force so hard. Honesty works everytime and I really do appreciate Mark Hamilton and the rest of the Neothink family for helping more and more people to realize there is value in honesty. Thank you for making me even better at who I am.



Finally a logical, rational, intelligent theory on man and life, instead of faith in man made mystisisim and nothing to back it up. Mankind must look at the death and destruction, we have put on our selves, and hang his head in shame. We have let our selves and our race down.Then lift our heads high and realize, if we want things in our lives to change, we must change things in our lives.We must put behind our old ways of thinking And move to Neo-Think, truly integrated honesty and love for each and every individuall,WILL bring true lasting change, a change we can all be proud of and hold our heads high for, Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping this blind man see.LOVE TO ALL.



Dear Mark Hamilton,
Thank you for this opportunity, Thank you for your courage; And to whom this may concern, I Theodore Long have formed a relationship with Mark Hamilton my mentor and the “Neothink Society” This is a open honest relationship that to my experience have held true to the directions, principles and integrity promised, to deliver positive growth in Business, Society and Health.
The honesty is accessible to all that are willing to use the Twelve Visions World. The new thinking is bringing order into the lives of many people blessed with the vision of TVP. As The Twelve Vision Party dispel the laws of unhappy gravity, by employing the laws of  liberating, civilizing lift. Here is the New World Now!

In the bond, Theodore L



In August of 2007 I was wandering around in a wasteland of foggy wilderness.  Although I was retired and had the world by the tail I also knew that all things were not right within me and the world at large.  There were many things that had not gelled within me in order for me to understand why the world was as it was and the why of man’s inhumanity to man.
In that month of that year I received a special letter in the mail from someone offering me resolution of all queries I had of life in general and offering me promises of becoming all I had ever wished to be and to have all that I had ever wanted to have.  IMPOSSIBLE, I thought.  Yet I took the bait all the while knowing that it was too good to be true and you know what they say about something being too good to be true.  It usually is, too good to be true.  
But………..I waited and eventually received the first of what was to become a very treasured book.  Others to follow that all became very treasured by me for the books (Multigenerational Manuscripts they are called now) opened my eyes to another world heretofore unknown to me although I had wondered many times about it and why it was the way it was.  These books revealed to me why man is as he is and why the world is as it is.  But that was only a Primer.  Much more information was revealed in those Manuscripts.  Information that would revolutionize my thinking and create a whole new world for me.  I would state that anyone that has ever read the Manuscripts with an open mind could only come to the conclusion that these Manuscripts state only the truth and are indisputable in their honesty and clarity.
Those books and the letter came from the Neothink Society headed by a brilliant and compassionate man by the name of Mark Hamilton whose only goal is to make this world (whirled) better for all.  Mr. Hamilton has laid it all out for all of us, plain and simple, but yet not really so either.
Mr. Hamilton’s vision for his new and better world (whirled) is indisputable in it’s structure.  Within this structure lies the framework for an honest and joyful world (whirled) wherein all are productive, creative, happy and wealthy beyond their current imaginings.  It is basically, but not all, reduced down to the common denominator of honesty within one’s own self, business, politics and all life in general.
The business paradigm and the Political paradigm of the Twelve Visions Party will ensure that all that wish to be a participant in an honest and productive life will have the opportunity to do so.  The Constitution of these United States with an added provision, The Prime Law, will ensure that the business of this Country, and all Countries, will be ran in an efficient, fair and completely impartial manner without benefit of flaw filled man’s machinations and manipulations running rampant to the detriment of all but themselves and their minions.  No longer will the parasitical elite have control of the masses to the detriment of their lives, spirits and souls.
The Neothink (New way of thinking) Society and Mr. Mark Hamilton are in the arena of new ideas and a new way of thinking and living that will bring productivity, creativity, happiness and wealth to all that care to embrace this revolutionary way of thinking and being.
The Neothink Society has captured my imagination and devotion to the concepts and ideas presented in the Multigenerational Manuscripts and I subscribe to the notion that all that read, understand and implement the principles and ideas espoused therein will be better for it and will wish to help the Neothink Society establish, grow and continue to the erstwhile realization of their ends which is a better, longer, happier and more productive life than the stagnant rut so many of us are/were in.
I should not, but am going to do so anyway, go out on a limb and make the statement that all of us in the Neothink Society that have read, understand and implemented the information gleaned from these truly remarkable books of knowledge could not, even if we so wished, go back to life before the reading of and understanding of this amazing literature.  It is truly life changing for it is so revelatory of where you, and the world (whirled) as a whole is in it’s current state and where it, and you, could be that the vision of that is imprinted so indelibly into your brain that you can not get it out and the striving for that new and wonderful world (whirled) will consume you, change you and take you to heights never before imagined in your present world (whirled).
Mr. Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Multigenerational Manuscripts, The Business Alliance and the Twelve Visions Party can completely revolutionize life as we know it now to take us from our present state of mind numbed roboticism and stagnant rut existence to a new state of reawakening and creative happiness.  I wholeheartedly endorse, embrace and welcome the Visions of the Neothink Society into my world (whirled) and hope you will also.
I do not state lightly that Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have greatly altered my looking at life picture to what life could be picture.  I am sixty-two years of age and I thought not much could alter my perception or conception of life as it was, and is, until I had the great good fortune of receiveng a special letter in the mail one day that completely changed my conception of the world as it was into what it could be.  The advantages of living life through the Neothink Society concepts make life worth living all over again.  I now wish to live forever so I can enjoy all of life’s great, rich rewards.  Life within the Neothink Society has a special flavor the one’s not so fortunate will never know.  I could only wish those pleasures and joys for all.

Thank you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.  I truly feel blessed and am very much pleased that you found me.  I only wish that you could find all.
Chris G



Thank you so much, Mark Hamilton. Thank you for exposing me to the Twelve Visions Party. You have definitely changed my life for the better. I undoubtedly will never be the same because of you. For the first time ever my life is worth living. You’ve given me a new way of seeing the world. It’s not like I’ve been told what to do or to do anything differently. What you’ve done for me is to help me to be able to think in a totally different way. I now have a new way of approaching the world. And for the first time ever, I am in charge of my life. I no longer allow outside influences to influence me.

So many people have so many different opinions of what’s wrong with the school system. But it just amazes me thinking about what an incredible world we would be living in if, when we were children, we had been taught or just allowed to think for ourselves. Integrated thinking and total honesty is definitely our way out of the hell that has been created on this earth by dishonest, value destroying people. I’m so happy to have found the Twelve Visions Party. Thanks once again Mark Hamilton.


Steve S



Read Mark Hamiltons’ trilogy “Superpuzzle” and you will find what is possible when integrated honesty and universal love are used to create value for society. Health, wealth and happiness for all in the Twelve Visions future as opposed to the dishonest illusions all the worlds’ governments and religions currently surround us with. All you have to do is look around you and ask yourself if there isn’t a better way of life possible. What kind of a world do you want your children and grandchildren to live in? Build them a better world than the one you see now. Read Mark Hamiltons’ literature for the tools and knowledge to advance civilization!



Mark Hamilton, (a peace loving man) has taught us to look at all of the rational facts for ourselves, by doing our own research on what he has to say, in the ways of honesty integrations. Now, when new information is discovered and accepted about facts, facts will change of society. For there is only one perfect law (rational integrated honesty/Prime Law) in the universe, and that is everything must change. The principles of integrated rational facts will help you to discover what ‘IS’. So, know what the facts are before accepting an illusion of lies from the media and others, about Mark Hamilton. Mark Hamilton, has demonstrated his love for those that have made him their enemy, by sharing the Prime Law of love to all of society.

Soon, there will come a time that those (value destroyers) that produce every little value in society, if any, will want to stop Mark Hamilton, from bring the honesty mentality to the public, because of the threat to their dishonest earning and unearned power off of the USA public and the world, with their illusions. They will try to prosecute him to destroy his honest works to the world, with their dishonest media and by other means, as they did prosecute Jesus over two thousand years ago. Honesty needs no defense!

Since being exposed to the Neo-think Society principles (for over twenty years) and the Twelve Vision Party, as mentored by Mark Hamilton, I have been able to live the principles in my life, as a responsible self-leader, the life I was meant to live, with integrated honesty.

Blessed is Mark Hamilton, for helping so many to know live as it should be lived. All of the principles from Neo-Think, which I have applied in my living, has bought out the unique genius we all can process from inside us, and not the genius of the status quo. The genius that I discovered within me (with honesty integration), helps me to create and produce great values for all of man kind.

In my Neo-Think studies, I found that there are two mentalities (encouraged by philosophies), honesty and dishonesty, evolving in the world today. We live by the principles of our accepted philosophy. The most noted philosophers are Plato and Aristotle, for over the last twenty-five hundred years.

The Platonian philosophy decreased the value of all conscious being here on earth to day, which led to valve destruction in these times that we all live. His philosophy takes away the individuals rights, which sets in place external authorities, a ruling class, the elites, and value destruction. The core meaning of his philosophy, means altruism, the cause justifies the means. Sacrifice of the cause! Whether if it means giving up your life, rights, property or taxes. The Platonian Philosophy (mentality) gives you happiness after your death.

The Aristotle philosophy: the coming mentality to society today, stresses the individual’s rights, because when the individual right is protected, all rights are protected. He also defines that the conscious human being is the most precious value in the universe, and that not even one should have to sacrifice any of his values other than by choice. This philosophy, also defines that an individual has the right to create and produce his own values for himself and others through business, without initiatory forced, fraud, or coercion. Aristotle’s Philosophy: says creation own values of happiness during your live.

Mark Hamilton, has discovered the missing piece to bring this new mentality to fruition, through his Twelve Visions. He found that flawed man can’t be trusted with implementing the universal law with honest integrations; therefore, man must be under a signed contract, which will manage him, instead of him manage it.

Mark Hamilton, has created and produced most value in society with his Twelve Visions Plan, than any man or woman that has ever lived on planet earth. To those that are reading my testimonial, please join with Mark Hamilton and the Neo-Think Society, so that we can eradicate suffering, poverty, crime and war from our planet.

Thank you Mark Hamilton!

Otto Beasley



Mark Hamilton, when I received your first letter, just 2 years ago this month you promised a tremendous life changing journey and WOW! how you have delivered on that promise. I am going to start my testimonial with a list of things I have accomplished and achieved. The list is most likely missing some important points, but because of the responsibilities I have taken, I am unable to give this testimonial the nitty-gritty detail that all projects need to become a success.

    For those of you who read this please read between the lines and the level of your ability to integrate will allow you to recognize each of the things on the list. Following the list I will tell the story of how I went about putting all of these things I have learned from Mark’s literature into action just since last Wednesday. I will not be able to share the ending to my story because, you see, the story is about how I have used the information to take complete control and responsibility for saving my own life, and for that, Mark Hamilton, I thank you again. Also I should mention that some of the information I am learning came from other sources Mark has introduced me to such as the Global Information Network and had it not been for Mark I would not have had access to.

   Now for the list:

    Reality, self-leader, percepts, concepts, honesty, responsibility, concentration, discipline, thought, control, love of life and self, creating value, overcoming and recognizing mysticism, consciousness, digging out nitty-gritty details, structuring, undivided focus, integrated thinking, overcoming internal obstacles, elimination of automatic controls of external guidance, mastering of details and absorbing details, developing a picture in the mind of the completed project and gathering all the pieces of the puzzle to make the picture complete, achieving unconscious competence, the spreading of control into other areas, how responsibilities become potent and synergistic when pulled together by purpose and integrated by one mind, the awakening of knowledge with the all powerful integrated mind, the elimination of specialized thinking, the integrations behind the what, where, when and how, how mastering and absorbing becomes a direct investment in your success, capacity for forward movement, how responsibilities taken over become yours to build on, the pulling together of all the scattered tasks into the most leveraged clusters of integrated knowledge, realization of the preciousness of life, the power of thought to put out positive energy, vibration and frequencies which attract back like energy, vibration and frequencies.

    Now for the story that caused me to take control and responsibility of saving my own life by putting into action the things in the list in less than 3 days time. Don’t forget to relate to the things on the list as you read because this is the value I want to share. This I believe will be my effort to mentor those who are seeking to achieve the level of integrated Neothink® I have thus far achieved. For, you see, I am but an apprentice who acquired the knowledge that even when one achieves the level of being a mentor he will always be an apprentice because the human mind has the power to accumulate knowledge so long as it is alive.

    It all started with and ear ache in May of 2008 which went away by using tea tree oil. The ear ache came back in July of 2009 and this time the tea tree oil didn’t stop it so I went to an MD and his little bottle of drops had it cleared up within 3 to 4 days. The ear ache came back in Sept. of 2009 and after 3 to 4 weeks on those little drops plus a couple of trips to my Kinesiologist the ache was gone but my hearing was blocked or muffled like when you have a sinus blockage. So a trip back to the MD and I turned down his little prescription and I suggested he refer me to an ear specialist which he said he was going to suggest. Are you seeing me start to take control here?

    On Oct 21 the ear specialist surgeon Dr said there was a small hole in my ear drum and drainage going on which I knew because I told him it had been when he came in to look me over. Seeing the control? Now from here on you’ll have to search out the rest of the things on the list because like I have experienced you have to do the work yourself if you are going to become a self-leader.

    At the Oct. 21 appointment the surgeon said to stay with the drops for 2 weeks because the drainage had to be stopped before he could repair the eardrum. In 2 weeks on my next appointment the drainage was still going on. The Dr said to increase the drops from 4 twice daily to 5 three times a day and come back in 2 weeks. I left and went to the pharmacy, on the way I decided it was time for me to take responsibility for all of this. I filled the prescription for the drops and upon leaving the pharmacy I knew for my own good that I had to know exactly what was in these wonderful little drops that used to work so well. Reading the paper work that come with the drops I found that if the problem wasn’t gone after 7 days the pharmaceutical company recommended taking a culture. Also, under side effects it stated that prolonged or repeated use could cause a new fungal infection. The ingredients in those wonderful little drops were a combination of antibiotic and steroid. Hint! [I started after those nitty-gritty details]

    Back to the pharmacy for a conversation with the pharmacist as they know much more about the drugs than the doctors do. The pharmacist explained that a drop without the steroid would be best as that was the part which could cause the fungus. The pharmacist also said I should have a culture. I left the pharmacy and called the doctor’s office and was allowed to speak with the nurse who checked with the doctor and said he wants you to stay with the drops. I took it upon myself to not use the drops and then went back for the appointment after 2 weeks where I informed the doctor that I hadn’t taken any more of the drops. He looked at my ear and said that he, in his 15 years had only seen this one time. So now, number 2 here had an eardrum that 4 weeks earlier had a hole and was now 99% deteriorated away. Well guess what? He said we need to do a culture and it was a Thursday then and I should call on Monday to get the culture results so a treatment could be determined. The results came back on Tuesday and showed no bacteria or fungus, however, there was a mold which meant the drops had gotten rid of the 2 things they were meant to take care of and the doctor said I will give you a prescription for acetic acid to take care of the drainage. At the pharmacy I determined that the acetic acid didn’t have a bunch of side effects so I used them from November 25, 2009 until my next appointment on December 2. At that appointment, my ear still draining, the doctor said we need to do a CAT scan as that was the only way to see what was in the inner chamber which the middle ear is connected to. The CAT scan whose results were ready in about 20 minutes showed the inner chamber to be completely infected which he called a chronic infection.

    The doctor went about telling me the options I had. One was surgery where he would cut out the entire honey-comb type of organ that occupies the entire inner canal as that was the only option for physically removing the infection after which I would be on antibiotics for 6 week to 2 months. My other option was an antibiotic pill as there was no way to get enough drops of antibiotic back to the inner chamber. I was on a pill antibiotic for 10 days at the beginning of all this, however, it was a much smaller dose than he would be using, but he didn’t seem to feel too confident about its ability to do what had to be done.

    The doctor thoroughly covered everything entailed with the operation, that is, all the bad things that could go wrong. Without going into all the detail they included death if there become a leak in the very thin bone the honey-comb is attached to which has the brain on the other side. There could be total penalization of the left side of the face caused by damage to the face nerve that attaches to the lower side of the chamber. Also I could lose the taste buds on the left side of my tongue and could lose all hearing on that side.

    I looked over at my wife who was setting there in the room with us and she looked as though she could faint. I guess after over 46 years of marriage she has accumulated quite a fondness of me.

    Have you ever thought of how you would feel if you were faced with something like this? Well, I can tell you what I felt. I was excited, it challenged me and the Neothink® in me just took over. No remorse here, I was relieved that I was feeling like, BRING IT ON. I wasn’t thinking OH pity me, all is lost and I don’t want to go this way and I didn’t once have any regrets. You see, all at one time I realized I’ve become a Neothink® man. This was the point in my life that I knew for sure I was in charge, for somewhere along the line in my little over 2 years of being exposed to Neothink® I have taken complete control and responsibility of my life. The reality of it all had set in. I am sure that I love myself and confident that I am living my life to the fullest every day. What I am saying is if I should die today that I am satisfied with what happened during that day.

    Oh sure I would rather have had a different project this first shot out of the gate but this is what life has dealt me and I am confident that I have the ability to handle it.

    The doctor advised me to take my time in making my decision and he felt if I wanted to take a trip for a couple of weeks there would still be plenty of time if we were going to operate. Now I’m setting there thinking this Neothink® man has a picture puzzle to build, which I started to build right then and there. I knew that with the infection occupying the entire canal it would continue to do damage. The doctor confirmed this as he explained that if the infection wasn’t removed one way or another that all of those bad things would begin to happen probably one at a time until I was dead. I immediately took control. He had said that the amount of infection that was there would take at least one and a half to 2 years to develop. With infection for this long I can only imagine what the thickness of the bone protecting my brain could now be.

    I left his office and went straight to my Kinesiology doctor. He said don’t delay this is way too serious. I contacted the surgeon and said knowing that I will be on antibiotics for a week or two before he can operate that I felt we should start them immediately. You should have seen the look on his face it was like I had taken the words from his mouth and I could only think that being on the same page as this guy is a bit scary. He said he would give me the best antibiotic and start me on prednisone along with those wonderful little drops again. My research and experience around prednisone with other family members suggest that prednisone stops what is going on in its tracks and my Kinesiologist, whom I took those wonderful little drops to before I used them had put me on the natural substances necessary to combat the ill effects of the drug and he will do the same for this, thus preserving my immune system.

    I have been doctoring with naturopaths, homeopathic and nature healer since 1976 which gives the confidence to handle my situation properly. There are 4 things that cause disease – toxins in the body, improper nutrition, stress and electromagnetic interference.

    MY PICTURE PUZZLE BEGINS! Here we go, all of this in less than 3 days. A call to a stress doctor on the west coast and that process is now under way. My Kinesiologist is already on top of the nutritional part of the equation. I have a doctor lined up right here in Kansas City who does IV drips to ensure maximum oxygen and vitamin C be delivered to every cell in my body. I have a call in to a doctor in Texas that has had enormous success in the elimination of brain tumors, delivered much the same way as this doctor here in Kansas City. I have spoken to the doctor in Texas in the past in reference to a friend that needed his services and he will be receptive. So between the two of them they can prepare me a nice little cocktail which should be read by mid week. I already have electromagnetic suppressors on my phones, TV and computers and that microwave oven my spouse won’t allow me to throw out.

    I started a program to detoxify my colon, liver, gallbladder, Candida cleanse and complete body fat metal cleanse. These won’t be complete for a couple of months, However, the colon cleanse is important and it is under way and one of the most important for removing the toxins the drugs will be turning loose.

    My preference would be a complete natural method however, taking into consideration the amount and length of time this infection has occupied my body this is my decision based on the time limitation and severity of the situation.

    I have made initial contact with an expert in thought field therapy, he can work with you over the phone and this is definitely going to be the future of medicine based on my experience so far. This is a tremendous breakthrough for all of our well being.

    In addition to this I have found a doctor that works with a process called Healing Codes that reverses internal stress which is believed to be the cause of 98% of all diseases. This is a new process which has been worked with in just the last 7 to 8 years and is done by those working with Field Thought Therapy, so the doctor in California whom I have been in contact with in the past using Thought Field Therapy will be up on this information or will be able to get me to someone who is best qualified.

   If any of you have any doubt about the power of the mind read on. These last two things I have mentioned, the root foods and the healing codes were in my email on the morning of December 4. I am going to put this all in perspective for you. You see, I have been putting out positive energy to attract a positive solution to this ear problem for about 2 months and BINGO these were on my computer just at the time I was needing positive energy to find its way to me. Can you see how putting out good positive energy, frequencies and vibrations have caused like energy, frequencies and vibrations to come into my presence and like a Neothinker I have pounced on this opportunity.

    As you can see I cannot write the ending to this story but I will tell you how I am going to go about it and the results I demand. The new CAT scan on Friday December 11 will show infection at a standstill and quantity at least slightly reduced. From there it is all downstream, just a matter of time and I will have preserved my immune system and avoided the canal surgery with only the minor outpatient surgery for repair of the ear drum will be necessary.

  You see that is the only way it can turn out because I have already set in motion. If you could hear my energy and vibration it would be deafening and besides when I turned the self-leader system loose this thing didn’t stand a chance.

    So once again thank you Mark Hamilton, for if you had not sent me that letter 2 years ago this month I would not have had courage to do anything but sit back, regress and cross my fingers…you truly have made a Neothink® man out of me and I look forward to the day when I will shake your hand.

Marvin J. M.  Neothink Man



Hi my name is Alice

When I was first introduced to the NEOTHINK SOCIETY, I was a little skeptical.  But I read the letter and got the books and after reading all three of them, I could see all the honesty and love for all the people in MARK HAMILTON and not just for some people but all people all over the world.  And meeting MARK HAMILTON and the society has changed my life for the better. I am happy and have a love for life it not a burden to live I feel free in my mind and soul.

It is a joy to live and to see the future thru the TVP.  I’ll learning to lead my one life and not let other people tell me how I should think or be  have more confident in myself lost fears doing things  I would not have done if I had not met Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society they help me to use my mind in ways I didn’t know I could.  We need the TVP it will be life changing for all the people the poor, middle and the upper class for the better. Don’t be afraid of Mark Hamilton or the NEOTHINK SOCIETY use your head think for your self.  Don’t listen to what other people have to say 95%of them don’t know anything about Mark Hamilton or NEOTHINK SOCIETY they are afraid of what they don’t know so you find out for yourself. I have learn it better to find out for your self about anything you want to know firsthand that way you know what you are talking about and not talking out of fear of the unknown. and what tvp mean to me and my family is a better life in the future where the people needs is more important than making rules to control the people with all these laws that only is taking your rights and we the people have no say so .just do what they say do or go to jail or something like that .but with the TVP it will be all about the people right to live life to well and happy