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HI Mark Hamilton, about the Neothink literature that I have purchased from you. your writings are the best i have read. the only other book that I have gotten into that is close to your material is a book from Aristotle called ethics. your writings about getting through all of the many illusions of there anticivilization to get to what is outstanding writing.. cutting through all of the many illusions of the anticivilization to get to the essence of things as you know can take years. i have benefited greatly from your literature. once again mark as you mentioned in your material there are so many mental hooks that the anticivilization puts on individuals even when you do break through there corruptions, and illusions those mental hooks still tug and pull on you. luckily i have been strong and steadfast in my beliefs, the integrated thinking, and Neothinking that I have learned from your writings and meetings have helped me stay on the outside of the anticivilization. on the outside of the anticivilization is where the pure power of honesty thrives! also thank you for the information about the ten second miracles. I use them in my everyday life and they are a great tool to use in many situations. firing bullets of honesty into the dishonesty of anticivilization false authorities is very powerful! THANK YOU again for your wonderful literature. it is as good as it gets! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! YOUR FRIEND! JEREMY WILHOIT