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Hanna H.
I have been with Neothink for the last 1 1/2 years. What an exciting journey!
For the first time in my long life it gives me everything to look forward to.
Most of all it became clear to me that all people in this country -even the poor- and all people on our planet can and should have a healthy, prosperous and rich life -on all levels- with no interference from all controlling groups.
Over the years my research got me into several directions. It never satisfied me. I either had someone else tell me what to do, or/and follow like a sheep. Even if I did all this and got to their higher level: what about all the other people??
Here with the Twelve Vision Party all are in it. Mark Hamilton is very passionate about this.
We are not followers, we are conscious human beings creating values for others and ourselves.
For the first time in my life I feel this should be our BIRTH RIGHT.
These are some of the reasons I want the NEOTHINK Society with the help of the TVP become reality for me, my family and this world.
If the controlling forces: government, etc., shuts down Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the TVP, we will fall back into the life we have known for nearly 3000 years, unhappy and unfulfilled.
Well, I am only 66 and sure that I will see with all of you this beautiful society, thanks to Mark Hamilton, Neothink and TVP.
Thank you for visiting this site and informing yourself.
Mahalo, Hanna


I think Neothink was a very realistic approach to the truth about existence and a way to create unity in human beings breaking things down to a simple way of just being in the moment and believing what is in the moment is all we really got and need Neothink was about eliminating to many wishful beliefs giving you the principles to take control of your own life instead of giving it over to external authorities which from your own experiences leave you nothing in return, Neothink was about believing we are the truth and way to our own advancement if we just believe it, to me that is what every great teacher and philosopher throughout our history stood for and tried to teach us.


Hello Mark Hamilton,
This is really deep. I don’t consider myself apart of the wordily things in life therefore, I stay away from the corruption of our society. It has been a pleasure being apart of the Neothink family and I do look for honesty and righteousness. I can offer this one advice. We are human beings with Civil Rights, Constitution rights, and Human Rights according to our government.
With this said, use your knowledge to fight the government to have those rights. What I mean about this is use their laws to fight them back. Start with the United States Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights codes of conduct and prove they are denying you of justice and equality. I’m here with you; I support the cause but have not been financial able to participate like I wanted. Stay strong and keep the faith and we will overcome.
Thank You,
Charlotte DeVance


Mr. Mark Hamilton,
According to the last e-mail I had sent, I realize I can not control how others are going to live their life when they are somewhere else. Some of them drink too much, or smoke, or don’t save money, or what have you.
I want to give everyone a clean slate. Why? Because they are a human race and they normally make errors sometimes just from living daily lives.
Things of importance is a necessity that needs to integrate into the consciousness of everyone. The human race is important. Sure they had severely upset me in the past at different times, yet let’s move forward. Lets find a way to correct the issues that went astray in the past in a manner of noble respect and honor. It is still building…the human race that is. Today, when I walk out the door to my daily activity, I will mind my own business, yet I will look at others as normal human beings looking for a destiny, looking for their own path. Today I choose to remain in love with Terri, and greet others with some privilege, and look forward past what they can not see or know of and wish them the best for each of their lives, and watch each one of them grow in happiness.
Patrick B. Rasmusson


Hello. My name is Shane Sim, and I would like to take this opportunity to do my best to put into words what Mark Hamilton and Neothink have done for me. I say “do my best” because, quite frankly, I don’t feel that there are enough words to adequately describe the changes occurring in my life over the past 18 months.

My introduction to Neothink has not only shown me the potential I have to live a long, fulfilling life, but has shown me the greatest truth in personal liberation: that it is my responsibility to live the best, most honest, fulfilling life possible. I have had my eyes opened in ways that some people never experience: I have seen that rather than being a victim of circumstance, I was living out the consequences of my own beliefs and choices, and largely working against my own best interests without even being conscious of so doing. Mark Hamilton has absolutely illuminated my view of not only life and the world in general, but more specifically my life. His writings have freed my mind and empowered me with the will to live responsibly and proactively; they have shown me that everything I want is possible, for me and everyone else who chooses to live responsibly and proactively as well.

Neothink is the most powerful and benevolent body of literature, thought, and action the world has seen, and will ever see. The Twelve Visions Party has one goal, and that is to equate the playing field for individuals and families throughout the world, so that everyone can enjoy happiness and prosperity, the birthright of all human beings, and the reward of those who learn to live consciously, responsibly, and honestly. Conscious minds the world over are responding to this message because it is good and decent and honest to its core. Anyone who fights against Neothink should be absolutely distrusted, for either they do not know what Neothink and the TVP are truly about, or if they do know, they then fight that mission in an attempt to wield unearned power over others. Either way, anyone fighting against Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and the TVP should be distrusted and discredited. I can say this, because having read the literature and seen the changes that are taking place first in my thinking and then in my actions, Neothink is, again, the most powerful and benevolent body of work. The freedom, happiness, and prosperity achievable through Neothink are available to all, and it is the Twelve Visions Party that will facilitate that availability on a mass scale. The TVP is not to be fought; it is to be joined and supported. And Mark Hamilton is to be thanked, graciously, again and again for all he has done and is doing to spread this vision to the world. Those who fight against him out of ignorance should quiet themselves and become acquainted with Neothink. Those who fight out of envy and jealousy, hoping to maintain dishonest lives of usurpation and false power, will ultimately be silenced.

I could repeat myself a thousand times and still not have said enough in defense and testimony of Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party. I am grateful for the opportunity to add my voice and support as a small token in exchange for what Neothink has given me.

Shane Sim


I would like to use this as a testimonial for what Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society have done for me. First of all, Mark and the Neothink society have given me hope. In a world ridden with illusions and manipulative politicians, it makes a person feel so helpless with everything that’s going on. Moreover, those manipulative politicians, who help make up the great majority of the “ruling” class, suppress and oppress those of us who want change, REAL change; change that will bring prosperity and happiness to all of us working people who want to provide values for the world. But with the Neothink society and Mark Hamilton, who deeply wishes to bring that change that we as human beings deserve to have, hope can emerge for us and we can finally see a world that truly is good. And one without a ruling class who take it upon themselves to control us through illusions and facts taken out of context. And with his writings, we can become someone who will help to bring forth this new world, the Neothink world, to us. Furthermore, his writings provide for us the ability to become that Neothink world. Thank you so much, Mark Hamilton, for bringing me into the Neothink society and helping me to become a better person who is going to provide great values for this world, as well as one who will help to bring this new, better world to all of us.

Kind regards,

Brendon Atkins


Testimonial of TVP from Darin P:
I want the world to know what the value of Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the Twelve Visions Party are to them. The value they are to my family and I are the same they are to you.
At a time when people I trusted in the Assembly’s of God churches had tried to abuse me out of racism and unprofessional personal problems, Mark Hamilton, his literature and the TVP were there showing me why they were like that with me, guiding me by their literature into the life I was meant to live, and did not realize it.
I moved out of that area after I found out that the environment was sick due to isolation and stagnation and that this sickness was the reason they attacked me and other innocent people.
Isolation creates stagnation and stagnation makes people sick in body, mind and heart. Some areas are simply unhealthy to live in, i.e. the “boon-docks” out in the middle of nowhere where people are sick, hiding from the general population, and have no minds. I have witnessed that such people are mystical, primal and evil. Bicameral, undeveloped and anticivilized. Just as Neothink literature revealed to me.
Some may be offended at my descriptions of these human beings, but sick people need help and some people you just can’t help. They are my descriptions and not put downs.
As that environment tried to suppress and use me, as they do their people, i.e. as guinea pigs to study and learn from like they were still in the Dark Ages, Mark Hamilton, his literature and TVP placed value on my life and I realized who I was…that I was more normal than they were, and took me in a new direction showing me who I was as I began to tap my deepest motivational root.
If you live around sick people, you will catch their virus unless someone gives you medicine. That medicine was MH, TVP and the awesome multigenerational manuscripts as it kept me sane as I saw before me in their literature that I was and what was happening to me in a sickened and dead environment.
The people that started trouble with me were people I trusted because they carried a sacred name, Christian. They were sick and dead racists and adulterers and that is why they started trouble with an innocent person. Sick people can only see their sickness. They cannot fathom the innocence of their victims.
I value the honesty and value of human life that Neothink has for humanity. I believe that they literally saved my life because I was naive to the evils of small and isolated communities and trusted the Christians who also carried the same viruses due to cohabitation with them. Pastors and evangelists catch the airborne viruses of their laity and congregations because they are among them. But Neothink saved me from getting their sicknesses and I moved once I saw that they were evil people in and out of church due to the stagnation of their environment. I separated from the sick people.
Now I have my own business in real estate and my 2-girls are going to be safe from the diseases of the anticivilization. It was not God or Christians, whom I trusted in, that saved me from their evil families, i.e. the undead, it was Neothink because their values stand out among the world, including to Christian values.
For example, Christians teach love, but they don’t teach that it is unhealthy to love sick people. Sick people want to die and take you with them. MH and TVP showed me the morality of self-value and to apply this to their relationships.
Now that I am safe from sick and deprived people, my success is at hand. I have my own Mortgage Specialty business showing people the face value of their mortgages to save them from poverty. It’s a Neo kind of mortgage professional service that I know will replace the bicameral real estate agencies as the years go by because they work by slow and old standards.
Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party are unlike civil authorities today who have to create illusions in order to rule because they lack the genuine honesty of this Club. If you try to be something, you’re not it. People like honesty and if you’ve got it, people will listen to you. MH and TVP integrate honesty into business and life in general because they have honest motives. This is why they are rising over the present rulers. People are finding out that this Club has the answers they need. Come and see for yourself.
People that have to resort to lies and smut on honest and deserving people don’t have the natural honesty it takes to help people grow and live life in liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
If there were no more Mark Hamilton or TVP, like God’s Hand, helping this nation and world, due to a scandal from present authorities, this world will end in nuclear holocaust. Without Neothink, look in the future of a nuclear blast killing off you and your family because that is what Neothink are stopping from happening to this world. Not the Christian churches, but Neothink, are saving you and your families through science and not mystical religion. Get real, people. Get a dose of reality.
But don’t let fear of war scare you straight. Let the values of neothink show you who you are and how to have world peace.
Mr. Darrin M. P
Neo-Realty Investments


Neothink an enhanced way of thinking which creates advantages and profits. Having the Neothink knowledge has put me on the path of LIFE and has provided increased amounts of Happiness and Intellect. This enhanced way of thinking towards LIFE will last forever and will continue to create health, wealth and prosperity once the Twelve Visions Party comes into play.
The TVP is our, as human beings ticket toward Individual/Universal advancement in all aspects of life. The TVP will allow all individuals to be self-leaders, advance into the Neo-Think mentality and live the Life of LOVE, WEALTH and HAPPINESS for an ETERNITY!


This will be short and to the point.  
Mark Hamilton along with his associates have created a society that will accomplish what our forefathers first conceived, yet fell shot of bringing completely to fruition.  
I believe totally that the Neothink Society supported by the Twelve Visions Party will bring complete prosperity to America first and then the entire world.  
I have always believed that we as human beings are capable of conceiving and creating anything, plus nature can provide everything we will ever need.  
I also believe that becoming a Twelve Visions World is definitely an achievable goal and one that has always been our destiny.
Thank you Mr. Hamilton, Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party for helping to make all of this possible.

Douglas W. H




Mr. Mark Hamilton,

What an inspiration to create better human beings through our secret society!
As a positive psychologist I wish to share with all of our members the practical methods to improve health and prolong an enjoyable elderly life.
I am offering you my book: “Life, My Own Creation: How to Be Happy”, which I am sure would become, with all of your wonderful books, the true way to create a successful and peaceful world, through the power of our minds.
I am now in the process of revising my book to include my last two courses: “Positive Psychology for Total Success” and “How to Lose Weight Through Positive Psychology”.

I have also been having trouble with the website. I do not have much experience using the internet, so I was wondering if there was another way that I could receive information about, and/or participate in the Neothink Society’s secret meetings.
I am very honored to be a part of this organization.

I hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you,

Graciela de R