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It is very easy for me to describe what NEOTHINK has done for me, because NEOTHINK has given me the ability to think clear and strong and creatively all at once on any given subject. The NEOTHINK literature does one thing very well and that one thing is improve. It improves and enhances you, your mind, your feelings, your actions, and overall gives you the best life anyone could hope to live. I could write a novel about all the things it has done for me. (All good things by the way) One very important point the society is trying to achieve is that of honesty. If only, if only, everyone was to absorb this material then we could finally see through illusions together, as a society, and live in pure honesty. WOW what a world that would be! God how I have come to LOVE the word honesty and truly understand its meaning and power. 

    I end with feelings and words of the greatest gratitude I have ever known. Everyone needs to feel these feelings and see people as one. I have never met Mark Hamilton but I feel like I know him inside and out, like an almost retired life long mail carrier knows his route. Thank you Mark Hamilton I truly love and respect you…    Corey J.Larson

P.S.   I am not afraid of the media’s attempts to bring down our world! We will prevail! Thanks again for all you have done for me.


Upon finding that I could be my own self leader & act on my own creativity was empowering to me. I wish many to find this very same thing as myself.  Everyone has been conditioned to follow & do as they were told. The mysticisms & illusions people are fed from religion and the govt is inexcusable. I always thought there had to be reasons for many things since so much did not make sense to me with the way life had been. I believe in Neothink & TVP & I stand for Neothink & TVP. The benefits of Neothink & TVP are immense. Mere words do not do justice to adequately describe the greatness of Neothink & TVP to me. I am over whelmed with positive emotions & so grateful for all that has been returned to me from my childhood by Neothink.

With deep gratitude & love,

Rhonda J.


I am a ( Being ) of ( Light ) that came to Shine brightly on you., Thanks to the works ( Mark Hamilton, The NeoThink Society and The Twelve Visions Party ).,The light of ( Unity )is smiling on you, The power of ( Respect ) is on your side., The power of ( Justice ) is standing Strong., The Power of ( Life ) is Growing while Glowing infinitely on ( You )., The power of ( Love ) is in the ( Air )., The power of ( Honesty ) is ( Prosperous )Yours., The power of ( Kindness ) was meant to ( Be )., The Doors is wide ( Open ) for you to walk through and become the person you was meant to ( Be ) in ( LIFE )., This is the most Honest, loving, caring society I know, that has your best interest at heart., Welcome to the world of Reality., Look past the ( Illusions ) that is constantly in your face., Avoid the ( Neocheaters and Value Destroyers ) that only want to harm ( you ) and suck the living entity that is ( you ) out of ( You )., Cherish your creations., Protect your ( Life )., ( Love ) yourself, Look through the ( Illusions ) that is all around ( You )., On a personal note, I am glad I came in contact with ( Mark Hamilton, The NeoThink Society and The Twelve Visions Party )., They change my ( LIFE ) forever., I am a ( Being ) of ( Light ).



I want to say something really fast about the media; the media is OWNED BY THE GOVERNMENT! Now this may or may not be the first time you have heard this, but it doesnt matter, because we all know on some level our Government is dishonest. They go far beyond dishonesty but dishonesty would be the lowest possible level of their crimes, so let’s go with that.

When an honest man like Mark Hamilton trys to do what is honest, like trying to reveal the secrets to health, happiness, success, and love, the government dishonestly creates harmful illusions against this man’s efforts through THE MEDIA! The media that they control!!!!
They want to portray him as someone who is harmful to you, so they will create any lie or illusion to do so, and this is because the government does not want you to know the truth!!!! IF you know what is honest about the government you will understand that they are parasitical, illusion creating, thieves, that even murder innocent values, businesses, and EVEN INNOCENT LIFE! They have done this! While Mr. Mark Hamilton HELPS people to change their lives, all atround the world and here in America the government is TAKING LIVES!!!! Even if they don’t physically kill! For they create by design the burden that makes life unbearable to live. Men like Mark Hamilton and myself are fighting against all that drains then tries to kill, health, happiness, success, love, and all like values, but those values are to strong and can never die! Mark Hamilton is an honest man fighting for the people, fighting the honest fight. My advice to you is this don’t believe any form of Media instead think for yourself, search for yourself, and you will find the Honesty!

Most honestly written by:


I received my first letter of invitation to join The Neothink Secret Society in October 2006.  I read thro’ numerous manuscripts and went through Neothink mentoring under Mark Hamilton. I have found that it is a Genuine Organization founded on Love, Truth, Honesty and Sincererity dedicated to Peace and tranquility amongst men thro’ a new approach to Business with  the objective of creating wealth. It is not given to sinister social, political, religious lives of Dishonesty, Fallacies and Illusions.  As an apprentice under Mark Hamilton, I have learnt thro’ the discoveries of Neothink, how to identify my Life’s Passion and transform it into a Living thus Creating Values for others to Produce and make a living too.  Though I have not yet attained, all I know is ” I am not what I used to be. ”

Thanks to Mark Hamilton, and Thanks to Neothink.


I believe that Mark Hamilton and all that he stands for or is committed to represents freedom. The ultimate goal is Freedom for America and freedom for the world.

“The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily”. These are some of the sweetest words that I have ever heard since the time of our founding fathers, and it is the guiding light and the rule book by which I myself and the members of the Neothink® society presently live.

The secret to happiness is “freedom”; freedom of will; freedom of choice; freedom of speech; freedom to create; freedom to evolve into a society that deserves to be prosperous and happy. I truly believe that this is the hall mark behind which Mark Hamilton stands. After reading the multigenerational manuscripts, written by Mark Hamilton, I too have realized that I deserve to live prosperous and happily.

It is absolutely incredible that Mark Hamilton would want to openly share such invaluable information with me. It is also so amazing that he would care enough to want to open my eyes to what is happening in and around me in an effort to help me see through the illusions that has held me back from growing and prospering all the years of my life.

Never before have I been taught how to use my God given abilities to propel forward to strive to improve the quality of my life, and to think differently and be prosperity conscious. I now want to live a life of fulfillment in every way forever.

If Mark Hamilton is silenced, what will become of us all with our freedoms taken away bit by bit until they are all gone? The only thing we would have to live for is to pay over priced bills and taxes.

In contrast, what an extraordinary world we can live in with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) striving to protect the rights and well being of us all. We need to have a political party such as the TVP that will encourage business development towards fulfilling all of our needs. This can only encourage competitive growth in order to drive down inflation so that our cost of living can decrease to the end of the pursuit of happiness.

Without the contributions of Mark Hamilton and the TVP, there will be no freedom and therefore chaos will reign. We all will be stuck with a government after government making empty promises that they appear to fulfill out of good intentions. You will not be allowed to see through the illusions or the lengths at which the media and the politicians will go through to ensure that their evil plans are not foiled.

With the state of the economy as it is presently we need to be relieved of those who make empty promises in the hope of never having to follow through. We need to be relieved of bogus medical schemes and bogus housing schemes where such finances are used to line the pockets of the already wealthy, rather than to the aid of hard working citizens.

In essence, there is no other hope. There is no other lucrative way of surviving this “Egypt” in which we now reside. All we have presently is just empty promises waiting to be fulfilled.

I will certainly always be eternally grateful to Mark Hamilton and I remain thankful for the literature that he has written and made available to all in the Neothink ® Society.


Jacqueline B