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First Of All I Would Like To Say This Testimonial Is Long Over Due. But Thank You Mark Hamilton For Providing Me The Opportunity To Experience The Neothink Mentality. It Has Really Become A Very Immense Value To My Life. I Have Been Able To Really Dismiss Mysticism Within My Self And Reject It In Others. And the More


Before Neothink, I always felt I was swimming upstream in life. I always felt I had one hand tied behind my back and I was helpless in making any real changes in society.
Being a part of the NT Warriors has changed all that. It has been one the most empowering and fulfilling parts of my life. I am finally on the leading edge of making a real difference in the world through being a part of the Warriors.
The camaraderie and closeness of the team is unbelievable. I have never felt anything like it before. Not to mention the wonderful direct link to Mark Hamilton and the interaction with him that is part of it. Knowing that I am on the front lines making a real difference in Neothink’s forward movement is an amazingly fulfilling feeling.
One of the best parts about being an NT Warrior is that the assignments and missions are able to be completed by making a few simple posts online. No rocket science here…If you’re passionate about Neothink and you have an opinion that you can type into your computer, then you’re able to be part of this wonderful team.
It surprises me how such little work can be of such immense value to the progress of Neothink. The synergy that the Warriors leverage has already moved mountains. And we as a society need as many people participating in the NT Warrior program as possible. I encourage everyone to get involved with the NT Warriors! Bring on the Twelve Visions World!
Jeff Smith