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Dear Mark: I am still waiting to meet you and see you. You were the most important person in my life when I was down. There I was alone, nobody cared in the way I wanted them to care for me. I see life different now, never thought this would happened, but it happened which was a lesson to me to find my worth. No one can say, “It doesn’t matter how “he-she” treat you, you have to learn a valuable lesson to find your worth. We’re incredible people for what we do for Love, Love can cure you or kill you. Those are the options of how I see life now. I’m in my own boat now I’m the master of my life now. The differences between reality and illusion is the way you perceive life to be. I have met people who don’t believe me when I try to sell them something, we’re in two different worlds now, the ones who care and the ones who use others to get there gain and leave you down and out. I hope this will be sufficient for you to let you know your worth is what my worth is “Everything not nothing” I know you will make a differences because I have been in that boat that has nothing to give but my thoughts, my dad always said, “I don’t need your advice” and I always thought, “then what’s my worth?” But I had to figure out myself to feel my worth. Now I know the differences between use and abuse, well no more. This lonely boat won’t take either and I know you won’t either. It like a battle Zone, so I guess will fight. No more suffer in silences, but we have to be creative enough to outwit the other side. No one knows who’s coming and that’s silent until we get there. No matter where to go there you are but what you haven’t seen is better yet. Mark Hamilton  I’m with you.



To anyone who is in love with oneself and wants to change the world, all through your life you know that you are important, that collectively as a conscious thinking human being that you are the most important person in the hole universe, don’t you? Well if you don’t you should. let me tell you about my growth in life at this point in life after being blessed with Neothink and my true friend and mentor Mark Hamilton and fellow members who truly care about ones future, weather you believe it or not we are all in for a momentous change and growth in every country in the hole world, everyone is madder than dog shit in tax, everybody is demanding change, we as conscious thinking individuals all have dreams we want to achieve and will for we as conscience thinking people see through appearances and the lies that authorities have been shoving down our thoughts for 2300 years, huge change is here to stay, I’m here for the rest of my life to create values and help everyone I can to start living ones life and be free, and full of joy, and love, thank-you my dear friend Mark & fellow members i love each and everyone of you.