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“All you need is Love”…..John Lennon sang unto the world, back in the 70’s. “Cheated like a dove” the world did not understand that he was introducing incomprehensible and yet most invaluable integrated knowledge into our world and society that would ultimately transform the lives of millions upon millions forever for the better.
Is there anyone in the world that could honestly decry the beauty and goodness of his music, integrated with stimulating and provocative lyrics….ironically, masterfully placed to displace our primal fears about life…to also identify the individual, as the most crucial ingredient to all that is happening in the world—the world we are called to partake in, transform, and bring to a much better place through our own movements toward freedom and happiness.
As a new member of the Neothink Society, I have become properly schooled in the basic ingredients of life available unto free people. Goodness and Honesty, enabled by love, called through an open mind, into freedom and unto Life and potentially better and greater worlds beyond. Doesn’t that sound like the beginnings of any great success story? From the likes of Thomas Edison, who literally brought Light into our world, or perhaps Jack London, who transformed himself from an illiterate dockyard worker into the best-selling author of all time. Has any of us been fully untouched by either of these powerful achievers? These are but two of how many great achievers most of us do not realize, have fully transformed our world at regular and recent intervals? 100’s? what if someone dared to dream the impossible dream.. “Imagine” John Lennon’s most special artistic creation, politically scorned as fictional, utopian nonsense….incredibly is not as fantastical you might think….it is, in fact, less fictional than your own real lives….especially you of the media doing the bidding of politicians…..we of the society dare to dream what is impossible, in fact, it is our 2nd nature…..”Imagine” not 100, or even 1000 powerfully great achievers, but hundreds of thousands, even millions, each moving at light speed toward the realization of their own creative vision, to fully and completely transform our world we live in….fully criticized as impractical, even fantastical only because the scope of our vision is unlimited…. “You say you wanna revolution?” What for? When we just want to “change your head” to begin with. Do you expect to cheat now 100’s of thousands of potential great achievers, then millions as you most successfully did Mr. Lennon? Who really fully knows why or how he was killed…I’m sure, for very good reasons from a politicians point of view.
The very real threat of people themselves becoming empowered to see through all the illusions we have been subjected to far long enough provokes reaction from the darker side of life, and the innermost world of government and politics. There is at least enough evidence to all of us among the struggling masses that this world paradigm governed by politicians is not only incompetent, it is deliberately despotic and destructive.
Our open minded president, “the Anointed One” is becoming unbeknown to his own goodness…as with open mind he allows all political forces to move in and threaten the individual and his inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Happiness after which the Constitution was preambled. It is clear now, that the constitution itself has become displaced under the realm of Government unto government itself, no longer concerned about the individual.
How do I know this?
and besides my knowing, how is it that I, as an individual could know to begin with?
Besides being schooled in the basic prerogatives for living, I have been lead along a path of human and personal development, which, besides increasing my mental capacity a hundred fold, adjusts my eyesight for seeing through illusion at least 4 times beyond 20-20 vision. Not only can I see this political scenario for what it is, I can also clearly identify the culprits of your play, through hard worked non-contradictory logic, not half baked magical illusions—-now evolved 10 times beyond the capacity I originally discovered as new member of Neothink, and growing exponentially throughout each new day.
Where shall I finally meet to find you ridiculous clowns working your magical illusions? To a place of Rock Solid Stability with awareness that circumferences your own to begin with—did you think to look behind you to find multitudes of unseen individuals whom even I as a member can arouse upon your unsuspecting minds?
What shall become of you when we all awake, not just millions, but the whole population of Planet Earth en mass? Clever me? Sorry that you did not realize they already are awake(!!)
As surely as we of Neothink saw you coming before arrival, the whole world sees you as well, even as surely as I. only one individual am aware of the situation. How many dimensions of sorrow will you realize when all of us from Neothink have this capacity?
Do you really want a revolution? Masses of people arbitrarily taking their lives back through destructive passion? No need again, because they can already see better. You see me? While and when you were gaining your focus, at least a little less than light speed, we have already seen you, before, during and afterward.
What do we see?
let’s start with the obvious…what you don’t see.
Mr. Mark Hamilton….supposed “leader” and founder of the Neothink Society. He stands alone seemingly, while you are training your eyes upon him, see what we see…One individual? Yes, of course, whom while you are focused upon, trying to label him as “our leader”, and also defame and debase his character…pause to consider that he really does not stand alone, vulnerable as he is as an individual, …yet, interestingly enough, you as a political force do….the full array of your media scrutiny are doing the bidding of one, singular, politically motivated force, and one man seemingly stands alone, to stand against an overwhelming force, out numbered by at least 10 to 1, by money and political connections….from behind you and all around, however, hear the voices of all individuals beginning to resound in tones, echoed from sounds that you have ignored, and now behold the sight of those who have been refused audience–until now…they are, each one of them, yet all together as one, the INDIVIDUAL, simple and easy to understand, yet provocatively profound as surely as they are now obvious, with reasonable demands that are not foreign to anyone….we are not a political group or faction, or a misguided religious movement, directed en mass as a group toward another’s predesignated or predestined ends….we are self directed individuals who stand opposed to corrupted and bogus government authority, able at the same time to reverse the course of history…in the name of humanity and the life that will otherwise be denied…embedded in history obscured, and substantively qualified by our real experience with the suffrage you impose, empowered by the allowing for the needs of humanity and ever increased in might, ironically, by our vulnerability which you take for weakness….emboldened now we rise, meet, and overwhelm you, the false media and your politically inclined masters….to say unto all the rest when now you are in full view,….”Behold the illusion!!” There is a trigger of the mind which ironically you have fired, and speaks to the already awakened, impelling them to move forward into action…less to regard your circus display, more to take their own freedom and gain there lives, suppressed until now…we are not intimidated by the real dangers of an old world falling away, we rejoice that you have come on stage into our play, orchestrated and produced not by the power or control governments seek to impose, but carefully and meticulously designed by our creator, to correlate and synchronize into motion the innumerable masses of individuals who are able to outnumber you by more than 10 to 1. Our Creator affirms value and importance unto Mr. Mark at all times, with or without even our help as members, as the larger realms beyond your own cognizance, let alone comprehension, begin to affirm that real value, playing now in concert with him, evidenced first by the masses of people triggered to respond.
Like what the hell am I talking about here? Not even surprising that you should ask, a typical question from people who don’t hear the music to begin with. Is the tune which is playing right now, ” play that funky music what boy” ? …or is it really, “…we will, we will ROCK you”? No stupids, it is more like….” I’m already gone… and I’m feel’n strong” and “stronger everyday” to crescendo into real music your mute ears refuse to hear before arriving too late…is it “No more Mr. Nice Guy(s)”? No sillies, you have already accomplished that for us a long time ago…perhaps ” All along the watchtower”….Dave Matthews beautiful, though somewhat self-indulgent version of….forcefully affirmed by Bono’s “Love and Peace or Else”….we all aren’t even going to wait any longer for you to fail and fall,….. “we aren’t going to take it” and “we won’t get fooled again” without even getting on our knees to pray….Bono sings “Yawheh” ….the god most fully ascribed to by a misguided church and cheating politicians, while we realize to see and hear the Music of Life, as Manifest Deity undefined by others and known only to we, the individuals from within…..”…..listening to you, I get the music…gazing at you, I get the heat,….following you, I climb the mountain, I get excitement at your feet…..right behind you, I see the millions, on you I see the glory, from you I get opinions, from you I get the story.”….ahh!, now you know what song is playing….in concert with all the others now playing in the hearts and minds of free men…from Yiddish folk music, to Irish melodies, the primal drum beats of the Aborigine’s joyful dance, and the music of Carlos Santana…we are all rushing to meet our Maker… powerful as the drum beat of rock-n-roll, the passion of the human heart, knows no boundaries or limits to stand in the way of its realized Joy and Happiness…..the music eventually refines appropriately,….into music that even Bach or Beethoven could not properly conceive…simplified into the most exquisite sound, the very music of the spheres.
In this reality, less myself or anyone saying what is being said especially to you right now…people want and need their freedom, and the health and wealth that accompanies true freedom…there are inspired business entrepreneurs which can give to the people what they really want and need immediately as it always appropriately does…to then eventually become interfered with, disrupted, then fully arrested by Government regulation, to steal and destroy if necessary in order to preserve power and control—that is the true nature of your government to begin with.
We all see the advancement of the computer industry which government regulation is mostly unable to contain or control….progressed by over 1000% since the inception of the first personal computer….
People want the same values that a free business environment can produce in the field of medicine, to start with, which could have progressed as far or even farther even than the computer industry by now, were it not for government regulation now fully committed to an insidious end, to block the real threat of a thriving business community, at all costs, to save its own power and control, even if to prevent the salvation and life enhancing benefits that a free medical community can immediately provide….
Reality check, is there any other political structure than can ever provide such a seemingly miraculous result anywhere in the world, to fully allow the medical researchers and professionals to cure cancer and even AIDS with the definitive follow through of which they are fully capable? The answer is No. Each and every government in the world today, serves in some capacity to continually arrest and disrupt the free flow of medical research, carefully orchestrating along with it evaluations of it from opposing religious points of view, and carefully regulating it with the timing of real events, accommodating conflict and confusion to stagnate and slow progress, while greater health threats are ever looming.
Asking yourself honestly, what other political system can immediately provide unto individuals what they want and need based on their own abilities to begin with? “by their own abilities” is the key to everything and the most crucial ingredient included to the Twelve Visions Party plan of action…we have faith in the individual. Current governments do not. Its just that simple. We realize only through individuals can the world ever be improved and eventually, fully transformed. The plan of action by the Twelve Visions party, eliminates corruption and interference, to immediately give, then also guarantee power back to the individual, where it rightfully belongs from the beginning.
What you do see:
Mark Hamilton is not a politician, he is businessman first and last, creatively and imaginatively inspired for which he continues to gain no proper credit, except now through your own hideous distortions. He represents a political party to undo all the corruption imposed by government for the sake of government as an end unto itself, speaking directly to people’s needs most immediately and directly. A simplified preamble that will come to life only in the lives of individuals, first and last. Their very own substance will make it profound, more so than it is simplified, with an ethical and moral vision so pure that even a small child can understand.
Will the media make a monkey out of Mark? That actually would be great, as he is not the Monkey you are seeking to control to begin with….I am the monkey, I, the INDIVIDUAL….I am one, yet every other person at the same time. You may disperse into the need now to arrest and find each one, until you find THE ONE you are really looking for…missing the meaning of Lennon’s, “..everyone’s got something to hide except for me and my….” our outside is in, while your inside is out… yes, come out in the open. …start your work of finding, arresting and controlling each and everyone…we are already “Here, there, and everywhere” ….now you must now do some real work…and welcome to the misery of becoming ever increasingly misdirected in the process, a mandate you imposed upon all the rest of humanity for all too long.
You may dispense as rhetoric to pacify your own concerns with one exception that will now begin to make you feel queer….we are not misguided, and our moral vision, unlike the awakening that began already in the 60’s and 70’s, is most clearly defined….we cannot be deceived and we now have the luxury of our own freedom which allows us to play how and where and when we want to….however disarrayed you take us to be, our focus is ever present, intended with resolve to search and find you out….you now can run, but no longer hide.
That is Word to Big Brother, the master culprit at work behind your scenes….
“Don’t underestimate the Force” and honest admission by Darth Vader who came to remember and discover that He is and was Anakin Skywalker all along.
The choice is always yours, to surrender your power and control, even if you think that is impossible…we cannot be lured into your power matrix scheme as it is already impossible to loose our own real identities as integral members of the Life Matrix, formerly referred to as ” Sons and daughters of the Light” “Children of God” heroically chivalrous as the Knights Templar, or Luke Skywalker with his light saber, “the daughters of Zion and Abraham’s sons”, …ironically, it easiest of all for you to travel into the Light, out of your own darkness….that is the secret to our vulnerability, your focus on the misconstrued weakness is a misnomer unto your own blindness; you should realize what greater dimension is at work….the issue with vulnerability is never with regard to power or strength from our point of view as you would suppose, rather it has to do with insight, that will give even you clarity as what to do with your still free choice, however limited now only to one—by way of the very person you find to be vulnerable…his vulnerability is your invite to come over, out of the darkness, into the light, and his secret is that he has only one identity, that of His creator, most evident to you especially, that the originator of life’s dramatic stage production, here for all to see is the Creators design….the innermost secret to vulnerability, is not apparent weakness, and less even to do with insight—it is your own misconception to begin with, and his integrity and stability in close view to your dangerous advance, there to realize a reflection of your own value and identity most quintessentially…do you really dare to know yourself as much as your dare to intrude, impose, and even destroy what is most beautiful?…to acknowledge also the Love that overpowers the force of your own natural intentions, present within him and all around, as surely as the life that sustains and created him to begin with….will you also realize that his vulnerability in reality is gathering power to summon an even greater explosion of power that can either bless or destroy you…asking yourself personally, “would I rather live or die” now would be most appropriate…the longer you pause not to consider his vulnerability, your own vulnerability comes to life, and that in the darkest of all possible places….don’t tarry there, come over into the light, even without knowing how or why….there is no longer a breach between his and yours, your closest chance to come in out of being controlled by the need for power into real life….God! what does that mean? Does he have a death wish or intend to become a martyr with his heroic feat?….hell no, his own identity now extends into time and eternity the greater his vulnerability, into depths beyond understanding, before, during and after all encounters, living or dead…there is no capacity or power that can reverse his creative intent, ever more irrevocably identified the more he is made to tarry here for you…light, creative will, purpose and resolve shall soon cross over into dimensions unknown to you…if you don’t either cross over or back away altogether, right now….
Just something of the real drama we as Neothink members experience with any and all encounters that threaten our identity and existence….we with clearest focus, and greatest knowledge, and the capacity for transformation everywhere unto anyone at any given moment.
Of course there is much more that can be said, much more…
Time and events themselves will say what more that is, if no one else does….
until the next, shall we all see you on the other side? Everyone is always invited.


I have had many struggles in my life. Many of which I struggled to brake free of the memories. I constantly struggled with night terrors, flash backs, and physical pain. I had given up on medications; they only increased my dreams and made me groggy and numb to my surroundings. I had already been through intensive therapy for 5 years, and knew from that that in order for my torment to end I would have to somehow let it go but I didn’t know how.
Last year I had found my self with yet 2 more fractures in my spine. From a birth deformity called Kyphosis in my lower spine. This added to my torment as I had to start taking pain medications and needing my husbands help to even get out of bed to start my day.
One day I received a letter in the mail telling me there was a way I could change the things I struggled with in my life. Of course I saw no other option but to try, so I sent in the letter for the Neothink Society heirlooms. When I received my fist book I couldn’t open the package fast enough. The book started teaching me how to schedule and organize my life, build my own enjoyment for what “I” wanted my life to be and build a life out of my own passion. This made me crack out my art, something of which I thought was an impossible dream, and I started to think about other things I wanted to include in my life. I started to grow hybrid Iris’ and learned how to propagate the existing woodland plants on our home property. I love working with my hands and I was doing it. All of a sudden I realized something, I was no longer having night terrors and flash backs …I was no longer focused on what I didn’t want. Although my physical pain was getting worse and worse. I finally sought out doctors. I went through many and many just wanted to cover up my pain with yet more medication. I knew there had to be something to correct my many fractures and now 70% curve in my spine that was continually causing more and more fractures. I finally went to the University of WI spine center . And learned that because my Kyphosis was so low in the spine, the crumbly mess was still trying to support my torso. And surgery was necessary. Not all spine surgeries have a 100% pain recovery but the surgeon had done a lot with lower spine full fusions and promised me 95%.” Wow” no pain medication eating at my liver for the rest of my life; of course I jumped at the chance.
The surgery was very invasive and was the toughest thing yet I had to endure. I had the full support of friends from the Neothink Society, whom often gave me tips on new exercise and diet, and listened to my cries of pain from recovery. I was afraid that I would not come to a full recovery and would not be able to return to work as a C.N.A. Along with the support of my husband, and my new Neothink family, I realized I needed to get back on track with my dreams and build from there …back to focusing on myself. I went full speed on creating more and more art pieces, which took my mind off the condition and made me feel complete and made me feel like I had much to offer to this world . Seven and a half months later I was back to working at my local hospital complete and full recovery 100%. NO PAIN!!!! And still today working on my art and gardening…now a full and developing weave of my passions’ in life, a business I created called Lifestyle Gardening within this title I have created along with my husband , gardens in our yard for the public to enjoy, along with woodland plants for them to buy and grow in a natural setting , art , craftsmanship of my husband’s skills , and specialty salad oils , I blog about gardening and give advice. There are many things built on which will someday be a retreat were people will come to learn to do the same for themselves , build and create art and get there hands in the dirt.
I was never much into politics before, but there is a new political movement called the Twelve Visions Party. This to me is bringing to the world what I have already begun to see in my life . A need for full freedom to create and build a basis on which our country was originally founded to be. Some of which would be making it much easier for my business to bloom fast, with out so much political restriction and the same for everyone. Quotes I love like ”make everyone rich, including the poor”…”be the person you were meant to be”. The fact is, that it is possible with true freedom to create and build values for mankind. You see proof in the computer industry which is free from political regulation. Another country to look at as an example is Denmark. They pay a large tax but no one seems to care because they support fully in life, and education, college is paid, their health fully paid too. There are no homeless or starving there either. I admire this country and feel they may step closer to the freedom our country seeks. So, as I see, why can we not have the same freedom here? To me I see this step as inevitable and depend on if the people are ready for change or if they’re stuck like I was even just a year ago.
From My heart to your’s, Dianna Parrott


To start off we must go back to where it started for me. When I became a member of the society, I can say for a fact it has changed my life completely and for the better. Mark Hamilton and his literature or should I say his essence is without a doubt the only way I could have ever started to live my life to its full potential. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to this man.

The movement which Mark Hamilton is about to put forward (TVP) is without a doubt going to benefit mankind in so many wonderful ways. It is going to create values, jobs, and things that we only dreamed of but were to afraid to do. Believe me when I say this “This is the only thing that is going to benefit mankind one-hundred percent.”

If we allow the authorities, government, politics, and trust me they are not even worthy of this title to silence this wonderful value creator then I can tell you “ALL IS REALLY LOST.” I want you to think back to when you were a little kid and all the values and all the good things you wanted to achieve for your fellow-man, for your mom and dad or even your whole family to benefit. Now think about if you could go back to that time that “dream” and now you had the resources to make that a reality. What would that mean to you? To make it all come true and achieve your impossible dream.

I can tell you that is what this value creator (Mark Hamilton) is all about, this is what the Twelve Visions Party is all about; His movement, “our” movement, for a better world. I urge you to give this a chance. I did and I can tell you now I do not regret it not for one moment. It has given me new hope, not only for me but for my children to live and achieve their dreams. And without the Neothink Society I would be lost. So I invite you to be apart of something so great so wonderful that it will change your life forever. So take a deeper look so that we can join together and create values, jobs, and dreams for a better future. I hope to see you there.

C. A.