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Mark Hamilton this world is truly a better place with you in it and through your literature I am becoming  a person who is adding values to my life and to society.

When I received my first letter from you my state of mind was that I was living in a world of illusions. This world we live in will have you think you’re crazy to go after your dreams. I felt that I was being conditioned to fit into society. Through your literature I have found that seemingly impossible dreams can be achieved routinely when you have the power to see through appearances to the powerful essences. When you go to the essence of things, then no outside appearances make any difference at all. You must forge ahead on your own no matter what appearances develop around you.

Before reading your literature I had never asked myself the question: What is the reason for living ? I have now found that reason, and it is happiness, and I have learned that achieving my dreams is the way to generate happiness.

I have learned to look for the common denominators, that something in common, Beneath my dreams. What I found is they make us happy and are a value to others. Forging ahead after my dreams makes me happy and that happiness comes from bringing values to myself and others. I found that wonderful feeling of pride and accomplishment that you feel when you accomplish something not only for yourself but something of value to others as well.

Another important thing your literature has provided me with is the knowledge of what every person’s ambition in life is. It is the same for everyone. Every person’s ambition in life is to make one’s living doing what he or she loves most, that which impassions him. Nothing is so stimulating as creating values, its exhilarating, its addicting. It is what man was born to do. Our minds are the only minds on earth that can create values that never existed before. That’s what our minds are made for. That’s what we were born for.

To you Mark Hamilton I say thank you, for you have added joy, happiness and purpose to my life.